6 webinar tools: discover the best on the market

It doesn’t take much to run a webinar. Just a cell phone or a notebook with a camera, microphone and internet access is enough to get started. But making the right choice between the different webinar tools is crucial to the strategy’s success.

The webinar is an excellent strategy for any digital business, as in addition to its ease and low cost, it can help educate and convert leads. That’s why it’s important to make a professional production.

In this article, we will present the 6 best webinar tools so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Check out!

6 best webinar tools

Before presenting the list, it is worth clarifying that the best tool for your business is the one that meets your needs. That’s why you’ll discover excellent platforms here, each with its own peculiarities. Then, from that, you can choose according to your strategy.

1. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a leader in the online events market. The main reason for this is the easy design of the platform. Even people with less experience can use it without much worry. The tool is very complete and has, among other functions, the functionality to schedule and manage transmissions.

The solution also offers the option to record webinars, in addition to uploading already recorded files. The platform also has excellent audio and video quality. Still, to improve, it has several facilities, such as the possibility of conducting polls, sharing the screen and rehearsing before the presentation.

Therefore, although it has a higher value, this is a great option for people who are looking to convey a more professional image with their events and enjoy practicality when planning. GoToWebinar is one of the best in the business.

2. Click Meeting

Click Meeting has features that facilitate interactions on the platform. Options such as drawing directly on the screen, instantly translating the chat and creating a waiting room, where files can be shared before the event, are some that set it apart in the market.

Furthermore, it is also possible to monetize the events on the platform. There are three ways to offer a webinar there:

  1. Open to the public so that outsiders can access it via a password;
  2. Only for invited people who have access;
  3. Charging a fee for everyone who wants to watch. In this case, the money is directly directed to the registered PayPal account.

If you still have questions about recording your screen or appearing in the webinar, check out the video below:

3. Webinar Jam

Among the webinar tools, this one also stands out, as many consider it the best on the market. The fame is not for nothing, Webinar Jam is one of the most complete in the area. Its interface allows the customization of pages according to the visual identity of your business. Besides having an incredible transmission capacity that guarantees the quality of the event online.

Some of the main features of the tool are, allowing the insertion of multimedia presentations, broadcasting on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, automatic recording of webinars, performance reports, in addition, to live chat and the possibility of conducting polls.

4. WebEx

The main benefit of nomination number four on this list is the high quality of transmission. WebEx is capable of broadcasting to up to 3,000 people without losing its best feature. In addition, this webinar tool also offers features like chat and live polls.

Another thing that makes this option stand out from the rest is the possibility of sending personalized invitations to the audience expected at the event. In order to get to know a little about the tool, it is possible to test the free version for a month, despite having to deal with its various limitations.

5. YouTube Live

YouTube is well known and appreciated by the general public, from the youngest to the oldest generations. There are great advantages to using it as a webinar tool for your strategy, one of which is the free platform. Another is the ability to follow people interacting in real-time through comments.

To conduct a webinar on the platform, just start a live stream on your channel. There is the option of leaving the event open or restricted to a specific audience, marking it as “not listed” and sharing the link with the chosen people.

After the live performance, it is also possible to choose whether or not to leave the recorded content available on the platform itself, for people who did not have the chance to follow it on the scheduled day and time.

If your company doesn’t have a channel on the site yet, it’s time to create it. In addition to being great for broadcasting and disseminating webinars, YouTube works very well as a communication channel with customers. Through published videos, it is possible to reach more people and retain those who are already with you.

6. Live storm

The live storm is a platform that focuses a lot on the good experience of the organizer and the participant. The solution offers the possibility to broadcast in high quality and record the events. It is also possible to conduct real-time surveys and analyze performance data after the event.

A differential of this webinar tool is its ability to generate a complete list with the data of the people who participated in the meeting. After the transmission, a CSV file with all this information will be available for download, which can be very well used in order to plan future strategies.