Infoproduct or dropshipping: discover the best option

If you want to invest in entrepreneurship but still don’t know which way to go, you need to know the difference between dropshipping and infoproduct. They are two ways to make money from a digital business, but they have different proposals.

With this information, it is possible to define if you want to work with the sale of physical products without stock through an e-commerce — dropshipping —. Or if you want to invest your time in the production and marketing of digital products, such as the online course — infoproducts.

Are you curious? Want to know more about this subject? So, read on and check out all the information we’ve separated for you. Come on!

What is an infoproduct?

An infoproduct is a digital product sold and consumed through the Internet. It can be free or paid, and it does not require the maintenance of physical inventory. Typically, the infoproduct is created based on the knowledge and skills a person has on a particular subject.

Therefore, the main digital product commercialized in the market is the online course. With it, you can share your knowledge through classes, handouts, podcasts, among other materials that make up the course.

Another highly sold infoproduct is the eBook, that is, the digital book. It can be considered the easiest product format to be produced, marketed and consumed by customers.

It is important to mention that in the case of infoproducts, you need to produce and host them on a digital platform. In this way, it is possible to start the sales process more smoothly and focus on the relationship with the customer.

Using a platform can help a lot in this process. That’s because the platform is prepared to facilitate marketing actions and the process of payment and delivery of the infoproduct, especially online courses. Therefore, it is essential that you research the main suppliers available in the market.

Also, don’t forget that it is very important to invest in digital marketing strategies so that your digital product is known in the market. In this case, social media can be a great dissemination channel, as you can create authority and, at the same time, maintain a relationship with the audience.

What are the advantages of the infoproduct?

Infoproducts can offer you many advantages. Among them, we can highlight that the process of creating and developing a digital product is simpler compared to a physical product.

Therefore, you do not need to spend high investments, since the main input of the infoproduct is your knowledge. Furthermore, it is possible to do this entire process at home. This way, you also save a lot of time and money.

Digital products can also be a great way for you to gain customer loyalty, as there is the possibility of offering it as digital bait before closing a deal itself.

For example, you can offer an eBook or podcast with more basic content on a particular subject so that the prospective client knows your authority and then present your online course with more advanced content.

Learn how to create an infoproduct in 7 steps:

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping, in turn, is a sales method in which you promote and sell a product that is stored and delivered to the final consumer by the supplier. In other words, you don’t need to have inventory allocated within your company.

For this, it is necessary to choose suppliers that have a good delivery process and stock control. This way, you guarantee the quality of the product at the time of delivery, as well as knowing that the supplier will not let you down during a sales process.

But, after all, how does dropshipping work? In this case, you reserve a quantity of a certain product with the supplier and put it up for sale in your e-commerce. As soon as a unit is sold, an order is automatically sent to the supplier to separate and deliver the product to the customer.

In the case of exchanges, the supplier is responsible for making this transaction, but it is you who mediates the entire operation with the customer. That’s because this relationship between your company and the supplier is invisible, that is, the customer doesn’t know how it works.

In addition to receiving a commission on the sale, this process can provide other benefits for you, such as a reduction in investment with stock, exemption from logistical operations costs and the possibility of offering a wider range of products.

However, it is necessary to have a knowledge of the market to understand which should be the best partners in your business. So it can be quite risky.

How to choose the best option for you?

But, after all, should you invest in dropshipping or infoproduct? What is the best option?

These answers depend on your expectations and what you’re planning in relation to the digital business. For example, if you intend to invest in selling physical products, dropshipping is a good option.

In this case, you must choose a profitable product, find a reliable supplier and build e-commerce to start sales. Just as it is important to dedicate a lot to digital marketing actions.

But, if you have extensive knowledge of a particular subject and want to monetize it, the best option is to create and sell an infoproduct. Therefore, an online course would be a good way to fulfil your desire.

So, you need to transform your knowledge into textual and/or audiovisual content so that it can be hosted on a digital platform. In this way, it is possible to sell it to people who need this knowledge to achieve their personal and professional goals.

We can conclude that both dropshipping and infoproduct have their characteristics and advantages. Thus, each of them can help you to fulfil your dream of starting digital entrepreneurship.

However, please carefully analyze all the information that we pass on in this text. This way, you will be able to understand which the best option according to your planning is.

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