Roses: Colors, How to Plant, Care, Meaning, Arrangements and 100+ Photos

Roses are known worldwide, being one of the most popular and classic flowers in the garden. Furthermore, it is associated with love and has different colors and varieties. She is a flower that appeals to everyone without distinction.

It is a flower that loves sunny places, it is able to bloom all year round, simple cultivation. Thus, there are several colors of roses and ways to plant those using different techniques.

Image 01: Roses are very popular for bouquet mounts.

roses bouquet

So, for those who love to give and receive flowers, there are several species that range from the simplest to the most sophisticated. But all are well accepted at any time.


Image 02: There are several tones for you to assemble any composition.

compositions with roses

Know the most common types of roses, their colors and learn how to plant them correctly. Also, see the meanings of each of them, to give a simple gift to those you love and admire.

Pink flower colors

The pink flower has many colors, each one more beautiful than the other, and each color has its meaning. So, let’s get to know each one of them?

Image 03: The red rose is one of the best known.

red roses

Red roses

Red roses symbolize passion and deep love. However, they are perfect to give your partner (a).

Image 04: Admire the beauty of the red rose.

beautiful red rose

Yellow Rose

Very pleasant and joyful, she conveys platonic love or eternal friendship. Therefore, the yellow rose is ideal as a gift for a special friend.

Image 05: The yellow rose decorates and leaves the environment full of joy.

the yellow beauty

Blue Rose

The blue rose is a rare rose, so it has an even more special meaning. So, in this case, it symbolizes the rare, true love that never ends.

Image 06: Widely used in party decorations, the blue rose is full of meanings about love and infinity. So, make this type perfectly match the occasion.

blue roses in composition

Violet rose

In addition, the violet rose flower has its color linked to royalty, representing mystery and self-control. That way, it’s ideal to give to those you admire.

Image 07: Hard to find, but not impossible. The violet rose has its own particular beauty.

lilac or violet roses

White Rose

The white rose conveys purity, peace and innocence. Therefore, it is no wonder that this color is perfect to compose more elaborate arrangements with other flowers of different colors.

Image 08: With a minimalist beauty, the white rose cannot be left out.

white roses to decorate

Pink roses

The pink rose has a unique charm. Also, she represents gratitude, thanks, she’s super romantic. So, it’s a nice bet for vertical garden.

Image 09: Perfect for the use of delicate decorations, this hue gives grace to the environment. So just look at this example in this little arrangement in a simple vase.

composition with roses

The rose is of Asian origin, it appeared at least 4 thousand years BC that is why it has more than one hundred original species and more than 30 thousand hybrids.

Rose Characteristics

It is one of the easiest flowers to grow and can have a long flowering. Also, the rose is an attractive and beautiful flower.

However, there are types for decoration and cultivation that can be: miniatures, shrubs, creepers, creepers, always flowering and tea hybrids.

So, get to know more details about these types below.

Image 10: The garden full of red roses attracts attention both from afar and up close.

Roses garden

Miniature roses

The miniature rose can reach about 40 centimeters. Therefore, they are great options for pots and bib.

Image 11: Mini roses are perfect for creating compositions. Whether in pots indoors, but also in outdoor gardens. Then look at this example of miniature roses as a hedge.

pink roses

Shrub roses

Being all shrub roses, it is identified by its well-formed appearance. In addition, its foliage is dense and its shape is rounded. So they are ideal for landscaping.

Image 12: Shrub roses are very common in outdoor gardens, especially those close to the street.

rose garden

Hybrid tea roses

It has strong, erect branches with a large bud at the end. Thus, with these characteristics, their bouquets are in all florists.

Image 13: Contemplate the wonder of a greenhouse filled with hybrid red tea roses.

greenhouse with roses

Creeping roses

Rose suitable for planting in the sun. Since it spreads through the soil and its growth is about its roots. That way your flowers are small, golden and simple. However, they are robust and resistant.

Image 14: A floor covered with roses.

roses to decorate garden

Roses always blooming

Despite being classified as ornamental roses, their growth is vertical and also has a lot of resistance to cold.

Image 15: The ever-flowering rose species is also a great choice for setting up your outdoor garden.

roses always blooming

Climbing roses

This rose despite its name, throws a long branch, but does not climb. Thus, they are ideal to be placed on support to decorate walls, arches, columns or fences.

Image 16: This type of plant is perfect for those who need to contour arches with much more life and beauty. Furthermore, it can be used in pergolas.

red vine roses

Roses have many thorns and are known for this. Thus, it takes great care to handle it.

Image 17: So see more of this beautiful example.

climbing roses various colors

Meaning of the rose

Generally the meaning of the rose is associated with love, passion, romance. But each color interferes with the zymology. That is why it is necessary to know their varieties and their meanings.

Image 18: Because it has different colors, the rose has several meanings.

different colors of roses

Growing roses

Image 19: Always use the right tools to care for your roses.

learn to prune roses

To plant the rose, some care is needed, such as:

  • The rose should be watered every day until the first roses appear. After that, only twice a week;
  • They must be exposed for at least 6 hours a day, and the space must be ventilated;
  • However, it must be fertilized three times a year, the first preferably after annual pruning;
  • Use specific insecticides to fight pests;
  • So, if you follow these tips your rose bushes will grow healthy and will bloom for a longer time.

Image 20: That way you will have great results.

How to plant roses

A very simple technique for planting roses would be to use a potato. A trick that helps the rose naturally take root in the soil, as it provides the moisture and nutrients needed for its growth.

Image 21: To have beautiful roses, you need to know how to care for and plant them.

rose seedlings

Image 22: But after learning the process, the result is gratifying.

pink in gradient

Tips to take better care of your roses

Image 23: Give only the amount of water needed for your rose.

water your rose

  • Plant before spring 6 weeks (grows quickly), do not forget to water, water is essential for its development;
  • Water at least once a week, in the midday sun, prevent the rose from getting soaked;
  • Roses should be planted where there is good lighting, and in full sun, those planted in pots should receive plenty of sunlight throughout the day;
  • Fertilize the soil so that the rose is always beautiful and healthy;
  • Be sure to prune them periodically to eliminate dry branches;
  • Prune periodically, a maintenance pruning to eliminate dry branches;
  • Also spray with phytopharmaceuticals such as sulfur;
  • To combat pests such as aphids, spray them with a soap and water solution;
  • Fungicides and insecticides can also be used for prevention.

Image 24: However, also understand the amount of light and heat that can be subjected, as in the case of this desert rose.


Seedling of roses: step by step

There are several ways to plant roses, some are quite simple and require little gardening skill. Also, following the care tips for your rose bush, just enjoy and enjoy all the beauty and scent of the roses in your garden.

Image 25: Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the way the cut is performed.

cut the stem right

So if you want to plant roses through the seeds you will need to make the seeds germinate.

Likewise, follow some processes in detail, for good success. Soak the seeds for an hour in a solution of hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. This helps to reduce mold formation.

Image 26: After that, just follow the signs of new shoots.

rose buds

Place the seeds between two sheets of damp paper towels in a cool place. Inside the fridge, for example, for a few weeks.

Thus, the seeds, depending on the variety, may take from 4 to 16 weeks to germinate. It is likely that only 30% of the seeds will germinate.

However, when the seeds germinate, plant the seedlings in small cups, let them grow to about 10 cm, then move to a larger pot.

Image 27: Afterwards just enjoy the results obtained.

red roses and roses.

Photos to get inspired

Image 28: The rose can also have mixed colors. So check out this beautiful selection.

mixed roses exist

Image 29: But it can also have unique colors.

rose garden

Image 30: Create passages with the roses.

climbing roses of various colors

Image 31: Play games to decorate.

decorated gardens

Image 32: Outline the architecture with its roses.

rose coat

Image 33: As they grow, they close the path.

growing roses

Image 34: These roses grew through supports.

rose garden

Image 35: Create natural details.

flower panel

Image 36: In external rooms they give the special touch.

outdoor room like garden

Image 37: A botanist with rose color variations.

Red roses

Image 38: The aroma of roses is unmistakable.

rose scent

Image 39: Passage arches look beautiful with roses.

bows with roses

Image 40: Mix the colors of your garden.

change from yellow rose

Rose Arrangement Ideas

Image 41: Beautiful bowls can become vases for your arrangement.

decorative vase

Image 42: In the same way that wicker baskets can too.

arrangement with roses

Image 43: Tube vases are perfect for any arrangement.

rose arrangements

Image 44: But the flattened vessels cannot be disregarded either.

vase with arrangements

Image 45: Use color contrast.

bouquet in vase

Image 46: Yellow together with red makes a beautiful composition.

vase of red roses

Image 47: Low arrangements are cute.

low vase with roses

Image 48: Compose with different colors of roses.

colored roses

Image 49: The green of the leaves highlights the white rose.

white roses for decoration

Image 50: More elaborate arrangements can be used in party decorations.

wedding decoration

Image 51: So, to prove it, how about this beautiful decorated table?

wedding decoration

Image 52: Or even towers on tables.

table towers with roses

Image 53: Art templates also work.

Image 54: To give a more feminine look to birthdays, bet on pink.

panel decoration with roses

Image 55: Older birthdays can be in brighter colors.

birthdays with roses

Home decoration with rose

Image 56: The interior decoration can also be done with roses.

classic models for decoration

Image 57: Be on more delicate models.

roses in water

Image 58: Single colors.

white roses in transparent vases

Image 59: Only one button.

delicate roses

Image 60: Or a bouquet to perform a detail.

random bouquets for decoration

Image 61: Bet also on decorative pots.

pots like vases

Image 62: Fill the decorative side table with roses and other mixed plants.

plant decoration

Image 63: Even roses that have not yet opened their buds are charming.

bag with roses

Image 64: White vases with white roses to highlight their leaves.

white roses in vase

Image 65: Roses of various colors with alternative vases.

room with plants

Image 66: On the coffee table.

decorative vase

Image 67: Various locations and various colors with different vases.

roses and modernity

Image 68: However, you can also bet on decorative models to support your roses.

customize your roses

Image 69: Or even perform classical compositions.

classic vases

Image 70: Reflective vases are very modern.

plant pots

Rose in the garden

Image 71: In the garden, you can go around the side of the house.

small garden

Image 72: Or let her take care of the facade.

flower bed with roses

Image 73: Naturally covering walls.

rose garden

Image 74: Rustic houses are perfect with these options.

climbing roses on the facade

Image 75: But you can also bypass just one of the windows.

rose bush in the window

Image 76: Make a hedge full of beauty.

facades decorated with roses

Image 77: And mix roses with other flowers during your garden path.

several plants with roses

Image 78: The rose matches any other flower.

roses and other flowers

Image 79: Different types of roses in a garden.

colorful garden

Image 80: Remember to support them for their growth.

climbing rose

Image 81: Make trails and use the roses to highlight.

maze with roses

Image 82: But be sure to make a relaxation corner among them.

rose garden

Image 83: Or make isolated corners.

dare in the mixes

Image 84: She can reach magnificent heights.

roses feet

Image 85: Nothing better than standing in the middle of roses.

amidst nature

Rose in the vase

Image 86: Delicate and sophisticated.

same colors

Image 87: Even minimalist models.

roses and minimalism

Image 88: Regardless of color.

several roses in a vase

Image 89: The rose always attracts attention.

classic composition with roses

Image 90: And is able to leave the room decorated.

delicacy with plants

Image 91: And also welcoming.

rose decoration

Image 92: The blue makes the place full of life.

blue roses

Image 93: Pink brings delicacy.

simple vase with water and roses

Image 94: But the mixture of colors, it becomes harmonious and full of joy.

colored compositions with roses

Image 95: Clay vases look beautiful.

artistic compositions with roses

Image 96: Or even different models.

pink roses

Image 97: Mini roses can be planted in cement pots.

mini red rose

Image 98: But they also look lovely on larger pots.

mini roses in the vase

Image 99: Likewise, larger roses can be planted in smaller pots.

small vase with roses

Image 100: So finally, check out this beautiful blue ceramic vase with roses.

vase with roses

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