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Digital Business: How to Create Audience for Your

Create a well-defined profile, create quality content and convert hits into sales in your digital business.

If you already have a digital business or are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur you should be aware of the vital role of the audience in the survival of your business. In the stages of construction and maintenance of your digital business, in addition to defining the best product/service to be offered and studying the market, it is crucial for success to define the audience you want to reach.

With the profile defined, actions to reach your target audience and keep them go through strategies that range from optimizing pages for search engines, publishing ads and creating quality content that generates engagement and conversions.

Below are some tips on how to create an audience for your digital business.

What is digital business?

The digital universe has ceased to be a trend for some time and has become a central strategy for any company that wants to have market share. Brazil is not out of this reality. About 127 million Brazilians have access to the internet and 66% bought products or services online in 2020 alone.

The definition of digital business includes e-commerce and e-businesses. The first category is about virtual stores dedicated to selling products. Take for example the various Marketplace-style platforms. An e-business, in turn, has as its main characteristic being mostly or fully digital. Examples of e-business companies such as streaming platforms, distance learning platforms and search engines

Among the main advantages of digital business we can mention:

– The freedom to create without being limited by a hierarchy or geographic space

– The low cost of entry

– The ability to scale your sales

What is the audience?

As we’ve already addressed the differences, let’s cite what physical business, e-commerce and e-business have in common: customer needs.

In digital media, the consumer is usually called an audience because the first contact will not necessarily take place within the context of the immediate purchase. Therefore, the audience is the visitors to your website that can be potential consumers. They are responsible for the traffic, or number of visits, to the page and maybe at different stages of the buying journey.

The audience is your audience, those who consume your content, but it is not always your target audience, the one who consumes the solution you offer with your product/service.

How to attract an audience to your digital business

The first contact between your brand and the audience can take place in two ways: organic or sponsored.

The organic form occurs in a “natural” way. For example, when the visit is because your website appeared as a result in some search engine. For this to happen it is essential that your page uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

Another way to give visibility to the content of your digital business is to bet on sponsored ads and links that are directed to the networks most used by the persona defined in the process of creating your business.

How to create a quality audience

Having high traffic is important because each visit is a brick in building the relationship with the audience and in scaling your product/service. But you need to keep in mind the purpose of your website: conversion.

After gaining the first access click, it is important to retain the consumer. If your definition of persona was well prepared in the creation stage of your digital business, the tendency is that this visit will generate a sale. For this content marketing is one of the most used tools. Your goal is to attract visitors, generate leads and, consequently, increase sales.

Content marketing

The huge amount of content on any subject on the internet influenced the change in the consumer’s profile. Today people have more information and research much more before reaching the last stage of the buying journey, the decision.

In this sense, content marketing actions will serve to bring your brand closer to the customer. They are based on disclosure, attraction and conversion. It is a growing process that strengthens the relationship through the delivery of quality content.

If your page delivers interesting and well-presented information it demonstrates that you are an authority on the subject. This increases the chance that this visitor will come back to your site. This relationship will be strengthened with the gradual delivery of content that adds consumer knowledge while exploring the benefits of acquiring the product/service offered.

Understand your consumption habits

Again, to convert you must understand. Getting closer to your audience is, in essence, knowing their way of thinking, communicating and using networks. Knowing what’s relevant and how it handles your issues helps you define the best vehicles (email, social media, and messaging app), language, and post frequency. Searching for this information can be done through key profiles of your business on social media and YouTube.

Offer the best solution

Mastering the subject on which you intend to offer a solution is crucial for your business. As mentioned above, the purchase decision is a journey in which an expectation is created regarding the product/service that will be purchased. If the sale takes place but generates frustration for the buyer, the speed and reach of the internet can become your enemy due to a poor evaluation. On the other hand, if the purchase generates satisfaction and the feeling that the purchase was a good deal, you have fulfilled the objective, you have retained a customer and may even have gained a lawyer for your brand.

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