Rock Garden: Types +70 Awesome Ideas to Inspire

A landscaping project can transform the look of your home’s external areas, allowing you to create a beautiful, pleasant and relaxing environment. However, when we talk about this type of project, people tend to think only about plant species, such as ferns, succulents and cacti, and forget that they can use the stones to compose a beautiful setting. Therefore, in this article we are going to present you with several ideas to create a beautiful and very inspiring rock garden.

Types of rock garden

There are several types of stones that can be used in your landscaping project. Therefore, in the next topics we will introduce you to the most used stones in this composition.

Garden with river stones

River stones are widely used in the composition of gardens, both for their low cost and for promoting a rustic and natural look to the environment.

Image 1: River stones leave a very natural and soft effect in your garden.

River rock garden with cactuses.

Garden with natural pebble

The natural pebble is characterized by presenting light tones and leaves the environment with an appearance closer to the natural one. In addition, its low price also draws the attention of decorators. Therefore, pebble is widely used in the decoration of spaces, including the winter garden.

Image 2: Natural pebble is widely used in planned gardens and can still be used together with other stones.

Mixed garden with natural pebbles.

Garden with common gravel

In addition to being a fundamental material in civil construction, common gravel can also be used in landscape projects. It is generally used to cover the entire floor or in combination with other types of stone, giving the look a more modern look.

Image 3: This garden with common gravel flooring has an attractive and modern look.

Modern garden with gravel stones.

Garden with red gravel

In addition to the common gravel, you can also use the red gravel which, despite its name, has a more brownish and orange color. Because of this different color, its use draws attention in rock gardens.

Image 4: The red gravel can be used to assemble compositions that highlight the external area of ​​the house.

Red gravel rock garden.

Garden with white gravel

The garden with white gravel stones draws attention for its elegance and sophistication. Furthermore, the use of this stone highlights the colors and plants of the place, creating a beautiful visual contrast.

Image 5: You can also use white gravel to cover the floor of your winter garden.

Expanded clay garden

Expanded clay is known to be used in the assembly of plant pots, facilitating water drainage. However, you can also use this material to decorate your garden with stones, especially if you prefer a more discreet look.

Image 6: Expanded clay is also used in composition and setting up beautiful gardens.

Modern garden with expanded clay.

Garden with white dolomite

White dolomite draws attention for its cleaner and more delicate shape compared to white gravel. But this stone is also used to highlight the plants for garden and pots in the space and, therefore, it is often used in large or smaller landscaping projects, such as in the small and simple winter garden.

Image 7: The strip composed of white dolomite reinforces the Zen look of this side garden.

Garden with white dolomite and fountain.

Garden with Portuguese stones

Portuguese stone is generally used in paving and stairs, but it can also be used in the composition of your garden with stones, giving a more rustic appearance to the space. In addition, it can be found in white, black, red and yellow versions, which expands the possibilities of use.

Image 8: In this example, Portuguese stones were used both in the construction of the stairs and in the composition of the side garden.

Garden with Portuguese stones and stairs.

Garden with marble slabs

Marble slabs are generally used to compose walkways and paths through the garden. Therefore, to use it in your project, it is important to choose more rustic boards, to prevent people from slipping and having an accident.

Image 9: You can even use these marble slabs to form paths in your elegant garden.

Garden with marble slabs.

Garden with stones São Tomé

In addition to the marble slabs, you can also use São Tomé stones to compose the paths in your garden with stones. The advantage of using this type of stone is associated with its ability to absorb water, its non-slip characteristic, its low capacity to absorb heat and its resistance to friction.

Image 10: São Tomé stones are also used as flooring and decoration of the outdoor area.

Garden with stones Saint Thomas.

+60 Garden decorations with stones to inspire you

Check out our selection of different types of garden that use stones in their composition.

Image 11: You can use the common gravel in the composition of a modern and elegant garden.

Minimalist garden with gravel.

Image 12: But you can also use white dolomite to add elegance and beauty to this space.

Garden with white stones and various species.

Image 13: The walkway with marble plates makes this garden even more beautiful and inviting.

Outdoor area with granite slabs path.

Image 14: These larger caliber stones contribute to a more modern and rustic look.

Outdoor area with modern decor and potted plants.

Image 15: However, you can use different types of stone in the composition of your garden.

Small garden with stones and sawdust.

Image 16: In addition, you can use common gravel to build a modern and uncluttered garden.

Modern and elegant garden with black stone.

Image 17: Expanded clay and natural pebble also make a beautiful combination in this space.

Mixed garden with river stones and expanded clay.

Image 18: In this case, the white dolomites highlight the bushes.

Small and delicate garden with white pebble.

Image 19: But you can also use this stone to draw attention to succulents.

Garden with white pebbles and succulents.

Image 20: Stones are also very useful for forming geometric figures in the ground.

Outdoor area decorated with various plants.

Image 21: In this garden, white stones were used to line the floor and leave the space with a more rustic look.

Outdoor area decorated with plants and table.

Image 22: The river stones make this area look lighter and more natural.

Side garden with river stones and wooden walkway.

Image 23: You can use white dolomite both on the floor and inside the vases.

Modern mixed garden with gravel and white pebbles.

Image 24: Stones complement your garden with shrubs, cactuses and succulents.

Garden with rocks and cactuses.

Image 25: In this garden, the space with natural pebbles draws attention.

Garden with river rocks, grass and palm trees.

Image 26: White dolomite and expanded clay are also widely used in the composition of winter gardens under the stairs.

Winter garden with white pebbles.

Image 27: You can still use the stones to form walkways in your garden.

Winter garden with cactuses and wooden deck.

Image 28: However, you can use white gravel, sand and river rock to form a garden with a desert look.

Garden with stones, cactuses and succulents.

Image 29: In addition, it is possible to use the natural pebbles to decorate the area with potted plants.

Garden with stones and pots with cactuses and succulents.

Image 30: In this restaurant, the winter garden was decorated with a giant rock and a floor covered with gravel.

Sophisticated restaurant with modern garden.

Image 31: In this winter garden under the stairs, white dolomites were used to make the place more sophisticated.

Winter garden under the stairs.

Image 32: But you can also use white gravel to cover the floor of your modern garden.

Winter garden with walkway, fountain and various species of plants.

Image 33: Common gravel is also widely used on the floor of gardens.

Winter garden with gravel stones.

Image 34: But you can also use Portuguese stone to make the look more rustic and elegant.

Garden with Portuguese stones and zen decoration.

Image 35: In addition, you can choose to combine natural pebbles and river stones.

Garden with stones and clay pots.

Image 36: Expanded clay can also promote a beautiful effect in a space with tropical plants.

Tropical garden.

Image 37: But you can also use the natural pebbles to decorate the garden and the São Tomé stone staircase.

Garden with stones and stairs.

Image 38: This winter garden has gained a modern touch with these geometric shapes made up of stones.

Tropical winter garden.

Image 39: This space has become more modern due to the presence of gravel stones of greater caliber.

Side area decorated with palm trees and gravel.

Image 40: Another winter garden under the stairs decorated with different types of stones, leaving a delicate look.

Minimalist winter garden.

Image 41: In this space, the white gravel was used to cover the floor.

Outdoor area with stone floor.

Image 42: But you can also use the common gravel to make the look more modern.

Outdoor area decorated with gravel floor.

Image 43: Natural pebble can also be used in the composition of your winter garden.

Winter garden decorated with bamboos.

Image 44: But you can also use common gravel and river stone to decorate a modern and innovative garden.

Outdoor area with fountain and wooden wall.

Image 45: Also, you can invest in the combination of expanded clay, dolomite and white gravel to build this area.

Outside area with white pebbles.

Image 46: River stones can also be used in more elegant and charming spaces.

Outdoor area with bushes and succulents.

Image 47: However, you can still invest in the common gravel to compose a minimalist look.

Minimalist winter garden.

Image 48: Alternate spaces decorated with stones and spaces with lawn.

Outdoor garden with mixed stones.

Image 49: It is also possible to use stones to compose the space of your garden suspended with ferns.

Modern hanging garden with ferns.

Image 50: But you can also use the river stone in this composition.

Small garden with tree and grill.

Image 51: For a modern garden, its worth investing in stones, sculptures and colors, like this yellow painted wall.

Outdoor area decorated with plants and gravel floor.

Image 52: In this case, in addition to the sculptures and stones, the fountain and the water mirror stand out, creating a peaceful and Zen place.

Modern garden with fountain and water feature.

Image 53: However, you can also organize your garden by quadrants, centering the plants in some places and filling the rest with river stones.

Modern garden with river stone.

Image 54: White dolomite and river stone stand out in this small winter garden.

Winter garden with mixed stones and potted plants.

Image 55: But you can also use the river stones just around the area.

Small garden with flowers and river stones.

Image 56: Rocks of different sizes are essential for setting up your Japanese garden.

Outdoor area with oriental decoration.

Image 57: And you can even use higher caliber white rocks to contrast the delicate look of the flowering shrubs.

Garden with Portuguese stones and lavender.

Image 58: In this example, in addition to the white dolomite used in the contour and the gravel that lines the floor, the river stones were used to build the fountain and a small lake.

Small outdoor area with delicate decoration.

Image 59: The giant, cut rocks work like real sculptures and draw attention in this minimalist garden.

Outdoor area with modern decor and giant rocks.

Image 60: But you can also use the white gravel on the floor of this garden with living area.

Garden with white gravel on the floor.

Picture 61: In addition, your small winter garden will look better with a floor lined with natural pebbles.

Winter garden with wooden floor.

Image 62: And you can even build a side garden that stand out for the presence of water fountains and wooden panel.

Side garden with fountains and bamboos.

Image 63: The river stones contribute to this space conveying a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Winter garden with wooden bench.

Image 64: However, you can still use different stones to make the floor look bicolor.

Outdoor area mixed colors and succulent.

Image 65: But you can also use white dolomite to highlight only the plants in the space.

Winter garden with expanded clay and bromeliad.

Image 66: Portuguese stones can also be used to compose an area full of succulents.

Small area with Portuguese stones and succulents.

Image 67: But you can also use larger rocks to form the walkway in your eastern garden.

outdoor area with plants, rustic walkway and oriental sculpture.

Image 68: You can also choose to use only expanded clay, which makes the look more discreet.

Outdoor area with bromeliads and pebble.

Image 69: Besides, you can still use river stones to compose a modern and organized garden.

Outdoor area with river rocks and concrete sculptures.

Image 70: The white dolomites draw attention and highlight the central part of this space.

Outdoor area with walkway and white pebbles.

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