digital venture

How to create a successful digital venture?

Be part of an enterprise digital has gone from being a differentiator to being a necessity. The Brazilian economy already presented a dismal picture of high unemployment and, given the conditions of economic activities during and after the pandemic, the future remains uncertain for those seeking traditional employment through CLT.

Thus, entrepreneurship can be a path for the 8.9 million unemployed Brazilians — which make up the highest unemployment rate in 3 years in the country.

Having a digital business is especially beneficial for those seeking this career due to unemployment because costs are reduced and there are business models that practically do not require start-up capital.

In addition, negotiations are almost instantaneous: you don’t have to travel in search of suppliers or customers. Just close the contracts by a simple message on WhatsApp. Reach anyone, even outside the country if that’s your goal, to publicize your solution.

So instead of starting a physical business with money from the emergency reserve or a loan, invest your time in acquiring knowledge and building your digital enterprise momentum.

But there are essential tips that can help you. Read the article and find out what to do to succeed as a digital entrepreneur!

What to do to have a successful online business

Select a niche and the type of enterprise

First, define the market zone in which you want to operate and, if there is an area in which you already have experience and that is to your liking, you can consider yourself lucky.

Defined the market of operation, delimit it even more! For example, if your industry is fashion, focus on one group, such as plus size, pregnant women, or menswear — one of them will be your niche. Your sub-niche could be plus size women’s underwear, it’s one way.

How can you reach this audience? On the internet, there is a world of options. Check out some:

  • e-commerce: ideal for those who have a low competition business. In addition, e-commerce has emerging logistics models favorable to the entrepreneur , such as drop shipping;
  • marketplace: is an online platform where you can act as a seller, without the need for a virtual store or service provider;
  • info products: create and sell online courses, ebooks and the like for your target audience;
  • affiliates: as an affiliate , you can sell other entrepreneurs’ online courses based on your own traffic and/or ad expertise;
  • SaaS (Software as a Service): for those who know how to automate processes and sell them in a subscription format, such as online time attendance management software.

Design your business

Concepts are also important for your future digital enterprise. You don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration, but knowing and practising your values, purpose, strengths and weaknesses, among others, will be a differential in your future trajectory.

Knowing the competition, raising the needs of the target audience, developing the persona, identifying the means of growth, knowing your own differential, bringing together potential partners… all of this is also part of the idealization of your business.

Fill in a canvas

Canvas, or Business Model Canvas, is one of the best tools that facilitate the strategic planning of an enterprise. The document is very visual and is similar to a map with 9 blocks. Each one guides how you will operate and deliver value to the market.

  1. Value proposition: fill in this block with the answer to the question “why does your enterprise exist?”
  2. Customer Segment: Divide the types of customers you will have in your business, for example, “women interested in plus size underwear”.
  3. Channels: Think about how the sale and purchase of the product or service will be made. In our example, it could be through an online store.
  4. Relationship with customers: define how the relationship with each type of customer will work, such as through social networks, customer service support, etc.
  5. Key Activity: Determine the main activities that will enable you to deliver the value proposition, such as selling plus size underwear.
  6. Main resources: list the resources needed to carry out the key activity, which includes the service of employees, use of applications, etc.
  7. Main partnerships: Select which activities will have to be outsourced, such as the delivery of lingerie via a private carrier.
  8. Sources of revenue: survey ways to bill for the value proposition, such as sales and partnerships.
  9. Cost structure: list the expenses that are relevant for the business to function, such as the cost of delivering the product, marketing, among others.

Apply marketing strategies

Áurea Ribeiro, professor of Marketing and PhD in Administration from FGV, says that the art of understanding people is another name for marketing. Understanding the other is making him realize the value of something that would be useful to him, in its context of use. Marketing in the digital environment is what makes it possible for people, even being geographically far away, to find this value in your solution.

To start your marketing strategy, create mobile versions of the relationship channels, make regular blog posts, schedule SEO audits for your media and invest in email marketing. To see immediate results that give that excitement to your path in digital entrepreneurship, create paid ads too.

Analyze the first results

Whether in managing people, resources and, above all, in digital marketing itself, collect the maximum amount of data. The digital revolution has brought data science as an indispensable resource, so study each report to develop specific goals that will enable your business to grow.

Try to track the events that involve your niche, the conduct of your team (if the brand values ​​are really being shared), the degree of commitment that has been created with your strategy, the leads generated by marketing methods, among others.

This proposal for the realization of a digital enterprise can help you to finally have your own digital business. Count on this method, from choosing a niche to creating goals!