Situation Plan: What is it and what is it for in architecture?

Anyone involved in an architectural project knows that there are several steps to be taken until the time for the execution of the work arrives. One of these steps is to do the situation plan. This plan is one among many that the architect needs to make so that his project meets all the necessary requirements. To give […]

Sandwich Tile: Advantages, Disadvantages, Cost and 80+ Photos Decoration

Want to know more about sandwich tile? So check out these tips and information that we’ve set aside for you. Image 01: No matter the location or the type of architecture, this type of tile always leaves a work with its particular beauty. Index [Display] What is Sandwich Tile? Popularly known as sandwich tile, this product has its […]

Roof Types: 80+ Awesome Models to Play

Today we have a vast catalog of roof types, making it increasingly difficult to choose the model that best fits the style of the home. But did you know that there are different types and styles? Best of all, you still have the option of mixing a few models in a single home. However, this mixture […]

Pre-Fabricated House: See If It’s Worth Investing +80 Ideals

Ever come across a prefab house? So know that they are constructions made in modules or parts. They are built before they go to the construction site. Hence the name prefab houses, it is a house that is like a puzzle. Furthermore, it is only mounted at the place where the construction takes place. You can make small constructions like […]