How to take advantage of the new Instagram update (2020)

“Have you heard of the new Instagram update?” – Every entrepreneur must have heard the question at least once over the past few months. The social network is the most popular today, with an incredible 1 billion active users per month.

That way, it doesn’t matter who your target audience is: the chances of them using the app and engaging are great. If you don’t understand a lot about Digital Marketing, know that engagement is a very important metric for any business. A good engagement can greatly increase the company’s revenue.

To remain in the lead and keep expanding, Instagram undergoes constant updates, which all entrepreneurs should be aware of. Only in this way is it possible to take advantage of the network’s full potential.

Let’s see how to apply the latest Instagram updates (2020) for the benefit of your business!

Instagram and its new Reels function

The resounding success of the Tik Tok app has had a huge impact on the digital world. By the way, the app came out of nowhere and stole the attention of other famous apps such as Facebook.

As an answer to that, a new Instagram update is born: Reels.

In short, it’s an attempt to take advantage of all the success of Tik Tok videos, which are marked by their short duration and by having comic or impressive elements.

Your business can greatly benefit from releasing clips of up to 15 seconds with the potential to go viral. In fact, a video like this, when it’s successful, reaches over 1 million views in a short time.

What a beautiful range, isn’t it? Imagine using it to your advantage to, for example, promote an online course?

Discover the immense potential of Instagram Shopping

As Instagram grew, there was a very strong commercial use of the app. Thus, increments were made that facilitate the performance of companies within the social network. One of them was the Shopping.

This new Instagram update is very similar to the Facebook marketplace. In other words, it is like a virtual store, in which users can buy directly from you, in a simple and fast way, without leaving the social network.

This option placed a huge weight on marketing strategies within this social network, especially when the company has younger people as its target audience.

The consumer informs the payment details, as well as the delivery address (in just a few clicks), without any need to leave the social network, and makes the purchase.

It’s definitely a tool your business can use and abuse!

The Power of Shopping Tags

Still targeting the immense power of business within Instagram, an added element to favour companies was the “buy tag”. When presenting an image, you can add a tag that points to the displayed product. When the user clicks on the tag, he is directed to the sales page of the presented product.

This new Instagram update is very interesting to make sales quickly and efficiently. After all, how many times have you not want an item featured in a photo but couldn’t buy it because you couldn’t find it? Purchase tags come to solve the problem.

Instagram’s “Guides” tab and how you can take advantage of it

The tab “Guides” is also a new addition to the social network. The main objective is to unite posts, products and news related to the same theme. This way, the user can consume content of interest in a simplified way.

One way to use the new Instagram update to your advantage is precisely to work with publications related to your industry.

Thus, at one time or another, your content will be presented together with others related to the theme. In other words, it’s a way to get free visibility within the social network — which is certainly a huge advantage.