Room Partition: Types and +90 Inspiring Models

You may have already noticed how the integrated rooms have been increasingly used in architectural projects. This design option allows these environments to present a broader look and specific decoration. But this construction proposal is not always pleasing to people, who prefer to delimit the space and guarantee a certain amount of privacy. If that’s the case for you, be aware that you can solve this problem using a simple feature – the environment partition.

Room partitions have been successful in decorating residential and business constructions, mainly because it is much easier to use these partitions than to build a masonry wall. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal that this element can provide to the decoration of the environment. Therefore, in this article you will learn about the main types of room dividers, as well as various images and models that will inspire you to use this item in your project.


The main advantage of using the room divider in your decoration is the variety of options available on the market. You can choose from models made of wood, MDF, glass, drywall, cobogó, among others. Also, if you can’t find the partition that looks the way you want, you can simply order an option that matches your building’s interior design proposal.

Therefore, it is practically impossible to say that there is no ideal environment partition for you. However, before choosing yours, remember to define the style of decoration of the room and choose a variety that goes with this style, to create a harmonious, beautiful and pleasant environment. To learn about the main types of partition, check out the next topics.

Drywall Room Partition

Drywall is a material composed of plaster and fixed with galvanized steel. Therefore, this type of partition is used in places with more space, as it forms a wider structure and allows the creation of a kind of wall with open niches, used to house decorative objects.

In addition, compared to traditional masonry walls, the drywall room partition has the advantage of being quicker and easier to install, having a lower cost and also having the possibility of being removed without causing damage to the construction. For these reasons, this variety is widely used to divide integrated office rooms or to delimit the living room of residences.

Image 1: Use LED spots to light the hollow niches of your drywall wall.

Small planned room with drywall partition.

Image 2: You can use special decorative vases to decorate this divider.

Plaster room partition with decorative vases.

Image 3: In addition, you can paint this wall so that it complements the room’s decor.

Elegant room with purple drywall ambient divider.

Image 4: Potted plants can also be used in this decoration.

Purple drywall ambient partition.

Image 5: You can use this type of divider to separate the living room and the dining room.

Room with classic decor.

Wooden Room Partition

The wooden partition is one of the most used in architecture and design projects. After all, wood is a very versatile material, which can be worked, assuming different shapes and designs. In addition, wood is an element very much associated with comfort, coziness and rusticity. Therefore, this type of partition can be used in various styles of decoration, not just rustic, but also in modern or classic environments.

Image 6: This hollow wooden partition made the entrance to this house more cozy and rustic.

Kitchen with decorated wooden room divider.

Image 7: But you can also use this leaky version to delimit the living room and dining room space.

Room decorated with a hollow wooden room divider.

Image 8: On the other hand, this slatted wood model can make this office more modern and with a rustic touch.

Office with slatted wood partition.

Image 9: You can still paint this divider white and use it to create a foyer in the bedroom.

Girl's children's room with white slatted wooden room divider.

Image 10: In this example, the wooden partition has a modern design and a darker coloration, matching the cozy look of the room.

Small room with wooden room divider.

MDF Environment Partition

MDF is a medium-density fiberboard produced from molded sheets. This material is less resistant than wood, however, due to the lower price, many people prefer to use the MDF room partition in their decoration. Despite being more fragile, it is also a versatile material that can be used in different ways in the environment, composing different styles of decoration.

Image 11: You can use the MDF divider to find the rooms in your small loft.

Minimalist loft with MDF room divider.

Image 12: The MDF divider can also be used to separate the kitchen from the service area.

White kitchen with MDF room divider.

Image 13: In addition, MDF can be used in the manufacture of a cabinet with several niches.

Kitchen with MDF room partition.

Image 14: But you can also use a decorated MDF board in your bedroom decor.

Double room with MDF room divider.

Image 15: In this case, the MDF board has cutouts that resemble flowers and delimit the space between two different rooms.

Rooms separated by a cutout MDF room divider.

Glass Room Partition

Glass is a beautiful, elegant and versatile material widely used in room decoration, including as a partition. It has the advantage of conveying elegance and ensuring privacy and letting in light. If you don’t want a transparent glass, which allows a clear view of the environment, you can opt for the smoked or blasted view.

Furthermore, the room partition can be installed either in the form of fixed glass plates or in the form of glass doors, which also cause a beautiful environment effect, or can be used as a partition in different ways.

Image 16: In this modern office, the rooms have been separated with dark glass partitions.

Office with glass room partition.

Image 17: But you can also use a glass door in your decoration.

Modern room with glass screen room divider.

Image 18: Frosted glass can be a good idea for those who want more privacy.

Small kitchen with glass room divider.

Image 19: Another option for a glass structure that acts as a room divider.

Minimalist room with glass room divider.

Image 20: You can still use a sliding door in your kitchen.

Minimalist L-shaped kitchen with glass room partition.

Cobogó Room Partition

The cobogós are from Pernambuco and were created between 1920 and 1930. The differential of this construction element is that it has a hollow shape, which allows light to enter and also complements the decoration of the environment, as it can be found in different formats and colors. For this reason, the cobogó room partition has a charming look, with a simple or elegant appearance, and can even be used inside and outside the house.

Image 21: The white cobogós wall made this small room more charming.

Small room with white cobogó room partition.

Image 22: But you can also use colored cobogós in your decoration.

Room decorated with blue cobogó room divider.

Image 23: This cobogó wall was still used as support for the office desk.

Double room decorated with white cobogó room divider.

Image 24: In this example, the yellow cobogós divider contrasts with the cold decoration of the rest of the kitchen, causing a beautiful effect on the decoration.

American kitchen with blue cabinets and yellow cobogó room divider.

Image 25: And if you want a room with a modern look, you can use cobogós painted with the color used in the rest of the decoration.

Modern room with coral cobogó room partition.


The screen is a common type of partition in Japanese homes, despite its Chinese origin. Originally, it was used to protect environments from drafts. However, over time its function has been modified and today it is a beautiful and elegant tool for decorating and separating rooms. This type of divider can be found in a variety of sizes, materials, shapes and designs, which means that you will come across many beautiful options of screens to decorate your home.

Image 26: The screen can be the ideal choice for organizing and dividing your room.

Women's room decorated with screen.

Image 27: And you can use the wooden screen to delimit the space in your small apartment.

Small apartment with a screen room partition.

Image 28: But it is also possible to opt for a wooden screen with a screen to enhance the modern decoration of the environment.

Modern double room with a screen room divider.

Image 29: You can still use the screen to decorate and divide the areas of your luxurious bathroom.

Luxurious bathroom with screened-in room divider.

Image 30: Use a modern and colorful screen in your decoration.

Modern women's room with colorful screen ambient divider.


Have you thought about using a curtain as a room divider? Well, know that this is a simple and easy element to install, but it can make the decoration composition more modern and uncluttered. Depending on the curtain you choose, the room can also be made more elegant and sophisticated. In addition, this type of partition is generally used to delimit rooms, but you can also use it in other environments.

Image 31: In this project, black curtains were used to delimit the space of the modern room.

Modern room with black curtain room divider.

Image 32: But you can also use a curtain with more delicate material, like chiffon.

Separate dining room with white curtain room divider.

Image 33: Also, the curtain can be a great tool to separate spaces in the room.

Minimalist double bedroom with white curtain room divider.

Image 34: When used around the bed, the curtain conveys the feeling of a cozier environment.

Women's room with room divider with white and black curtains.

Image 35: And you can even use it to determine your closet space.

Closet with blue curtain ambient divider.

Cheap room divider

Anyone looking for cheap options to use as room partitions will be happy to know that, with creativity, it is possible to use various materials and objects to manufacture their partition. Dividers assembled with wooden crates, pallets, plastic boxes and pieces of pipe are quite common when it comes to cheap room dividers, because they are inexpensive materials often used in DIY or DIY style projects.

Image 36: The wooden crates were sanded, painted and stacked to produce a beautiful and functional room partition.

Room decorated with wooden crates cheap room divider.

Image 37: On the other hand, in this project the partition was assembled from several pieces of PVC pipe of different diameters.

Modern men's room with PVC room divider.

Image 38: In this simple bathroom, the pieces of PVC pipe were used to assemble panels used both as a partition and as a decorative element.

Simple small bathroom with PVC room divider.

Image 39: Even plastic crates can be used to form a room divider.

Loft decorated with plastic crate wall.

Image 40: You can still create a wall partition using a large pallet or multiple pallets together.

Room decorated with pallet wall.

Other materials

Despite all these types that we’ve presented you so far, you can use your creativity and look for alternative materials to build your room divider. After all, there is no rule and, therefore, materials such as iron, steel, rope, crochet, among others, can also be used to innovate your decor, especially if you prefer a modern or personalized environment.

Image 41: A steel chain divider was used in the decoration of this luxurious room.

Luxurious room with copper room partition.

Image 42: Already in this apartment, the owner formed a partition using exposed piping.

Modern room with pipe environment divider.

Image 43: In this studio, the crochet wall complements the delicate look of the environment.

Room with crochet environment divider.

Image 44: In this example, the old iron door was reused to divide the rooms.

Room decorated with room divider with iron door.

Image 45: In addition, you can use a steel bookcase to divide your integrated room.

Large and spacious room with steel room divider.

+45 amazing models to inspire you

If you still haven’t found the ideal room partition model for your home, then you need to check out our selection with 45 photos of rooms with different types of partitions. Check it out below!

Image 46: This modern wooden divider was used to decorate the gourmet porch.

Gourmet balcony with hollow wood room divider.

Image 47: In this example, a black granite wall was used to separate the closet from the bedroom.

Modern room with room divider

Image 48: And you can even use a closet as a partition.

Double room decorated with closet environment partition.

Image 49: In addition, you can use a modern room divider formed by plastic parts.

Modern wall with plastic frame.

Image 50: Anyone who likes a modern environment can also invest in a rope divider.

Blue Rope Environment Partition.

Image 51: The cobogó wall is very useful to delimit the space of the service area.

Kitchen with an island with a cobogó room partition.

Image 52: But you can also opt for the wooden partition, making the environment more elegant.

Small open kitchen with wooden room divider.

Image 53: The curtain is a practical and inexpensive element to divide collective spaces.

Room with curtain room divider.

Image 54: You can also use a cobogó wall on your gourmet balcony.

Gourmet balcony with yellow cobogó room divider.

Image 55: A wooden wall can also be a good option for dividing office space.

Office with wooden room partition with niches.

Image 56: However, if you have an apartment, you can invest in a cobogó wall to separate the open kitchen from the rest of the environment.

Kitchen in L with white cobogó.

Image 57: Shelves can also be used as room dividers.

Room decorated with a shelf that works as a room divider.

Image 58: In this modern apartment, the owner preferred to use a sliding glass door as a partition.

Men's bedroom separated by a glass door.

Image 59: In addition, you can innovate in your kitchen’s decor and install a wooden panel, which will serve as a partition.

American kitchen decorated with wood panel.

Image 60: The bookcase with swivel television is a great choice of multifunctional and practical furniture for integrated environments.

Small apartment decorated with room divider with rotating TV.

Image 61: But you can also invest in the simple white cobogó wall to decorate your room.

Small room with hollow plaster wall.

Image 62: In addition, it is possible to use two types of tabs in the same environment. In this example, a glass partition and a plaster one were used.

Small room decorated with glass room divider.

Image 63: Already in this small loft, the owner chose a delicate curtain to separate the space from the bedroom.

Minimalist loft with curtain that works as a room divider

Image 64: You can still use a modern cobogós wall in your decoration.

Rooms separated by white cobogó wall.

Image 65: In this example, the cobogó wall is even used as a support for the glass table.

Small apartment with white cobogó room partition.

Image 66: However, it is also possible to use a room divider composed of MDF niches.

Room decorated with plaster bookcase.

Image 67: But if you want to get away from the traditional, you can invest in a metallic partition with shelves.

Modern room separated by metal bookcase.

Image 68: The glass partition contributes to the clean decoration of this space.

Small apartment with glass room partition.

Image 69: It’s worth building a cobogó wall to divide the areas of your master bedroom.

Double bedroom decorated with white cobogó wall.

Image 70: In addition to supporting books, this modern bookcase is used as a divider in the office.

Office with bookcase separating the environments.

Image 71: However, to decorate a modern environment, a black cobogós divider can be an excellent alternative.

Modern room decorated with black cobogó wall.

Image 72: But if your intention is to hide the service area, you can invest in the frosted glass door.

Small kitchen and service area separated by a glass door.

Image 73: The MDF room divider can add the missing touch in your simple room decor.

Simple small room decorated with wooden room divider.

Image 74: However, if you intend to create a colorful and cheerful decoration, you can invest in a yellow cobogós divider, like the one in the image.

Colorful kitchen with yellow cobogó wall.

Image 75: The hollow wooden partition is a good option for those who prefer a modern and minimalist look.

Small stylish room with wooden ambient divider.

Image 76: In this case, the black bookcase was used as a divider and support for decorative objects.

Men's room decorated with black bookcase.

Image 77: However, if you want a modern and different option, you can do as in this example and use a wooden structure with slats of different sizes.

Modern room with room divider made of wooden slats of different sizes.

Image 78: And if you like plants, you’ll be happy to know that it’s possible to create a suspended partition with support for pots.

Hanging bookcase with wooden shelves and plants.

Image 79: This is another example of a modern metallic partition.

Modern room with metal room divider.

Image 80: But you can also use a black hollow wood wall to decorate your modern room.

Room decorated with black hollow room partition.

Image 81: The wooden bookcase is also a good alternative, especially if you want a partition with niches for decoration.

Separate room with shelf with niches.

Image 82: Another example of a modern room with a glass partition.

Minimalist bedroom with glass door.

Image 83: You can use a swivel TV stand made of MDF in your decoration.

Small apartment with MDF bookcase with swivel TV.

Image 84: In addition, it is possible to use a painted MDF room partition to separate the kitchen and the service area.

Small kitchen with hollow MDF partition.

Image 85: In this small apartment, the hollow partition was used to separate the space from the open kitchen.

Room separated from the open kitchen by means of an open space partition.

Image 86: But you can also use a white cobogós wall in your clean kitchen.

Small kitchen with delicate white cobogó wall.

Image 87: In addition, it is possible to use an MDF cabinet to divide the rooms.

Modern room with MDF room divider with cutouts.

Image 88: However, if you prefer a modern look, you can adopt a metallic grid as a divider.

Small apartment with rooms separated by a steel grill.

Image 89: Also, you can opt for a revolving wall made of wood and marble.

Modern room with wood and marble room divider.

Image 90: The wardrobe can also be an alternative to traditional dividers.

Room partition with wardrobe.

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