Marketing Techniques

5 Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales

Currently, competition in the infoproducts world is very strong. Therefore, you need to use good strategies to be able to increase your sales. Among them, we can highlight the adoption of marketing techniques.

They can speed up your sales process as they help you build rapport with your potential customer. That way, it’s easier to convince you that your digital product is a good option to solve your problems.

Therefore, how about knowing these techniques? So, read on and check out all the information we’ve separated for you. Come on!

Learn about 5 marketing techniques to increase sales

As we mentioned, marketing techniques can help jumpstart your sales process. Thinking of helping you to achieve these results, we have separated some of them to introduce you. Follow up!

1. Set your avatar

Defining an avatar or persona is important because they represent the profile of your ideal customer. Therefore, it helps a lot in building a more efficient sales process. To define your persona it is necessary to do research with your target audience.

In this way, it is possible to identify the characteristics, pains, desires, needs, buying habits, sales objections, among other details that can help shape the profile of your potential customer.

After that, just use a persona generator to compile the information into a single document. It should then be passed on to the sales team through a meeting so they can know the target of your actions.

Keep in mind that when you know who the person is who might be interested in your infoproduct, it’s easier to define the format and tone of voice of your business approaches. So your sales strategies can be more successful.

2. Create a blog

You want to be found by your persona as she searches the major Internet search engines to solve her problems. Therefore, it is necessary to create a blog and develop relevant content.

You can ask your developer to open a tab within your website. Or, you can create a blog from scratch. In this second case, you must buy a domain and hire a hosting. Just like installing and configuring a CMS (Content Management System) such as Word Press.

It is worth noting that the ideal is for the blog to be linked to the site. Thus, you can increase people traffic and, consequently, increase your chances of getting a sale.

When it’s done, you need to create a publication calendar based on your sales funnel and customer journey. Thus, it is possible to have strategic content for all stages in which the lead is.

Furthermore, it is necessary to develop texts using SEO techniques. In this way, they will be optimized according to the logic of search engines, especially Google.

3. Post on social media

It is essential to use social networks to increase your sales, as these digital channels are free and offer many features.

The first step to publishing on social networks is to identify which one is used by your avatar, as it is no use using channels in which your ideal client is not. After that, you need to make an editorial calendar to guide the publications.

Remember that they need to be constant and should mix commercial, educational and entertainment content. Also, don’t forget to maintain a closer relationship with your audience.

For this, comment and like the posts of followers, reply to messages sent inbox, use attractive CTAs to encourage interaction in your posts, among others. Also choose strategic hashtags to insert in publications, as well as invest in sponsored posts.

In this way, you can expand your brand’s reach, as well as create lasting relationships with your audience. These are very important elements for successful sales.

4. Create landing pages

One of the marketing techniques that can boost your sales is the creation of landing pages to deliver free rich materials to your audience, such as e-books, webinars, spreadsheets, tools, among others.

Through them, you get important data from the possible interests in your content or in your infoproduct. To build a landing page you can use a specialized platform or hire a developer.

It should contain title, subtitle, offer, description of rich material and CTA. In addition, you need to have attractive visuals so that potential leads are interested in reading your content.

Remember that when you fill in your landing page details to download digital bait, people become leads, as you will have the essential information, such as name, phone and email, to apply other marketing and sales strategies.

5. Send email marketing

E-mail marketing is a very effective technique to create relationships with potential customers. You can use it after getting the lead data through the landing pages posted on the website, blog, ads or social networks.

From there, you can create a sequence of emails to nourish these people with relevant content until they are ready to receive your infoproduct offers.

In addition, email marketing can help to publicize events, promotions, among others. As well as helping in after-sales actions. For example, you can send an email on the customer’s birthday.

Furthermore, you can use it to explain how he can use your infoproduct more efficiently, or even offer other complementary digital products so that he can continue on the shopping journey with your brand.