Marketing Techniques October 14, 2021

5 Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales

Currently, competition in the infoproducts world is very strong. Therefore, you need to use good strategies to be able to increase your sales. Among them, we can highlight the adoption of marketing techniques. They can speed up your sales process as they help you build rapport with your potential customer. That way, it’s easier to convince […]

Digital Affiliates

Digital Affiliates: Advantages and How to Become One

Digital affiliates are people who refer products, online or physical and receive a commission for their sales. The Brazilian Institute of Affiliate Marketing stated that this market receives up to 20,000 new subscribers per month, a significant number for an expanding but still little-known service. In fact, this data is in line with what we […]

Funnel medium: how to produce content for this step

Between the lead generation and sales steps, there is an intermediate state called the middle funnel. At this stage, it is necessary to supply potential customers with content, as well as at the top of the funnel. But there are some quirks you should pay attention to. Leads through the sales funnel are aware of what they need and may even believe that […]