Digital Affiliates

Digital Affiliates: Advantages and How to Become One

Digital affiliates are people who refer products, online or physical and receive a commission for their sales. The Brazilian Institute of Affiliate Marketing stated that this market receives up to 20,000 new subscribers per month, a significant number for an expanding but still little-known service.

In fact, this data is in line with what we obtained in our Digital Business 2020 survey, in which only 15% of digital entrepreneurs, out of a total of 579 respondents, were in the affiliate marketing (while 54% provided services). So you agree it’s hard to believe when they say this branch is saturated, right?

In practice, the only requirement to be a digital affiliate is to be at least 18 years old. The other desirable characteristics are to be focused on one’s goals, to be resilient, to be willing to learn about the digital market and to understand the tools involved in affiliate marketing.

In addition, the social isolation of this year, 2020, further boosted affiliate marketing as a source of income.

So, are you going to continue reading? So let’s go!

Why join digital affiliates?

It’s a business that requires little initial investment

In affiliate marketing, you don’t have the need to produce or purchase anything. Zero cost with this. Some start paying ads right at the start, but nothing prevents you from creating your own website (which will only cost you hosting and domain) with the aim of monetizing it in the future as well.

With the site created, just add quality content, including viral ones. They will attract visitors who will soon become leads.

You can work independently

Many digital affiliates complain about a track record with an often abusive boss. But in this career, you have no boss, although the responsibility for your own accounts becomes higher.

However, if that were really a barrier then affiliate programs wouldn’t grow, right? Few say that this business can become so autonomous that it can be considered passive income.

It’s scalable

If you get to a point where there’s a lot of work to do, just delegate. In this demanding post-digital world, this is not uncommon. Without the need for an office and customer support, your expenses would stay low, even if you hired someone to work with you.

Also, if you find a different niche or product, with few affiliates involved, the chance for the business to escalate multiplies even more.

It’s perfect for those who are competitive by nature.

Data and performance analysis alone carries a bit of competition. At least with himself: the goals are designed to always evolve. A/B tests are dynamic ways to see that performance, be sure what works and what doesn’t.

When the niche of activity is already well propagated, such as weight loss, for example, sales success becomes even more rewarding. People with this profile can actually find themselves among the affiliates.

You can only sell what you want

Unlike when you are hired by someone and have to agree with any solution that the person brings, on the affiliate platform you have at your disposal a multitude of products to sell.

When you only sell what you believe in, you will be practising integrity, honesty, ethics and going with your purpose. According to psychology, this is one of the attributes that most satisfy humans and make them work efficiently — it is a constant challenge among large corporations.

How to become an affiliate?

Think about what you want to sell

Choosing what to sell involves both a niche and a product itself (whether it will be digital or not). Some examples of market niches are: finance, health, relationships, education, etc. As for the format of the products, so far, there are these options:

  • Digital products: eBooks, online courses, webinars…
  • chat app for websites (Jivochat)
  • various products such as credit card machines, website hosting, Wi-Fi (UOL Affiliates)
  • sundry items from retailers (Amazon, Meliuz, Submarino)

Choose a good platform

Each type of product usually has its own platform. But some have competitors among themselves, such as digital products, applications and hosting. So choose the company that best meets your individual entrepreneur needs and start selling.

Also, remember that it is not recommended to think only of you as an affiliate when choosing the platform. Because the producer and client will probably use it too. So it should be intuitive for both of you, in addition to providing good communication.

Create your audience

At this point, you need to create a community (if you didn’t already have one) of people interested in the product you’ve chosen — and there’s no point including that personal account of yours with friends and family, as not everyone is interested in the product.

Through content and interaction with other users, social networks or the internet in general, you will attract more and more potential customers and the results, in the medium to long term, are guaranteed.

Invest in paid media

Alongside creating your own community, paid traffic can help make this strategy more sustainable. Publish product ads with your commission link so that when you target and reach a lead, the purchase is made through that URL and the platform recognizes it.

Who buys media is required to understand the results of campaigns (or outsource this function). Whenever you launch a set of ads, you must master the advertising goals, budgets, and projections.

Digital affiliates are entrepreneurs who understand why they are afflicted and take the whole process seriously. Otherwise, without being motivated by its scalability or independence, for example, the journey to being a successful affiliate can be quite difficult.