Small Dining Room: +110 Creative Decor Ideas

Designing a small dining room requires creativity to take advantage of as much space as possible without losing its charm and character. Another point to be noted is the choice of the style you want to print in the environment. It is worth remembering that each person has a different need to be met, and this […]

Small Bathroom: +90 Stylish Designs to Inspire You

  The trend towards houses and apartments with little space available is here to stay, especially as the rent or purchase price tends to be lower. Therefore, to create a comfortable and personalized environment, it is necessary to adapt the decor to these reduced environments, including the small bathroom, which can be a decor challenge for […]

Small Apartment Decor: Check Out Over 80 Models

The apartment market is increasingly on the rise and with it the doubts about the decoration of small apartments dwindling. After all, it is necessary to have rooms that offer a feeling of spaciousness, are harmonious and organized. The good thing about this is that you can transform the apartment’s essential furniture as part of the […]

Small and Simple Winter Garden: +80 Inspiring Models

the small winter garden can be considered a real space for peace, meditation and refuge indoors. The good news is that, even if your house doesn’t have a lot of space, with the right plants and decoration, you can create this environment of relaxation and relaxation. Therefore, in this article you will find inspiring tips […]

Sliding Door to Bathroom: 60+ Models, Materials and Styles

The bathroom sliding door models, in addition to giving all the charm that this environment needs, also brings a lot of ease to help you with the most basic needs of everyday life. Thus, incredible models were developed to inspire you from the most rustic to the most sophisticated. Thus, there are several uses for these […]

Simple Bathroom: +90 Decoration Projects to Inspire You

Many people adopt simple decoration in their home due to the ease of installing decorative elements and because there is no need for a high investment, although it is also possible to use nobler and more expensive materials to apply this style. That’s why the simple bathroom is so sought after by those who want to […]

Situation Plan: What is it and what is it for in architecture?

Anyone involved in an architectural project knows that there are several steps to be taken until the time for the execution of the work arrives. One of these steps is to do the situation plan. This plan is one among many that the architect needs to make so that his project meets all the necessary requirements. To give […]

Single Room: 75 Decor Projects to Inspire You

The bedroom is one of the most important environments in the house, as this is where we use our free time to relax, rest and even have fun. And although the decoration for a double room is very popular, the single room can also become an environment that combines comfort and beauty. Remembering that the single […]

Shade Plants: +15 Species You Need to Know

Shade plants are perfect for decorating indoors or environments that don’t have much light, as they can be grown without much exposure to sunlight. Therefore, these plants are perfect for apartments, houses, offices, shopping malls, among other buildings, which have reduced lighting conditions. But if you want to add a little green to your home decor, […]

Service Area: +110 Designs, Images and Decoration Ideas

The service area is one of the most neglected rooms in terms of decoration, as it is not a space for relaxation or for receiving visitors. However, this is an extremely important area for house maintenance and, therefore, it must be a practical and functional environment for activities related to cleaning and organization to be carried […]