MLabs: plans and characteristics

Have you ever heard of social media management tools? Currently, there are many tool options on the market. One of them is labs, which offers different plans, depending on the needs of each user.

They are platforms that allow you to schedule posts, create performance reports, reply to posts and much more.

In this article, you will understand the importance of this type of tool and have access to a complete guide about labs, with answers to people’s main questions. Here we go?

What is a social media management tool?

Social media management is a set of actions to optimize the use of these channels and bring positive results, according to the objective of each user. The process includes post scheduling, content management and, finally, results monitoring.

After all, controlling the flow of posts across all channels, developing effective content, generating leads, clicks, gaining more followers and interacting with them is not an easy task, is it? This is where tools like mLabs come in: with them, you can have everything in one place.

What are the functions of mLabs?

A survey conducted by Rock Content in 2019 showed that mLabs is the most used social media management tool in Brazil. Agencies and social media are the ones that use the platform the most, but that doesn’t mean that a person cannot use it to manage their own networks. It is possible to hire from a profile.

Currently, mLabs offers several functions. See below.

Posting processes are simplified

Good social media management requires well-defined processes. It is necessary to maintain a frequency on all accounts. With mLabs, you can schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and Google Meu Negócios.

If you have a large volume of accounts to manage, it becomes humanly impossible to do it “by hand” while maintaining quality. With mLabs, you can schedule all posts using the same environment.

This leaves more time to devote to other things, such as creating strategies and analyzing results, for example.

Find out what are the best days and times to publish

Understanding the best days and times is very important for posting with good performance. However, this is still a challenge for many professionals in the field. With mLabs, you can access this type of data and gain valuable insights into it.

Post the same post on multiple social networks at the same time

With mLabs, you don’t have to bother opening each of the social networks to post. It is possible to repost the same content on all the social networks you want at the same time, within the platform itself.

Create Hashtag Groups and Default Location

Anyone who uses hashtags knows how long it can be to type all of them each time they make a new post. Therefore, mLabs enables the creation of strategic hashtag groups, according to each business. Furthermore, it is possible to set a default location for posts – which can be changed at any time, whenever you want.

Post calendar

The post calendar is simple, but it makes a difference, especially for those who manage many profiles. With it, you can clearly view the posts scheduled for each date of the month and thus have a clearer idea of ​​the frequency of posts.

Performance reports

mLabs provides reports for each of the registered accounts. They display data from the month’s posts, such as reach, clicks and response numbers, impressions, and actions taken on the post (such as leaving the post and progressing to the next post, for example).

Reply private message

mLabs centralizes private messages from all pages for you to reply to within the platform itself. You can even track and respond to reviews on your Google My Business record.


Another functionality of mLabs is Workflow. The environment allows multiple people involved in content creation to join the work environment to develop, approve, or make changes to posts. There is no limit on people invited.

Other features

In addition to scheduling posts, it is also possible to boost Instagram and Facebook directly on the platform. mLabs also provides a tool for creating posts: mLabs Studio. With it, it is possible to create posts directly on the platform, on the scheduling page.

mLabs: plans

mLabs offers two types of plans: Basic and Professional.

In the Basic plan, post scheduling services, tools for creating posts, the calendar and access to multiple users are available. This plan is available for R$ 5.90 monthly for each profile in mLabs.

The Professional plan, on the other hand, gives access to all the benefits of the platform, including those available in the basics, plus the possibility to respond to direct messages; interaction with followers; boosting posts; reports; landing pages and lead capture; insights for optimization; competitor monitoring and post-approval. The plan is available for R$12.90 per month per profile on mLabs.

In mLabs, the plans offer discounts for annual and quarterly contracts for both the Basic and Professional plans.

Have you tried the mLabs tool? What plan do you use? Share your experience in the comments!