Room Decor: 38 Professional Ideas and Tricks

Make the room decor is very tasty when you already have some ideas in mind. The living, television or dining room is the main social environment in the house. Therefore, it is what will express your personality and lifestyle to those who come to visit.

To have a room decor that is the way you want it, the best thing to do is to look for ideas. Thus, you will find that it is possible to mix decor styles, colors, prints and even breathe new life into older furniture or decorative objects.

In addition to thinking about how your living room will look, it is also very important to think about how the furniture and ambient lighting will be arranged. The good news is that it has a solution for all tastes and budgets.

So, stay with us and see the tips and tricks used by interior designers to set up perfect rooms.

Room decoration without spending too much

To get started without losing the excitement, see some beautiful ideas for room decor styles with simplicity, without spending too much and guaranteeing good taste. It’s not because you’re on a low budget that you can’t get a new room. In your simple room, you can use materials such as:

  • Wallpaper;
  • wall stickers;
  • Pallets;
  • fair boxes;
  • Colored pillows;
  • Frame mix;
  • lamps and lamps;
  • Painted boards and bricks;
  • Ropes;
  • Industrial wiring spool.

Image 1 – How about using cement bricks and boards, putting on a good paint job, a varnish and turning it into a bookcase for your living room? It’s a great idea for those who have a lot of decorative objects to display.

recycled shelf environment

Image 2 – The use of pallets in room decoration is on the rise. You can recycle pallets that factories and stores no longer use. Install wheels, apply sandpaper, varnish and you’ll have a new and very beautiful pallet sofa, without paying the store’s price.

pallet sofa

Image 3 – Another idea to reuse boards. This time, all you’ll need is a drill to run the ropes through the boards and make a beautiful hanging bookcase. Combines with a rustic, minimalist, industrial and Scandinavian room.

suspended shelf of boards and ropes

Image 4 – These walls are not made of real bricks. Using wallpaper is a perfect alternative to decorating a room without spending too much. Your environment will be full of personality at a low cost.

brick wallpaper

Image 5 – A composition of paintings on the wall is the kind of room decoration that always works. Choose a style of drawings that you like, print in good quality and put in frames of different sizes and shapes.

mix of pictures on the wall

Image 6 – If you don’t have a sofa and you can’t find the pallets, no problem. You can place the upholstery directly on the floor, on top of the rug, and create a very clean living room decor.

sofa upholstery without base

Image 7 – The fair boxes are also one of the main trends in living room, kitchen, and bedroom and bathroom decoration. They are very versatile and can be used on the floor or transformed into wall niches.

crate niches

Image 8 – In building supply stores it’s easy to find these spinning spools and ropes. Apply a good paint or varnish and you’ll have a beautiful coffee table to decorate your room in style.

spool coffee table

Image 9 – In this room there are several solutions for a simple and cheap decoration, such as the coffee tables, the lamp, the tree sticker on the wall and the pillow mix. You find everything at low cost.

decorative wall sticker

Common room decor

What would an ordinary living room look like? It can be considered that a common living room decoration is one that doesn’t have a proper concept. The environment has a medium size, without any type of differentiated footage.

Besides, it’s that decoration that you can use as a wild card, more neutral, with traditional elements, such as a sofa, rug, paintings, coffee table, rack or television panel.

For common room decor, interior designers’ tips are based on balance:

  • Prioritize a base of neutral colors;
  • Add sofas or armchairs according to the size of the room;
  • Choose a neutral center rug;
  • Complement the walls with pictures;
  • Use lampshades and lamps;
  • Take advantage of the television wall with shelves or niches;
  • Use a rack or panel for the television;
  • Invest in a coffee table;
  • End tables are interesting, if they fit.

Image 10 – Although neutral tones are recommended, nothing prevents you from setting up the common room decor in pastel tones. Remember to leave some dots blank to balance the color.

Pastel colored common living room

Image 11 – If you prefer a less colorful decoration, you can bet on the softness of gray, white and blue, which can be lighter or darker. A touch of plants is also welcome. As this is a smaller room, the tip is to use only a corner table.

Common Living Room Decor

Image 12 – If your living room is large, bet on an L-shaped sofa and armchairs, as well as a larger coffee table. This combination of grey, beige and burgundy is very elegant.

Living room

Image 13 – Another idea for a spacious room is to invest in a rug that takes up all the space and the furniture is on top of it. Makes it very cozy. This is an even more neutral combination, just grey, beige, black and brown.

model-decoration-of-common-room-13-dark tones

Image 14 – If you prefer a very bright and welcoming room, white and indirect lighting are good. Harmonize with soft colors and elements such as throws, pillows, furry rug and wood.

common room in light tones

Room decor with limited sizes

Many people think that having a room that is limited in size is synonymous with difficulty in decorating. But it could be just the opposite. The small room is more welcoming and has the advantage of not needing a lot of furniture and decorative objects.

Of course, there are those who like a maxi decoration, filled with frames, lights, colors and prints. It also works, as long as the environment offers well-being to whoever will use it. That’s the main point, and that’s why decorating is a matter of personal taste.

But, for those who are not used to doing living room decoration, here are some tips from interior designers so that small rooms are beautiful, cozy and functional, which is also essential.

  • Choose a light colored base for most of the room;
  • Take advantage of the walls to leave the floor free;
  • Leave windows and doors free for light to enter;
  • Use mirrors, as they bring the feeling of spaciousness to the environment;
  • Bet on furniture with sliding doors that take up less space;
  • Avoid coffee tables;
  • Networks give the feeling of having more free space.

Image 15 – A gray palette is great for decorating small rooms. Bet on light and dark tones, harmonizing with black and white. Also take care of the soft lighting to make it cozy.

small room decor in gray

Image 16 – Have you thought about putting a hammock hanging in the living room? If you have walls that allow this, it will look very nice, as well as giving the feeling of spaciousness because the hammock does not take up space on the floor.

small room decor with hammock

Image 17 – Light white and beige are great for brightening and enlarging small rooms. Furthermore, they are colors that are very easy to harmonize with colored dots, such as this beautiful shade of blue.

small room decor in light colors

Image 18 – See this great example of how to use the wall in a small room decor. Even with a lot of visual information on the TV wall, the room was balanced and there was room to circulate.

small room decor with niches

Image 19 – This is a good example of how mirrors help to enlarge the environment. If you cannot install the mirrors on the walls or rack, you can use smaller models, either floor or wall, more decorative.

small room decor with mirrors

Modern room decoration

When it comes to modern living room decor, there are several ways to decorate, as the modern can be either a unique style or a mix. In general, the modern decor features technological and intelligent solutions, geometric lines and very up-to-date elements.

However, you can translate this modernity in the form of a personalized decoration. In other words, mixing elements from other styles, such as rustic, industrial, minimalist, classic, Scandinavian and the like. Modernity allows this mixture to express personality.

So, you just need to decide if you want something very intense, with lots of furniture, decorative pieces and colors, or if you are going to decorate your room with softness, elegance and minimalism. There are ideas for all tastes, as you will see in the images below.

Image 20 – In this room, some elements express modernity. One of them is the glass panel for the television, which was very charming with the textured wall in the background. There is also the use of mirrors on the opposite wall, in addition to the modern rack design.

modern living room decor with glass panel

Image 21 – For lovers of geometry, softness and elegance, this modern living room decoration is absolutely stunning. The atmosphere is very peaceful and welcoming in these shades of gray and blue.

clean modern room decor

Image 22 – This is a different proposal, warmer, with black and earthy tones. Modernity is especially found in the suspended armchair and, of course, in the technological solutions, such as television, LED strip lighting and the electric fireplace.

modern room decor in earthy tones

Image 23 – Now an idea full of charm for those who like volumes, contrasts and quantities. To have an entire wall full of decorative items, note that the colors used are very soft and punctual.

modern living room decor with bookcase

Image 24 – This is a very elegant and soft modern living room decor with white, tea rose, gray and touches of gold. The elements that make it look modern are the hollow panel and the design of the tables.

modern living room decor with hollow panel

Image 25 – This environment represents very well the style of decoration that is very trendy, mixing wood with beige, gray and green details, preferably using natural plants. Note also the design with rounded corners of the furniture, which welcomes.

modern living room decor with wood

Image 26 – This room brings comfort, elegance and tranquility by the choice of soft colors and also by the suspended furniture, which leaves the floor free and with the feeling of having more space.

modern living room decor with hanging rack

Image 27 – If your taste is for very conceptual and striking pieces, a room like this is perfect. It is an example of a mix of modern and classic elements in an exquisite design.

modern and classic room decor

Image 28 – Another example of a mixture of styles is this room that brings a modern reinterpretation of the retro style in its colors and furniture formats. However, they are all new pieces and a very clean and minimalist design.

modern room decor in dark blue and gray

Image 29 – Prefer neutrality, but transmitting warmth? Teal with gray and soft touch textures are an ideal choice.

modern room decor in blue and pink

Living and dining room decor

Now, to finalize your room decor selection, see how you can beautifully and functionally decorate an integrated living and dining room. After all, integrated environments are the priority of modern architectural projects.

The advantages of having an integrated living and dining room are many, starting with the spaciousness of the space. Without the walls separating each room, the rooms are bigger, more airy and people get along better.

On the other hand, it is necessary to be a little more careful when decorating so that the environments talk to each other and to maintain the balance between the decorative elements. See some beautiful examples:

Image 30 – When you use natural wood as a base, it is very easy to harmonize. See that this environment gained a retro touch in the details of the two rooms and became a charm.

wood-integrated living room decor

Image 31 – Beige is the dominant color in this combined living room decoration. But what makes it so welcoming is the natural lighting, the plants and the touches of blue.

integrated living room decor in beige

Image 32 – For those who love a palette of tea roses with gold, this combined living room decoration is the most beautiful of all, very feminine.

pink integrated room decor

Image 33 – If you want a very cheerful and colorful room, the warm colors can be distributed that way, keeping a more neutral base to balance.

colorful integrated room decor

Image 34 – This is a slightly less colored version, as the gray and black base makes the look a little more serious, but very relaxed.

integrated environment in gray with yellow

Image 35 – Do you like the Scandinavian and Mediterranean style? That’s how you can combine living room and dining room within these styles.

Scandinavian-style integrated environment

Image 36 – Very subdued, this retro-style living room and dining room decor is full of warmth.

retro-style integrated environment

Image 37 – Having a very small room is no reason not to decorate. The tip is to get the size of the furniture right. In shades of pink, beige, black, white and wood, the result is incredible.

small integrated environment

Image 38 – For industrial integrated room decoration, both environments can receive the same wall covering and have elements in common, such as black metal structures and natural wood.

industrial-style integrated environment

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