Instagram October 14, 2021

How to take advantage of the new Instagram update (2020)

“Have you heard of the new Instagram update?” – Every entrepreneur must have heard the question at least once over the past few months. The social network is the most popular today, with an incredible 1 billion active users per month. That way, it doesn’t matter who your target audience is: the chances of them using the […]

Scalable Business

What is Scalable Business and 3 Ideas?

Scalable business, increasingly, proves that it is not a buzzword or buzzword. High profitability, in addition to something desired by entrepreneurs, may become necessary for the survival of a company that could face a deep economic crisis. Where does this term come from? Scalability, in the Engineering context, occurs when a software expands its usability without increasing, in proportion, its […]

digital marketing

Who is Cris Franklin and digital marketing without Barriers?

Knowing more about digital marketing and entrepreneurship is essential for the development of any online business, that everyone already knows, doesn’t it? But one way to learn more about the subject is getting to know the history and work of experts in the field, such as Cris Franklin. That’s why, in this post, we’re going […]


6 webinar tools: discover the best on the market

It doesn’t take much to run a webinar. Just a cell phone or a notebook with a camera, microphone and internet access is enough to get started. But making the right choice between the different webinar tools is crucial to the strategy’s success. The webinar is an excellent strategy for any digital business, as in addition […]

digital venture

How to create a successful digital venture?

Be part of an enterprise digital has gone from being a differentiator to being a necessity. The Brazilian economy already presented a dismal picture of high unemployment and, given the conditions of economic activities during and after the pandemic, the future remains uncertain for those seeking traditional employment through CLT. Thus, entrepreneurship can be a path for the 8.9 million unemployed […]

How to make a free eBook online

Have you thought about how to make a free eBook for your business? Regardless of the content, you want to write, the topics considered on your website/blog or new ideas that arise in your mind, a world of possibilities is possible. There are tools for creating paid eBooks, but there are also good free versions, in this […]

digital products

What are digital products and how to make money from them?

Even if you’ve never heard of this subject or don’t know what digital products are, you’ve probably already purchased or used it. Do you know when you study online? Buy that distance learning course? Or download a book on the internet that you found interesting? So all these products are digital products. For you to understand, they are any […]


How to create an email list

Email marketing is a powerful way to get and qualify leads, but without a healthy email list, it just doesn’t work. If your company’s sales process is naturally complex, such as those in the B2B (business-to-business) field, for example, this need is even more indisputable. What is a good email list for you? In addition to undergoing maintenance and having […]


How to Create an Amazing Membership Area for Your Business

The member’s area is a digital space that works as a way for your customer not only to buy something but to be part of a community made by you. In case you don’t have your own official member area yet, it’s good to at least create a sense of that, treating your leads like “family” […]

individual entrepreneur in the digital market

How to become an individual entrepreneur in the digital market?

Being an individual entrepreneur can be the start of a grand journey in the business world. By formalizing your venture, even if it is small in scale, you can have a number of benefits that will help considerably in planning something bigger. To make your small business official, even if it is completely online, you need to access the […]