Is investing in social media ads good for your digital business?

It’s no longer surprising the extent to which social media has now reached. They are part of our daily lives. Thinking about how to improve your digital business without considering advertising on social media would be a big mistake.

They will be responsible for spreading the company with the help of digital marketing, conquering more and more customers and increasing the influence in your digital business.

However, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages, as well as understanding how investing in social media ads works. Check out!

Advantages of Investing in Ads

The competition for prominence on social media is quite difficult. In fact, the diversity of channels to expand your digital marketing makes this obstacle less and less. Having more areas for a business to spread attracts more customers.

1. Greater reach

The first advantage in investing in ads is that this attitude brings more traffic and faster for your business or lending page. Thus, more customers will be accessing your business and contributing to sharing it on social media. 

2. Low investment

Added to this, there is also the advantage that these ads are not expensive at first. Your business will have no expenses, as the value will be at the discretion of the contractor. Many social networks allow you to decide how much you can afford and when you prefer to invest, giving your business enough time to decide on the right time to invest in your ads.

3. Engagement rates

Another advantage that can be highlighted is the real monitoring of how these ads are being beneficial to your business, as they bring the details of performance, analysis of what has been achieved, the most successful post and what generated your traffic. With this in mind, the tools available on social networks allow you to understand and measure the audience’s response to the ads. 

Therefore, it is necessary that the company that wants to advance more and more with the digital business on social networks is aware of planning in communication. The material will be the key to efficiently taking advantage of this type of investment.

Disadvantages of ad investment

Despite the tempting advantages provided by this type of strategy, those who invest in ads on social networks must be aware of the problems that are part of this type of media.

1. Requires ongoing investment

In the same way that fast traffic can show up in your digital business, it can easily go away. So, if there is no money, the number of visitors can drop significantly. Without new payments, your ads are taken out of circulation, causing the loss of important visits to your business and harming your Sales Funnel results.

2. Price variation

Added to this, there is also the disadvantage of price variation. Even with lower prices, the reality is that this value can change over time. Knowledge with the platform will be greater and the ads tend to become more elaborate. Over time, the experience with the platform will grow and ads tend to become more elaborate, resulting in increased budget.

3. Dependence

Signalled by the Mirago website, another disadvantage of this type of investment is the dependence on traffic through ads on social networks, mainly on just one channel. This dependence can be detrimental to your digital business strategy in the medium to long term, so it’s important to diversify your ways to get longer and longer traffic.

How to use Facebook Ads

With the arrival of the year 2021, the right moment to leverage your business on the internet is highlighted. Investing in ads through social media will be helpful in getting the traffic you want. However, for such a scenario to happen, it is necessary to understand how the platforms work. Thus, your planning will not be in vain.

There are specialized platforms of the social networks themselves that allow the dissemination and management of ads, such as Facebook Ads. The free solution offers the opportunity to invest in advertisements to improve the traffic to your pages, with marketing strategies.

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of investing in social media ads

Depending on your objective, several benefits can be achieved from using these tools.

Upgrading a publication, getting more entries, receiving messages or acquiring more visitors on a website are the options offered by Facebook Ads, which allows quick and practical management of these ads within Facebook and Instagram itself.

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of investing in social media ads

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of investing in social media ads

Facebook for Business has a minimum price of $ 5.18 for the movement of an advertisement for 1 day and may have changes in the price from then on, in addition to various possible forms of payment. In the case of Instagram, it is only possible to advertise from R$25, with the right to 5 days of circulation.

The scope of Instagram, s according to the official site, has more than 20 million people who visit a business profile per day. The use of various options such as advertisements in stories, photos, videos and carousel help to increase traffic on the social network to promote your digital business. 

Therefore, it is essential to recognize your digital business and create a communication plan so that the investment in advertising is beneficial.