Online platform: everything you need for your digital products

Business, health, education, personal development… you’ve probably read about it on an online platform. These themes are the most sought after in digital products, which are materials created and distributed on the internet in the form of courses, manuals, digital magazines, podcasts, reports, etc.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, a market research institution in Advertising, identified that, in 2017, the digital products market had a turnover of BRL 14.8 billion — which represented an increase of 24.5% compared to 2016. In 2018, this number rose once again to R$18 billion. Do you still have doubts about whether or not to create an infoproduct?

Digital products naturally have a high-profit margin. And what do they not have?

  • shipping costs;
  • geographic shipping limitations;
  • storage need;
  • Shortage of stock.

However, before entering this environment and generating your income as well, you need to have a favourable platform that collaborates with these achievements. The tool can be responsible for more than half of the success of your enterprise.

And just as a good chef uses only quality products to cook his dishes, you need access to the best online platform to do well. Want to know how to find her? Stay with us and read the text!

How to sell digital products on an online platform

First, find a niche and design the appropriate infoproduct for it. If you want to break into the pet niche, you could think of a course on Pugs, for example.

Next, you should generate organic traffic around your brand, offer something in return for contacting leads (example: personalized vaccination card for Pugs), announce a promotion on your course, and ultimately automate those sales.

The role of the online platform in this story is to host your product securely in a system, customize this content and take care of sales. They can be done through affiliates, users who promote their product and earn a commission for its sale, or due to the hosting’s own automation, such as by serving paid ads.

Main features of a good infoproduct platform

Focus on user experience

Not everyone enjoys learning. Even if the topic is as light as it is probably those in the relationship niche. For that, there is the gamification strategy, which is basically the use of game tricks to involve people in some task. This strategy creates a beneficial competitive sense for students and gives a sense of achievement each time the course progresses.

Affiliate program

Affiliates are people linked to the online platform if you have the program, who help to promote the product in exchange for a commission. In the case of digital products, the commission is even more generous because the cost of producing an infoproduct is usually lower than that of traditional products.

Having a control system, making publicity materials available and offering a good commission are desirable features in a platform for infoproducts.

Transparency in fee collection

Pay attention to all fees that will be charged by a platform. Some charge for each instalment the customer pays for a course, for each different infoproduct sold, per registration, per monthly fee… but each fee delivers something. Try not to stick to their price, but to the associated value.

Anti-fraud system

There are platforms, such as Edools, which are more focused on a digital product like online courses, which encrypt their material, display student data while a video lesson is watched to prevent piracy, generate security reports and much more. In an era in which the digital transformation has already started, having the security of your data and your students is, at the very least, mandatory.

Dissemination of digital products

Give preference to hosts that seek to promote their infoproduct in some way. Paid ads and a good ranking on Google, for example, are efficient methods of dissemination, for you and for the company itself. Furthermore, affiliates are ahead of this spread too!

In fact, the member’s area can be the most interesting type of platform for those who want to influence the promotion. Unlike traditional online platforms, the area proposes to maintain traffic, generate conversions, automatically trigger emails, and create detailed reports of product metrics, among others.

Intuitive interface

Customizing and making digital products visually authentic and recognizable as your brand is still a challenge. Fortunately, some methodologies have emerged as a means of including more laypeople in programming and design. The Eadbox, for example, is adept of this principle. But be aware that not all other platforms offer this accessibility.

Integration of related services

Solving as many of your customer’s problems as possible is already a well-known practice among entrepreneurs. The search for efficiency cannot stop. Therefore, an online infoproduct platform could propose to, in addition to hosting the materials, do marketing automation, payment management, sales analysis, consulting on online content, etc.

Anti-simultaneous login

So important, but little talked about. The simultaneous anti login functionality is a command that blocks when two people try to log into the same account at the same time, which often suggests that a client is giving another user access to your platform.

Issuance of certificates

When it comes to online courses, delivering a certificate after attending all the classes contributes a lot to the customer’s motivation and experience. When the platform offers the option of the personalized certificate, the student can add it to LinkedIn, which makes their course even more professional, in addition to being a type of passive marketing.

In this article, we cite relevant applications for those looking for an online platform to host and value their digital products. Choose tools that are committed to the safety of your material, its dissemination and dissemination strategies.