Precast Homes: Discover and See More 55 Inspirations

Precast houses can be the solution that many people who are looking for and wanting to build their houses from scratch and are looking for some alternatives other than the traditional masonry construction, the most common type in Brazil.

Precast homes can be a more cost-effective and faster alternative. All this without forgetting the beauty of these houses, which can be found with the most varied types of projects.

Before making your choice about something so serious (your dream house) it is important that you know this and other types of house well. Therefore, we will explain everything you should know about this house model, so that you can be sure of your choice.

What is a precast house?

Image 1: More modern house style, with two separate parts connected to the background.

One-story pre-molded house.

As the name implies, this type of house is prefabricated in advance. After fabrication in a remote location, the structure is transported to the location of the construction site.

The manufacturing process for these houses is similar to the construction process for pre-assembled wooden houses. A precast house can be manufactured from many different types of materials. Among the possible raw materials are steel, concrete and even containers.

It is important that you research and seek recommendations from trustworthy companies, so that the work is done respecting the cost, deadlines and, above all, your safety.

Main features of precast houses

Precast houses have several very unique characteristics that you should know about before opting for this type of house or not. Let’s talk about them. That way, you can get to know the good and bad sides of this model well, to be sure of your decision.

Image 2: Model house with two floors and terrace with swimming pool.

Pre-molded house with swimming pool.

Precast houses are more sustainable

People looking for an ecologically conscious project find pre-molded houses the perfect option. This type of house is usually built with the greatest possible use of material, producing less waste.

In addition, it is common to see projects that include green roofs, solar panels, among sustainable alternatives.

Precast houses are ready faster

It is easy to imagine that building a pre-molded house is faster than building one from scratch. They usually take between 60 and 90 days to be ready. For people who need the house delivered fast, it’s perfect.

Therefore, it is also the perfect option for those who are going to build a vacation home or in the mountains.

Building a precast house is more practical

When you choose a precast home, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The contracted company is responsible for the entire project, including labor and materials.

This type of house also saves you from having to travel in order to check the work, buy materials and resolve other common issues in traditional buildings.

You won’t have to worry about what type of granite you’re going to use or whether it’s better to use marble. This will all be in the project and will be in charge of the responsible professionals.

How much does a precast house cost?

Image 3: This house has only one floor and the external cladding is made of wood.

Pre-molded house covered with wood.

Many people wonder if a precast house is more expensive or cheaper than a house built by traditional means. Generally speaking, this type of house is generally more expensive than a brick house.

However, we can say that a precast house can be more cost-effective. The reason is because the costs for building this type of house are fixed. Unlike what happens in traditional works, where the initial budget is usually extrapolated.

On average, a pre-molded house in São Paulo can cost R$86,500. In addition, companies offer varied payment methods. It is noteworthy that it is important to pay attention to whether the labor and freight costs from the house to the land where it will be built are included in the final price.

Disadvantages of this type of house

Image 4: This house has a super modern project and bold design.

Despite being a sustainable house, with better cost-benefit, faster delivery and more practical construction, this type of house can have a disadvantage. Projects are often limited and ready to go.

In other words, if you want to make any changes to the project, it will not be possible. You will have to choose the project that best suits your reality.

Knowing that, now we’re going to show you another 55 precast houses for you to be inspired by.

52 Photos of pre-molded houses for inspiration

Image 5: This is a precast container house installed on the ground with a crane.

Home made container.

Image 6: Assembly of a house made of wood.

Precast house made of wood.

Image 7: This house was made of wood with glass and has only one floor and a few rooms.

Pre-molded wood and glass house.

Image 8: Another inspiration for a pre-molded house with a modern design.

Precast house with wood and iron.

Image 9: Beautiful house, with modern design and compact structure. The flooring is made of bamboo.

Small precast house.

Image 10: Interior of a house, which has a small balcony and minimalist style, with a clear structure.

Precast house with light wood structure.

Image 11: Precast house with green roof (garden), showing how these projects can be super sustainable.

House with green roof.

Image 12: The same house seen from another angle.

House with green roof.

Image 13: The structure of the house was made of wood and aluminum.

Wooden and aluminum house.

Image 14: Detail of the garden on the roof of the house, which brings several benefits, such as making the environment cooler.

House with roof garden.

Image 15: Another example of the sustainability of pre-molded houses, this time with the installation of solar panels.

House with roof solar panel.

Image 16: See how this house has a super modern facade. The projects found are very varied.

House with a triangular facade.

Image 17: Another example of a precast house with a wood and iron structure and a compact design.

house with iron structure.

Image 18: House with a project that included a small porch on the outside.

Precast house with black iron structure.

Image 19: Interior of a compact modern precast house.

Interior of a compact, modern precast house.

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Image 20: Another example of a pre-molded house with a modern style.

House with modern facade.

Image 21: This house was installed next to a river and in the middle of a forest.

House in the middle of a forest.

Image 22: This house also has a large outdoor area, although its interior is small.

House with outdoor area.

Image 23: See how this project is simple and, at the same time, beautiful.

Simple precast house.

Image 24: This photo shows how a container can be prepared to receive people living in it.

Container used as home.

Image 25: This bolder project has two floors. These models are usually the most expensive.

Two-story pre-molded house.

Image 26: See how beautiful this house is, small and cozy and with the rooms integrated.

Small precast house.

Image 27: Another example of a pre-molded house with two floors, but this time with a smaller project.

Two-story pre-molded house.

Image 28: See from another angle how beautiful the house is.

Two-story pre-molded house.

Image 29: Look how beautiful this house is, which has a super differentiated and modern design.

Image 30: One of the advantages of this type of house is that it can be installed more practically in places that are difficult to build.

precast house

Image 31: This beautiful project used wood and iron as raw materials for this house.

Precast house.

Image 32: This project, also with just one floor and a small balcony, used curved lines.

Precast house.

Image 33: Another example of the use of curved lines, this time in a two-story house.

Two-story pre-molded house.

Image 34: This is an example of how this type of house supports larger projects.

Large precast house.

Image 35: Beautiful inspiration! Simple, modern and beautiful design.

Precast house.

Image 36: Another model of a house with a large project and two floors.

Two-story pre-molded house.

Image 37: This house used glass and iron as raw material, which gave a sophisticated touch to the project.

Re-molded glass house.

Image 38: See what a beautiful inspiration!

Precast house.

Picture 39: Now we see a super compact and cozy model.

Compact pre-molded house.

Image 40: Two containers were used to build this house.

House made with container.

Image 41: See how beautiful this all-wood facade is. Precast homes can also be modern in design.

House with wooden facade.

Image 42: Another example of a super modern model.

Modern precast house.

Image 43: Precast house with two types of cladding.

 Precast house with two types of cladding.

Image 44: Same house, seen from another angle, to see more details of the project.

Modern precast house.

Picture 46: Simple precast house.

Simple precast house.

Image 47: This house is a super elegant model, with a minimalist design.

Modern precast house.

Image 48: Another inspiration for a precast house that combines wood and iron as raw materials.

Pre-molded wooden house.

Image 49: Look how huge this house is and it has a super beautiful and differentiated design.

Precast house.

Image 50: This house uses material that resembles the aesthetics of cement.

Cement house.

Image 51: House with super compact design, made in a black block.

Black precast house.

Image 52: This pre-molded house project made the ceilings super high, which makes the house more beautiful and spacious.

Tall precast house.

Image 53: Super small house, with only one room, but very cozy.

Small precast house.

Image 54: Precast cube-shaped house with two floors.

Image 55: Large, modern style precast house made of iron and glass and with a green roof on the roof.

Precast iron and glass house.

Image 56: Another beautiful inspiration.