Sliding Door to Bathroom: 60+ Models, Materials and Styles

The bathroom sliding door models, in addition to giving all the charm that this environment needs, also brings a lot of ease to help you with the most basic needs of everyday life. Thus, incredible models were developed to inspire you from the most rustic to the most sophisticated. Thus, there are several uses for these […]

Simple Bathroom: +90 Decoration Projects to Inspire You

Many people adopt simple decoration in their home due to the ease of installing decorative elements and because there is no need for a high investment, although it is also possible to use nobler and more expensive materials to apply this style. That’s why the simple bathroom is so sought after by those who want to […]

Situation Plan: What is it and what is it for in architecture?

Anyone involved in an architectural project knows that there are several steps to be taken until the time for the execution of the work arrives. One of these steps is to do the situation plan. This plan is one among many that the architect needs to make so that his project meets all the necessary requirements. To give […]

Single Room: 75 Decor Projects to Inspire You

The bedroom is one of the most important environments in the house, as this is where we use our free time to relax, rest and even have fun. And although the decoration for a double room is very popular, the single room can also become an environment that combines comfort and beauty. Remembering that the single […]

Shade Plants: +15 Species You Need to Know

Shade plants are perfect for decorating indoors or environments that don’t have much light, as they can be grown without much exposure to sunlight. Therefore, these plants are perfect for apartments, houses, offices, shopping malls, among other buildings, which have reduced lighting conditions. But if you want to add a little green to your home decor, […]

Service Area: +110 Designs, Images and Decoration Ideas

The service area is one of the most neglected rooms in terms of decoration, as it is not a space for relaxation or for receiving visitors. However, this is an extremely important area for house maintenance and, therefore, it must be a practical and functional environment for activities related to cleaning and organization to be carried […]

Sandwich Tile: Advantages, Disadvantages, Cost and 80+ Photos Decoration

Want to know more about sandwich tile? So check out these tips and information that we’ve set aside for you. Image 01: No matter the location or the type of architecture, this type of tile always leaves a work with its particular beauty. Index [Display] What is Sandwich Tile? Popularly known as sandwich tile, this product has its […]

Rustic Wood Furniture: How to have it at home in 48 inspirations

It is a mistake to think that rustic furniture only goes well in country or beach house projects. That’s because, for being versatile and durable, they fell in the favor of architects and interior designers, gaining space in urban projects as well. Primarily, this type of furniture was chosen for projects in which the pieces need to have a […]

Rustic Kitchen: +110 Projects and Ideas to Inspire

A rustic kitchen requires good design and planning so that it doesn’t get overloaded and, at the same time, it has functionality and offers convenience to residents. Below we will see some projects and tips, as well as several kitchen models in this style. The rustic style is one of the most sought after by those […]

Roses: Colors, How to Plant, Care, Meaning, Arrangements and 100+ Photos

Roses are known worldwide, being one of the most popular and classic flowers in the garden. Furthermore, it is associated with love and has different colors and varieties. She is a flower that appeals to everyone without distinction. It is a flower that loves sunny places, it is able to bloom all year round, simple cultivation. Thus, there […]