Roof Types: 80+ Awesome Models to Play

Today we have a vast catalog of roof types, making it increasingly difficult to choose the model that best fits the style of the home.

But did you know that there are different types and styles? Best of all, you still have the option of mixing a few models in a single home.

However, this mixture needs to be well thought out and analyzed so as not to end up with a strange final result.

Image 01: Being so up, green roofs are dominating current projects because of sustainability.

types of green roofs

So, to guide you in this choice and make your house even more beautiful, we have separated here the existing roof models and the types of tiles that can be used.

That way, get to know 80+ amazing ideas and models for you to reproduce in your project. Check it out below.

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Roof models

Knowing the functionality, in addition to thinking only about the aesthetics of a roof, is fundamental for the good result of a project.

Image 02: Water roof with colored tile on a house in the countryside.

types of model roofs

Therefore, choosing the wrong roof types can lead to building headaches such as leaks, moisture and poor resistance.

So, check out the types of roofs below and understand which one is best for your project.

Types of roofs with water

This is the most popular model since the first Brazilian architectures. However, even though it is traditional, it has its particular beauty and can be mixed with other types of roofs.

Image 03: Roof of just one water in a modern rustic architecture.

roof a water

Image 04: House with gable roof with gray ceramic.

gable roof

Image 05: Roofs with several composite waters. However, at the entrance, one with 3 waters was used to highlight the beauty of the facade.

three water roof

Image 06: Country houses are a complete charm with hipped roofs.

4 water roof

Arched roof

After the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer consecrated style in his projects, this type of architecture started to become popular around the world.

However, it has a high cost and most of the time it is used only as a detail in the house, and not in it completely.

But for those who are willing to invest since everything is valid. However, it is necessary to be taking care of the workforce for this type of service. So take a look at these finished ideas.

Image 07: Modern houses that do not need such high ceilings can be fitted with arched roofs for an even more distinctive design.

arched keyboard type

Image 08: Houses can also receive this type of roof and still have a side detail in bruise. So look how this composition looks like.

types of roofs with brizze

Gambrel roof

Inspired by the American roofs after the arrival of the Dutch in the place, it is one of the coolest bets for those who like to mix up slope angles.

Image 09: American standard houses ask for this type of roof to match their architecture.

gray gamball roof

Image 10: Old barns with gambrel roof can become great residences after some decoration interventions. Take a look at this model that turned into a beautiful rustic loft.

gamba roof cottage

Mansard roof

Originating in France, this type of roof gives you the option of letting its highest part of the slope be seen from the ground or not. However, it is not very common here in Brazil.

Image 11: If you have an attic at home, the mansard roof is a great option to give it some natural light.

types of mansard roof

Image 12: Likewise for those who are more hidden.

types of ceramic roofs

Types of flat roofs

This is the type that requires the most maintenance. In modern homes it is the first option and can even be used as a terrace.

Image 13: One- story houses are enchanted by the modernity of flat roofs. If you like it, then this is the time to bet on this type of architecture.

modern straight roof

Image 14: However, even the two-story houses can receive and behave very well. So just look at this idea with a flat roof that has an extension on its front to cover the front sidewalk of the building.

straight roof lit

Roof salt

With an asymmetrical design, it is able to show the difference in levels of the house with great elegance.

Image 15: A simple composition of a two-story house with a salt roof, but that didn’t leave beauty aside despite its simplicity. And you can even combine other elements of the facade with the same information. For example, the land boundary wall.

salt roof architecture

Image 16: Combined with an ACM facade, the salt roof brings all the charm of the facade.

simple modern house

Scallion roof

Another option of modern architecture is also called a water roof, very common in multilevel houses.

Image 17: This type of roof is one of the most sought after by those who just want to go from the flat roof to something a little more differentiated. However, the façade decoration is completely harmonious and very delicate with all the necessary charm.

home with modern skillion roof

Image 18: Here we have another model in a two-story house with a single drop and a little less inclined than the previous one.

types of roofs

Bonnet roof type

With this pyramid style, the bonnet roof slides out of the angle.

Image 19: With this pyramidal style, this bonnet roof has all the delicacy and functionality that the style of the house calls for. Therefore, it was one of the best models to be chosen to cover the balcony area and protect the external windows and doors from rain and sun.

types of bonnet roofs

Image 20: As well as the beautiful wooden houses, the roof can be referred to chalets and be very functional for the wide balconies. So take a look at this option.

types of bonnet roofs in the countryside

Material for roof types

Image 21: Tile models for existing roof types.

types of roof materials

Ceramic roof tile

Image 22: Residential townhouse with various roof styles in light ceramic.

cream ceramic tile

Image 23: Residence with conventional red ceramic roof with multi-slope roof.

common ceramic tile

Fiber cement tile

Image 24: Inlaid fiber cement roof used in high-end homes so that there is no sunlight or rain directly on the slab.

types of roofs with fiber cement tile

Image 25: Residence with apparent fiber cement tile as a way to reduce roof costs.

apparent fiber cement tile

Wooden tile

Image 26: Here, a close-up view of wooden tiles as an alternative to ceramic tile.

wooden tile

Image 27: The roofs with slatted wood is a beautiful alternative for those who want something well differentiated and aimed at the modern rustic. As used on the roof, slatted wood can also be used on the façade. So look at this result.

slatted tile

Polycarbonate tile

Image 28: Very close to glass, but as a cheaper alternative, polycarbonate can also form beautiful roofs.

polycarbonate cover

Image 29: There are also options for corrugated polycarbonate tiles to facilitate natural lighting. In addition, they are also functional to stop the sun’s heat.

corrugated polycarbonate tile

Green Roof Types

Image 30: You can also bet on mixing various types of roof and make a beautiful garden in them, you can even have access to the roof as a kind of refuge.

types of green roofs

Image 31: Even without access option, the green roof can be a great option for that part of the house that is in the lower part of the land. That’s because you can see the roof from the top of the land. So, nothing better than betting on the decoration of this item.

simple green roof

Glass roof

With the main objective of bringing natural light into the home, the glass roof types are also perfect to bring that air of modernity and sophistication.

Image 32: In addition to the option of glass walls, the roof can also follow the same structure to further enhance the space and bring natural lighting.

types of glass roofs

Image 33: The entire roof of a loft or kittens can also be staked on beautiful glass roofs. So look at this option.

glass cover

Straw roof

A very rustic and natural style. Perfect for bringing that feeling of warmth and lightness to the project.

Image 34: For those who want a much more beach style in the house, it’s worth betting on the thatched roof to further enhance the feeling of naturalism.

stripped design with straw

Image 35: Here we also have a very valid option with a thatched roof.

thatched roof

80+ Roof Type Ideas

Image 36: The modernity of a straight facade, even on the roof.

modern straight roof

Image 37: Bet on the production of electricity on straight green roofs.

green roof with photovoltaic system

Image 38: Compose straight styles with scallion to give it that difference.

types of skillion roofs

Image 39: Even houses that are not new can be given a wide range of roof types.

types of roofs with various waters

Image 40: Combining the roof and side details is also valid for salt models. So take a look at this very different model.

Image 41: Houses that have a more natural feel with a bit of rustic and modernism look really cool with the scallion style.

Image 42: Water roof for two-story houses to differentiate the levels of the residence.

Image 43: Houses in the interior may also have thatched roof.

Image 44: The beautiful gable roof composition with the glass roof.

Image 45: Here we have an irregularly shaped wooden roof to match the stones.

rustic house with wooden roof

Image 46: The brick facade is very cozy with the ceramic roof of the same blending tone as the bricks.

roofing and mixed ceramics

Image 47: The scallion roof can be a pretty cool alternative for houses that follow the ground level.

skillion roof types

Image 48: Contemplate a beautiful facade with a straight roof full of modernity.

straight roof top

Image 49: Fiber cement tile can also be used on facades in rural places such as small farms, farms and farms. So check out this example.

You can also get out of conventional roof types

multi-water roof

Image 50: You can also opt for fiber cement tiles with an oxidized effect. Therefore, it is not always possible to find this ready-made, but with the hiring of a painter, this effect is possible and it is amazing.

painted fiber cement tile

Image 51: And once again we have a beautiful model with roof variations and some of them with green options.

straight and arched roof

Image 52: And here we have another very subtle application of a beautiful bonnet roof.

gray bonnet style

Image 53: Bet on models of mixed ceramic tiles and have a spectacular roof. However, you can also mix up commercially available color options for an even greater effect like the image below.

types of roofs

Image 54: A straight roof model on a modern facade in a condominium.

types of straight roofs

Image 55: And as we said, the mix of roof types is possible. Here, for example, we have the straight models, a water and scallion.

roof types mixed styles

Image 56: Residential house with options of several waters to demarcate the levels of the house.

types of roof 4 waters

Image 57: Here, we have a beautiful one-story house with a fiber cement roof option. But it can also be performed with ice ceramic tile.

types of roof 4 waters

Image 58: Small residences look charming when we make scallion models for both sides like a gable roof. So take a look at this result.

types of roofs

Image 59: Built- in roofs in houses with straight roofs can be a great alternative to prevent infiltration.

types of straight roofs

Image 60: Even smaller homes can be given a more modern look and have straight roofs.

simple roof types

Image 61: In the same way as in residences, stud farms can also receive a differentiated post with scallion roofs.

roof types

Image 62: The green roof can help to compose the local landscape.

straight green roof

Image 63: For modern homes, skilling style fits super well. So be sure to bet.

More modern and rustic models of roof types

skillon roof types

Image 64: Wooden houses can also be covered with wooden roofs.

country house with wooden roof

Image 65: And here is another beautiful example.

wooden roof

Image 66: Glass roofs can be even more differentiated when playing with the shape of their structures.

outdoor area glass ceiling

Image 67: For restaurants it is also worth betting on glass roofs.

glass-roofed restaurant

Image 68: The mixture of glass and straight roofs takes over the new works.

straw, metal and glass

Image 69: Another stripped-down model for the coast.

thatched roof on the beach

Image 70: Also, did you know that you can bet on glass roof types for your balconies?

balcony roof

Image 71: That beautiful breakout space definitely needs a roof and glass walls.

ceiling glass

Image 72: Likewise, rooms can also be worked in this way.

glass roof

Image 73: Arched models are also an exit.

arched style

Image 74: Or even in the style of concrete pergolas.

pergola as a roof

Image 75: Not only for the facade, but for the entire space.

types of roofs

Image 76: Another roof option with built-in fiber cement tile.

roof with inlaid tile

Image 77: The roof can also be turned green through the use of colored fiber cement tiles.

green fiber cement roof

Image 78: Houses in the middle of nature can easily be covered by ceramic roofs, as long as their architecture conforms.

Image 79: Here we have an option for a gable roof embedded in fiber cement.

types of built-in roofs

Image 80: And finally, kiosks also need a roof. For these cases, there is nothing better than having a thatched roof when it is in the middle of the coast.

types of kiosk roofs