Marketing Techniques October 14, 2021

5 Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales

Currently, competition in the infoproducts world is very strong. Therefore, you need to use good strategies to be able to increase your sales. Among them, we can highlight the adoption of marketing techniques. They can speed up your sales process as they help you build rapport with your potential customer. That way, it’s easier to convince […]

Digital Affiliates

Digital Affiliates: Advantages and How to Become One

Digital affiliates are people who refer products, online or physical and receive a commission for their sales. The Brazilian Institute of Affiliate Marketing stated that this market receives up to 20,000 new subscribers per month, a significant number for an expanding but still little-known service. In fact, this data is in line with what we […]


How to Create an Amazing Membership Area for Your Business

The member’s area is a digital space that works as a way for your customer not only to buy something but to be part of a community made by you. In case you don’t have your own official member area yet, it’s good to at least create a sense of that, treating your leads like “family” […]


Webinar: what is it and how to make one?

The webinar is another excellent strategy to share content and position your brand as an authority. The consequence of a well-structured videoconference, almost inevitably, is the generation of free leads. Want to know a stat that proves it? The State of Video Marketing found in 2017 that 95% of people here on the Internet choose to watch […]

individual entrepreneur in the digital market

How to become an individual entrepreneur in the digital market?

Being an individual entrepreneur can be the start of a grand journey in the business world. By formalizing your venture, even if it is small in scale, you can have a number of benefits that will help considerably in planning something bigger. To make your small business official, even if it is completely online, you need to access the […]


What is a newsletter and how to use it in your business?

A survey conducted by Rock Content in 2018, with 684 people, revealed that 78.4% of individuals like to receive a newsletter and 76.8% have already made some purchase from receiving content in their personal email. So, knowing what newsletter is and investing in this strategy may be what is missing for your business to grow. Therefore, in this […]

Digital Business

Digital Business: How to Create Audience for Your

Create a well-defined profile, create quality content and convert hits into sales in your digital business. If you already have a digital business or are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur you should be aware of the vital role of the audience in the survival of your business. In the stages of construction and maintenance of your […]

marketing tools

The main marketing tools

Many people have not yet discovered how important marketing is for a business, it is with marketing that the entrepreneur can make good decisions in his business. But for this to happen, it is important to use the right marketing tools for your type of business. These tools cannot be seen by the entrepreneur in isolation from each other, […]


E-learning: what is it and why create in your business?

E-learning is a form of non-presential teaching that grows exponentially and is a promising niche in the market. Just to give you an idea, according to the Brazilian Association of Internships, in 2018, remote education already represented 24.3% of total undergraduate enrollment. This educational model matches the reality experienced in the world: the increase in people’s connection […]