Growth Hacking: what it is and how to apply it to your business

Growth Hacking is one of the common elements among startups that grow in the short term, year after year. It is a new thought, originating in 2010, created by angel investor Sean Ellis, which seeks the growth of small businesses through experiments, tests, ‘hacks’. Dropbox, Facebook and Uber are three popular examples of solutions that […]

Online platform: everything you need for your digital products

Business, health, education, personal development… you’ve probably read about it on an online platform. These themes are the most sought after in digital products, which are materials created and distributed on the internet in the form of courses, manuals, digital magazines, podcasts, reports, etc. The Interactive Advertising Bureau, a market research institution in Advertising, identified that, in […]

Infoproduct or dropshipping: discover the best option

If you want to invest in entrepreneurship but still don’t know which way to go, you need to know the difference between dropshipping and infoproduct. They are two ways to make money from a digital business, but they have different proposals. With this information, it is possible to define if you want to work with […]

Funnel medium: how to produce content for this step

Between the lead generation and sales steps, there is an intermediate state called the middle funnel. At this stage, it is necessary to supply potential customers with content, as well as at the top of the funnel. But there are some quirks you should pay attention to. Leads through the sales funnel are aware of what they need and may even believe that […]

What is a freelancer and how to hire one for your business?

You may have hired this professional at some point in your life, but you didn’t even realize, so what is a freelancer? Typically, the areas involved with freelancing are: design, web programming and advertising writing. These are branches linked to technology and are still on the rise. Although these professions are associated with post-digital modernity, the origin […]

MLabs: plans and characteristics

Have you ever heard of social media management tools? Currently, there are many tool options on the market. One of them is labs, which offers different plans, depending on the needs of each user. They are platforms that allow you to schedule posts, create performance reports, reply to posts and much more. In this article, you will […]

What is pop-up, how and when to use it on your website

Undoubtedly, at some point in your life, you’ve had some experience with pop-ups. Generally, they were used by websites with endless ads, which hindered navigation. Today, many companies do not use it, for fear of being frowned upon by the user. However, the resource can be used to the right extent and even become an ally during […]

Paid traffic or organic traffic? Understand!

Paid traffic or organic traffic, which is better? To create an efficient digital marketing strategy, it is necessary to understand what each one of them is, the main advantages and disadvantages and which one fits best in your infoproduct digital venture. So, in this post, we’ll explain everything to you! Organic traffic First, do you know what organic traffic is? The organic traffic is when people know their business […]

Is investing in social media ads good for your digital business?

It’s no longer surprising the extent to which social media has now reached. They are part of our daily lives. Thinking about how to improve your digital business without considering advertising on social media would be a big mistake. They will be responsible for spreading the company with the help of digital marketing, conquering more and more customers and increasing the influence in your digital business. […]

Pixel Facebook: Understand what it is and how to use it

Pixel is the smallest element that makes up a digital image. And, in a way, that’s what Facebook’s Pixel tracking tool does. From each click of visitors to your page, you can build a picture of your conversions and who your audience is, in fact. If you are already part of the digital business universe or are collecting information to join this […]