Sandwich Tile: Advantages, Disadvantages, Cost and 80+ Photos Decoration

Want to know more about sandwich tile? So check out these tips and information that we’ve set aside for you. Image 01: No matter the location or the type of architecture, this type of tile always leaves a work with its particular beauty. Index [Display] What is Sandwich Tile? Popularly known as sandwich tile, this product has its […]

Rustic Wood Furniture: How to have it at home in 48 inspirations

It is a mistake to think that rustic furniture only goes well in country or beach house projects. That’s because, for being versatile and durable, they fell in the favor of architects and interior designers, gaining space in urban projects as well. Primarily, this type of furniture was chosen for projects in which the pieces need to have a […]

Rustic Kitchen: +110 Projects and Ideas to Inspire

A rustic kitchen requires good design and planning so that it doesn’t get overloaded and, at the same time, it has functionality and offers convenience to residents. Below we will see some projects and tips, as well as several kitchen models in this style. The rustic style is one of the most sought after by those […]

Roses: Colors, How to Plant, Care, Meaning, Arrangements and 100+ Photos

Roses are known worldwide, being one of the most popular and classic flowers in the garden. Furthermore, it is associated with love and has different colors and varieties. She is a flower that appeals to everyone without distinction. It is a flower that loves sunny places, it is able to bloom all year round, simple cultivation. Thus, there […]

Room Partition: Types and +90 Inspiring Models

You may have already noticed how the integrated rooms have been increasingly used in architectural projects. This design option allows these environments to present a broader look and specific decoration. But this construction proposal is not always pleasing to people, who prefer to delimit the space and guarantee a certain amount of privacy. If that’s the case for […]

Room Decor: 38 Professional Ideas and Tricks

Make the room decor is very tasty when you already have some ideas in mind. The living, television or dining room is the main social environment in the house. Therefore, it is what will express your personality and lifestyle to those who come to visit. To have a room decor that is the way you want it, the best […]

Roof Types: 80+ Awesome Models to Play

Today we have a vast catalog of roof types, making it increasingly difficult to choose the model that best fits the style of the home. But did you know that there are different types and styles? Best of all, you still have the option of mixing a few models in a single home. However, this mixture […]

Rock Garden: Types +70 Awesome Ideas to Inspire

A landscaping project can transform the look of your home’s external areas, allowing you to create a beautiful, pleasant and relaxing environment. However, when we talk about this type of project, people tend to think only about plant species, such as ferns, succulents and cacti, and forget that they can use the stones to compose a beautiful […]

Pre-Fabricated House: See If It’s Worth Investing +80 Ideals

Ever come across a prefab house? So know that they are constructions made in modules or parts. They are built before they go to the construction site. Hence the name prefab houses, it is a house that is like a puzzle. Furthermore, it is only mounted at the place where the construction takes place. You can make small constructions like […]

Precast Homes: Discover and See More 55 Inspirations

Precast houses can be the solution that many people who are looking for and wanting to build their houses from scratch and are looking for some alternatives other than the traditional masonry construction, the most common type in Brazil. Precast homes can be a more cost-effective and faster alternative. All this without forgetting the beauty of […]