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Getting to Know Spark Members: The Hero Spark Member Area

Hey Hero, have you heard the latest news? We’ve launched another amazing solution for digital entrepreneurs: our Members Area is online!

Spark Members is a free platform to host, organize and sell digital products. 

It was created so that you – producer – create and deliver your content through a hassle-free tool, can work your sales strategy with features focused on conversion and offer a totally new experience for your customers.

Curiosity hit? We look forward to telling you all the details about this release. But before…

What is a Members Area?

Members Area is an exclusive environment to provide digital products through restricted access, which requires a login and password to enter.

It is one of the best options for digital entrepreneurs and content producers looking for a space to sell and deliver online courses, eBooks, webinars, and tests, among other infoproduct formats.

Along with the Members Area, the EAD platforms also stand out as a solution for those working with digital products, especially online courses.

But after all, what makes these two environments different and how do you know which option is best for you?

Members Area x EAD Platform

In practice, the main difference between a Members Area and an EAD platform is the features that each offers, as they meet specific needs.

While the focus of a Member Area is on fast, uncomplicated and effective delivery of infoproducts, EAD platforms are concerned with emulating a classroom in a virtual environment, with advanced tools for interaction, creation of activities, assessments, student management and tutorials, for example.

On the other hand, a Members Area offers solutions to develop a sales strategy, attract traffic and gain visibility in the market.

Therefore, in addition to being a content hosting environment, it also has marketing and sales automation features, such as automatic email triggering, ready-made sales pages, advanced reports on conversion performance and the possibility to create and market several infoproducts in one place.

All this without having to have the technical knowledge or hire other professionals, as the tools can be configured in a few clicks.

Both have very different proposals, right? To choose the best option, consider the purpose of your digital product and the features you think are most important to achieving it.

Learn about Spark Members features

Now that you know what a Members Area is and why it can be a great fit for your digital product idea, let’s list all the features you’ll enjoy on Spark Members, and the best, for free!

By registering on the platform, you can create your product in a few seconds, just give it a name (we already suggest impactful names for your product), and choose the category and an image.

Then you will find:

  • A 100% intuitive area: upload your contents in a simple way, without needing technical knowledge or help from other professionals;
  • Automatic access for members: after purchase, your member automatically receives an email with login data, without any manual process required;
  • Diversity of formats: insert videos, PDFs, audios, among other content formats;
  • Course organization: structure your course in a didactic way in modules and sub-modules and facilitate the learning of your students;
  • Content access rules: you decide when content will be available to members;
  • Comment space: use the comments area to encourage engagement and interaction between students and teacher;
  • Certificate Delivery: Choose from a variety of customizable templates to certify students who complete your course;
  • Student Area: through an easy-to-use environment, your students consume content in a simple and unique experience;
  • Member monitoring: follow the main activities of your member, see how many products he purchased, the content consumed and the total spent on your products;
  • Sales page: we automatically generate a sales page with high conversion power so that you can customize with your product data and start selling;
  • Offer creation: Create one or more offers for your product. You can use different strategies to create your offers, add promotional prices and discount coupons;
  • Domain customization: customize your URL and make your links look like your business;
  • Integrated Payment System: Hero Spark has its own payment system, Spark Pay, which ensures that your product transactions are fast, secure and efficient.

Ufa! The list got longer and we didn’t even finish counting all the features.

Soon, you’ll be able to unlock premium features and explore automation for sending emails and messages to your members, generate reports to track detailed metrics about your product and integrate your Members Area with other external tools.