Pre-Fabricated House: See If It’s Worth Investing +80 Ideals

Ever come across a prefab house? So know that they are constructions made in modules or parts. They are built before they go to the construction site. Hence the name prefab houses, it is a house that is like a puzzle. Furthermore, it is only mounted at the place where the construction takes place. You can make small constructions like houses, even bigger constructions like buildings and hotels.

The first constructions appeared in England in 1905. However, the use of precast in houses was intensified after World War II, when there was a need to rebuild the buildings after being destroyed during the conflict. Thus, they needed a more economical and faster way of construction.

They are different from traditional houses in a number of ways, such as construction time. The prefab house takes less time to complete. Furthermore, they are more economical and use less natural resources to be manufactured.

It offers convenience and cost-effectiveness far greater than conventional homes. Although they are made in different models, it is not possible to make one very different from the other, but this is offset by the fact that they are actually much cheaper. So, investing in a house like this is an alternative for people who can’t afford to spend a lot and don’t want to wait too long for construction.

Parts can be made of wood, steel and concrete. So, like a puzzle they come together to build the house.

Nowadays it is very common to use containers. Because with them you can build houses, schools, offices, and even buildings. However, they are simpler and that is why many prefer a more luxurious, sophisticated home.

Image 01: Modern houses are on the rise in these fabrications.

Sophisticated prefab facade

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Types of prefab houses

There are houses made of wood, masonry, steel, container, ground floor models or with more floors.

The wooden houses are the most common market. They look good both in the city, in the countryside or on the beach. It can be mixed with wood and other masonry parts or 100% wood with the option of having solid wood walls with whole trunks or plaster coating.

One of the advantages of this type of construction is that wood is a thermal insulator and is very useful in colder places. Therefore, it is important to be aware that wooden houses have a higher maintenance cost.

Image 02: The possibility of creating incredible houses is enormous.

prefab wood and glass house

The construction made with masonry highlights the fact that it is made with precast concrete sheets. In addition, the land as in all other types of prefab houses must be prepared, and sewer, water, power and gas points constructed.

Thus, the cost-benefit ratio of a prefabricated house is enormous, in addition to being more economically viable, they can last around 60 years or more.

Image 03: Not only wood, but also pre-molded bricks are used.

prefab house with cement bricks

Advantages of the prefab house

Among the advantages of building a house in this format, the construction time stands out, the fact that it is built using modules that are ready for the construction site makes it cheaper than conventional constructions. There are models that can be ready in up to three months. However, this does not interfere with the beauty of the construction, which can be more sophisticated, modern or simpler. Thus, it is estimated that these types of houses take 40% of the time that a normal construction would.

With prefabricated houses, it is easier to control expenses as there are no unforeseen events like conventional constructions. The budget is more realistic and as parts and modules are used in constructions, you know the value of each part. So, the project is pre-defined, which brings more practicality to the work and even if you have to change some detail, the difference won’t be that big.

Less rubble and rubbish is produced than in normal buildings. This makes the prefab house more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the industrial process of manufacturing the parts in series can be optimized using less raw material than in conventional constructions.

Image 04: Color your work.

prefab house with wooden boards

Disadvantages of the prefab house

One of the downsides of building a prefab house is the cost of transportation. Freight is one of the biggest expenses with this type of construction because the modules and parts must be removed from the industry where they are manufactured and taken to the construction site.

There is less possibility of customization. Prefabricated houses end up having the same shape. In conventional houses you have control of the entire structure of the house and can customize it 100%. They often follow a template which makes customizing difficult. However, things like size, accesses can be discussed with architects to change the construction of the house a little.

As there are several models, you can choose the one that best meets your expectations. This way the project is more your face with the specifications you want.

Image 05: Don’t be afraid to bet on wooden house models.

prefab house with varnished wood

When should I opt for a prefab house?

You should opt for houses in this format when you want a cheaper construction that will be ready in less time. The practicality in construction is much greater than in conventional constructions. It is a greener house, which uses less natural resources to get ready. You control expenses better, the internal structures have more layers, making for thermal and acoustic comfort; there is better waterproofing and you can choose different types of prefab houses according to your taste.

So, if you don’t mind having a house similar to others, you can choose the model of your choice and invest. They can be more rustic if they are made of wood, cozier and more practical being built in big cities.

Image 06: Well ventilated, the houses can even receive balconies.

prefab all wood house

How much will I invest?

There are kits from 20 thousand to 100 thousand reads. It depends on the size and material used in the construction. But you should pay attention to other expenses that you will have in construction, such as labor and transport of parts from the company that manufactures them to your construction site.

The price according to size can vary from place to place, but you must also take into account all the necessary requirements to build a house.

Labor also influences the value, in some cases around 60% of the construction value. The more specialized the construction workers are, the higher the amount paid for their services. It really is what makes the work more expensive.

Image 07: Bet on beautiful fireplaces to make your home even more comfortable.

prefab house with fireplace

Stay tuned

The material used in the construction must be taken into account in the final pricing of the project. Wood is a preponderant factor, the nobler, the higher the price of the material. Buying the cheapest material is not always a good option, you must take into account its shelf life so you don’t regret it later.

In addition, the standard of the house also influences prices. There are several models that differ not only in price, but in other features that end up making the project more expensive. Container houses, for example, have a great cost-benefit ratio and have a much greater durability. However, there are also prefab luxury homes that have a higher value.

The finish of the construction also increases its price. Often companies do not sell the finish on the project, but this gives you more freedom to customize the house, however, you can spend a lot depending on the type of finish you want.

There are several factors that make the construction more expensive, even so, it is much cheaper than the construction of a conventional house.

Image 08: Small models look amazing too.

prefab house facade

How to know the best type of prefab house for you

To choose a model, see the prices of models and kits available on the market. In addition, there is the material, pattern and construction time that must be taken into account when choosing the right house for you. Wooden houses offer a rustic feel to the construction, while brick houses can offer more sophisticated types of houses, raising the standard.

Image 09: One- story houses are the most common.

prefab country house

Tip 1

See which type you want, whether it’s a simpler prefab house or a luxury villa. There are many options on the market. See which one pleases you the most. If you, for example, want a country house, there are options for wooden houses that will be to your liking. If you live in the city, a brick house would be the best option.

Image 10: The masonry can be present next to the wood.

prefab house project

Tip 2

The cost benefit must be looked at, paying attention to what is interesting and what is a superfluous expense. They are based on pre-set models, so take this into account when choosing the model. There are restrictions such as the size of the window and the door, for example.

Image 11: The glass also helps to give all the charm to the building.

prefab house

Tip 3

Style is important in helping you choose what type of prefab home you want. Thus, there are several models, such as two-story houses, more elongated houses, with larger windows, balconies and whatever else your preference dictates. However, the most common model in concrete buildings is rectangular in shape, while in wooden houses the chalet model is often used.

Image 12: Here we have a simple construction, looking like a doll’s house.

small prefab house

Tip 4

The interior of the house must also be welcoming. You can choose more cozy models made of wood or concrete. In addition, the finish can give a more personalized touch in this case, as the interior of the house may differ a little from other models, making it your own.

Image 13: Very sophisticated barns also become beautiful architectures.

prefab house with double height

Tip 5

To choose the best house for you, you first need to know what you want, seeing different models on the internet helps a lot. So, with them, you can have an idea of ​​what to look for and then what to invest. After all, there are models for all tastes. So, knowing what you want, the chance that you’ll like what you’ve built is much greater.

Image 14: Have you ever seen any construction being carried out? So see how it’s part of that process.

prefab house construction

Tips for choosing the best supplier for your prefab home

There are many advantages to building a prefab house, but it is necessary to be aware of all the details of the construction, for example, negotiating with trustworthy companies and thus working with them all the construction details.

It is necessary to know if the company is qualified, what constructions it has already carried out and how long it has been in the market. The quality of the parts and modules and structures it manufactures must also be taken into account. Remember: more expensive material can last longer than it increases your cost-effectiveness.

A tip is to choose a company that is close to the construction site, taking into account the quality as well, of course, this way you will spend less freight on trucks that will take the parts and modules for your construction.

You can build sophisticated and luxurious prefabricated houses, or simple and practical. It depends on what you want and how much you have to spend. The fact is that they are there to guarantee a way of construction that benefits building time, economy and even sustainability. Invest in a prefab house and be assured that you will take, economy, practicality and comfort in your construction and the best in a highly agile construction time.

Image 15: Bet on beautiful architectural projects without fear.

modern prefab house

Prefab house models

Image 16: Wooden models are the most common.

wooden prefab house

Image 17: However, it is necessary to know how to care.

one-story prefab house

Image 18: Some people prefer to do it with cement boards.

small prefab house

Image 19: Others use steel structure.

prefab house made of metal and glass

Image 20: But how about combining steel with wood and that right dose of stone?

prefab house with stone, metal, wood and glass

Image 21: Houses are also great inspirations.

wooden house

Image 22: Brick-fronted houses look perfect.

prefab brick house

Image 23: Balcony door on the facade gives that extra charm to the construction.

prefab house with balcony door in the rooms

Image 24: Use creativity and abuse of very modern projects with this type of construction.

prefab house with very modern double height

Image 25: Modern one-story buildings are also a charm.

one-story prefab house

Image 26: Use and abuse of rounded elements and wood details with glass.

modern and simple prefab house

Image 27: See another beautiful example of a small residence.

Modern house

Image 28: Houses with geometric shapes are on the rise.

aged wooden prefab house

Image 29: And it doesn’t stop there, you can also build mansions that contain the most varied types of prefabricated house constructions.

house with various materials

Image 30: Not only the main house, but the aedicule can also be built this way.

small wooden house

Ideas for facades

Image 31: You can use the facade of your house any way you want.

country house

Image 32: How about customizing and adding a pool? So see more of this example.

prefab one-story house

Image 33: Modern buildings and integrated environments.

pre-fabricated modern house

Image 34: Houses can be made according to the style of your terrain.

small wooden house

Image 35: The roof is an item that can be part of the facade.

custom built house

Image 36: Another beautiful modern idea of ​​reinforced concrete and metallic structure.

prefabricated modern house

Image 37: And for those who like wood, see more of this beautiful townhouse.

wooden house

Image 38: Make sophisticated facades.

prefab american style house

Image 39: Country houses are well accepted with this type of construction.

earthly house

Image 40: Modern architectures can be realized very easily and quickly.

simple prefabricated land house

Image 41: Beautiful homes with glass draw attention.

house with pre-fabricated glass

Image 42: Here’s another example of a matching wooden and brick facade.

wooden and brick house

Image 43: Masonry is present in wet areas to minimize maintenance on wood.

two-story house with brick for fireplace and wet area

Image 44: Another modern and sophisticated example to be inspired by this prefabricated façade.

prefabricated L house

Image 45: The glass with the metallic structure.

modern decor

Interiors of prefab houses

Image 46: The airy houses are a success.

sliding door

Image 47:   The rustic style is one of the most sought after decorations.

brick and wood

Image 48: The idea of ​​the wooden ceiling and wall forming an L looks beautiful in the decoration.

slatted wood is a success

Image 49: The furniture also needs to conform to the architectural style of the house.

use rustic furniture

Image 50: Make your kitchen complete.

kitchen with white wood

Image 51: Simple rooms make all the difference.

simply decorated room

Image 52: Bathrooms can also receive treated wood to maintain rusticity.

wood in the bathroom

Image 53: Integrated environments are a trend in any type of decoration.

leave the wood exposed

Image 54: Mezzanines are great choices.

use mezzanines

Image 55: The mixture of elements and times makes a total difference when decorating. So here, see the modern combined with the rustic and the retro.

merge decor times

Image 56: The environments, when well planned, are very spacious.

spacious environments

Image 57: Bet on retro stoves to match the decor.

always leave the wood well cared for

Image 58: On the mezzanine, make small TV rooms or intimate areas.

enjoy the wood of the facade

Image 59: Leave locations integrated to keep family and friends even closer.

mix decorations

Image 60: Bet on tones that stand out on the walls, ceiling and floor.

keep the wood of the structure exposed

More ideas to get inspired

Image 61: Simple decoration is also very charming. After all, at least it is often more.

check the inside with drywall

Image 62: Raw wood ceiling is a charm in decoration.

modern kitchen with raw wood

Image 63: Open-concept balconies have taken over architects and designers.

outdoor living

Image 64: Even environments that have only wood look elegant. So look at this example.

all wood environment

Image 65: But how about having a more natural and decorated corner to listen to great records?

corner for the record player

Image 66: You can also unite the rusticity in the kitchen interior.

leave the beams exposed

Image 67: Or even keep more modern designers.

use rustic items

Image 68: As is the case with this kitchen integrated into the dining room.

enhance decoration with lighting

Image 69: But it can also have simple environments.

inner room of a prefabricated house

Image 70: The American pattern dominates many styles when decorating.

american decoration

Image 71: Make open rooms.

Image 72: With beautiful views.

wood decor

Image 73: Bet on earthy tones to make the atmosphere glamorous.

earth tone decor

Image 74: Facade stones can also be part of the interior.

inner stone wall

Image 75: Beds with natural branches make a difference.

rustic decor with branches

Image 76: Leave some vegetation to bring the room to life.

rustic decorated room

Image 77: Optimized fireplaces are the feel of many decorators.

interior decoration ideas

Image 78: So how about a bright, glass-filled room?

how decorated

Image 79: Another vision.

room decoration

Image 80: Finally, the room also receives the same information.

inner decoration

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