Rustic Kitchen: +110 Projects and Ideas to Inspire

A rustic kitchen requires good design and planning so that it doesn’t get overloaded and, at the same time, it has functionality and offers convenience to residents. Below we will see some projects and tips, as well as several kitchen models in this style.

The rustic style is one of the most sought after by those who want to create a laid-back environment, with country air and raw materials. The great highlight of the style is the wood, usually accompanied by stones, ceramics and less polished coatings.

Another highlight of the rustic style are the walls with exposed bricks and the ceilings lined with wood and with exposed beams, both materials can appear with different types of finishes: painted, varnished, waxed, polished or raw.

All these materials can appear together or separately within the project, what will determine the level of rusticity is your personal taste, it is common to see rustic materials associated with more sophisticated and modern materials, including the mixture of rustic style with contemporary styles , modern and even industrial is a strong trend.

Rustic Kitchen Models

There are many kitchen models, they can be L-shaped, American, closed, open and integrated with other environments, outdoors and even outdoors. The rustic style allows for many variations and offers a wide variety of materials for different types of kitchens.

Within the rustic style, it is common to see kitchens covered with rough stones, hydraulic tiles and burnt concrete, the vast majority of materials can be used both outdoors and indoors, bringing practicality and versatility to the projects.

Image 1: This rustic kitchen invested in tiles around the oven and wood stove. Copper pans serve as decoration.

kitchen with wood oven

Image 2: Simple, this kitchen chose rustic wooden shelves and iron bars with hooks to accommodate the utensils.

shelves with iron bars

Image 3: Very rustic, this kitchen with wooden ceiling opted for masonry countertops and curtains. The shelf with hooks serves as a hanger for the mugs.

Kitchen with wooden ceiling

Image 4: All in wood, this project placed a large blackboard for notes and used an antique ladder to serve as a potter.

rough wood cabinets

Image 5: External, this project has a wood stove and oven and a barbecue, all made of brick and with a cement floor.

gourmet area with oven

Image 6: With soft colors, this kitchen gained rusticity with the pendants and natural fiber rugs, the large table with a demolition wood top complete the decoration.

modern blue kitchen

Image 7: This project bet on a slatted wood lining to bring clarity to the environment, the Silestone countertop left the environment more clean.

wooden slat ceiling

Image 8: Romantic and rustic, this all-white kitchen was highlighted with the jute curtains and the antique sideboard serving as an island.

old sideboard serving as an island

Image 9: Large and spacious, this kitchen has an oven and wood stove, exposed brick wall and burnt concrete floor.

firebrick wood stove and oven

Image 10: With an entire stone wall and wooden ceiling with exposed beams, this kitchen has white countertops and colorful fixtures.

rustic kitchen with stone walls

Image 11: Another example of an outdoor kitchen, made of wood, the pendant made of pipes brings modernity to the project.

outdoor kitchen with oven and stove

Image 12: Small but full of charm, this kitchen chose wooden shelves with French hands and granite countertops.

rustic kitchen with wooden shelves

Image 13: The stone wall received coating halfway and sconces to light the countertops made of burnt cement.

kitchen with stones

Image 14: The highlight of this kitchen is the mobile island with pegboard panel for hanging utensils and the ladder used as a pottery.

rustic kitchen with mobile island

Image 15: With wood underneath and cement burnt on top, this project also invested in shelves and bars to keep utensils handy.

kitchen with burnt cement

Modern Rustic Kitchen

The mixture of rustic and modern is a trend that is here to stay, while in the rustic style the materials are highly resistant and durable, such as stones and fine woods, in the modern style the materials tend to have a more delicate and clean finish.

Another advantage of betting on the mix of these two styles to compose an environment is not leaving the environment too dated over time. The intention is for both styles to counterpoint each other.

Image 16: The rustic wall received a wooden shelf to accommodate objects and utensils, the wooden cabinets complete the rustic decoration.

modern rustic kitchen

Image 17: All in wood, this kitchen gained sobriety with burnt concrete countertops and stainless steel utensils.

modern kitchen with beamed ceiling

Image 18: Integrated with the living room, this kitchen has large windows, ceiling with exposed beams and rustic wooden cabinets.

modern rustic kitchen integrated

Image 19: Different, this kitchen with exposed brick walls gained modernity with stainless steel cabinets and resined wood countertops.

modern rustic kitchen with stainless steel

Image 20: Here, the highlight is the large island made of demolition wood, the slopes and stools give a retro touch to the environment.

modern kitchen with slate

Image 21: With black cabinets and resined wood countertops, this rustic kitchen has invested in high-end appliances to bring modernity.

rustic modern black kitchen

Image 22: The large industrial stainless steel stove makes the counterpoint with the exposed brick walls, the tile placed in fish scale leaves the current project.

modern rustic kitchen

Image 23: With stone walls and wooden ceiling, this kitchen gained lightness with the island of fine and straight lines, the iron and wood stools bring personality.

modern kitchen with stools

Image 24: In neutral colors, this kitchen has designed a large wooden trunk pendant to match the rustic table.

modern rustic kitchen with wooden table

Image 25: The white tile created a niche that hugs the bench and delimits the space, the wooden table received benches instead of a chair.

modern kitchen with wooden floor

Image 26: The light wood cabinets highlight the wood floor in a warmer color, the quartz countertops make the environment updated and modern.

kitchen with quartz countertop

Image 27: This project invested in a large sliding door with a lattice to separate the kitchen from the dining room, the highlight is the colored hydraulic tile.

modern kitchen with colorful flooring

Image 28: Discreet, this kitchen chose a natural fiber lining to leave the rustic atmosphere, contrasting with modern woodwork and gray quartz countertops.

natural fiber roof

Image 29: Spacious and with large sliding doors, this burnt concrete kitchen integrates with the dining and living room.

big wooden table

Image 30: Traditionally styled, this American kitchen chose resinous wood for the island’s countertop, and dark wood flooring to highlight the white of the walls and cabinets.

central island with resined wood top

Simple Rustic Kitchen

Betting on a simple and rustic project will give you a laid-back environment with a country house feel, regardless of the simplicity of the project, the style is marked by the characteristic materials of the rustic style, such as wood, stones and burnt concrete.

Below, we will see simple rustic kitchens, with different proposals and with a great diversity of layouts and materials.

Image 31: Simple and charming, this environment painted the brick wall white and invested in light blue for the windows, leaving the atmosphere relaxed.

ceiling with lining and wooden beams

Image 32: White and bright, this kitchen has invested in checkered fabric curtains and light wood accents to contrast with the tile floor.

bench with checkered curtains

Picture 33: In a traditional style, this kitchen has a stone tub and ceramic masonry countertops, the white walls bring lightness and contrast with the rustic floor.

blue plate holder

Image 34: The floral fabrics make a good contrast with the rustic walls and wooden floor, the old sideboard served as a countertop.

sink bench made of antique furniture

Image 35: Done in a variety of wood tones, this kitchen has a suspended iron pot and shelves with French hands.

island with fags

Picture 36: Small and simple, this kitchen has a small wooden countertop with stainless steel tub and a retro sky blue stove.

small countertop with stainless steel sink

Image 37: With a sloping ceiling painted white, this kitchen has invested in hooks to hang the pots above the counter.

sloping wooden ceiling

Image 38: With white cabinets, the highlight is the large blue industrial stove and the geometric-patterned hydraulic tile floor.

stamped hydraulic tile

Image 39: With an antique look, this kitchen with a carpentry project, received white and patterned tiles on the countertops.

light wood cabinets

Image 40: In L, this project chose wood in a medium tone for the cabinets and shelves, highlighting the patterned floor.

simple rustic kitchen with wooden shelves

Image 41: This apartment invested in exposed bricks to bring rusticity to the American kitchen, the stainless steel countertop leaves the modern environment.

stainless steel island

Image 42: Compact in size, this kitchen invested in joinery to create cabinets and space for appliances.

simple rustic kitchen

Image 43: Simple, this project has a wood stove and a brick island, the burnt cement floor complements the rustic decoration of the environment.

simple rustic kitchen

Image 44: Simple design, with wooden sideboards and industrial shelves, note that the hood also received wood coating.

barn door

Image 45: Demolition wood cabinet and burnt concrete bench made the atmosphere relaxed, the green hydraulic tile brings charm to the project.

demolition wood cabinet

Rustic American Cuisine

The American kitchen model is one of the most used and sought after by those who are building or renovating, one of the main reasons for this is the fact that this kitchen model allows integration with other environments and because it can be done in smaller spaces.

Another reason why this kitchen model is very popular is because it offers practicality and functionality even in small environments.

Image 46: This American kitchen invested in gray granite countertops and wood flooring for the underside, the rusticity comes from the wooden shelves.

granite peninsula

Image 47: White, this kitchen has gained modernity with its articulated sconces and white quartz countertops.

sconces on countertops

Image 48: With column and wooden beam, this kitchen was light and illuminated with white paint and glass pendants.

small rustic american kitchen

Image 49: Another example of an environment with exposed wooden columns and beams, modernity comes from the black joinery and porcelain tile countertops.

black american kitchen

Image 50: The central point of this project is the ceiling with wooden beams and the masonry island received white paint to lighten the environment.

American kitchen with wooden ceiling

Image 51: Wooden ceiling and floor are the counterpoint with the cabinets and white tiles. Recessed lighting project with spots to make the environment more functional.

American kitchen with exposed beams

Image 52: This kitchen has a wooden countertop on a higher level than the stone-lined countertop.

American kitchen with wooden counter

Image 53: The wooden structure brings a rustic feel to this white kitchen, the island painted in light gray makes the environment modern.

american kitchen with beams

Image 54: Simple and rustic, this kitchen has a peninsula made of demolition wood, the walls and floor are of cement, the industrial pendant completes the decoration.

simple american kitchen

Image 55: In this project, the contrast between the rustic and the modern is made by joining the brick wall with the metallic glass pendants.

modern american kitchen

Image 56: Timeless, this project covered the upper beam with light wood and chose a geometric pattern coating for the pediment.

American kitchen with wood

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Image 57: The project is simple and chose white cabinets and cladding, the highlight is the large wooden mobile island, which received stools for quick meals.

American kitchen with mobile island

Image 58: Traditional and classic, this rich kitchen with cabinets made of dark wood, chose granite for the countertops and iron pendant to complete the rustic atmosphere.

traditional rustic american cuisine

Image 59: White L-shaped kitchen with resined wood top, antique scale and pendant bring the vintage air to the room.

american kitchen with stools

Image 60: Modern, this kitchen invested in a wall of stones and wood for the countertop. The shelves with French iron hands complete the project.

clean rustic american kitchen

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

With the popularization of gourmet areas, having an outdoor kitchen has become an object of desire for those who have outdoor space and like to receive friends and family for barbecues and meals.

Below, we’ll see ideas for rustic kitchens planned on porches, semi-open and even outdoors.

Image 61: This outdoor kitchen was made of stone and has a stainless steel appliance that can be exposed.

rustic stone outdoor kitchen

Image 62: Another outdoor kitchen with masonry worktop and wooden island, the glass folding doors integrate the environments.

rustic outdoor kitchen with island

Image 63: With granite countertops and barbecue, this kitchen has an iron pantry and shelves with French hands to accommodate vases and crockery.

rustic outdoor kitchen with curtain

Image 64: Made of a wooden frame, this kitchen has an interlocking floor, ceramic countertop and an outdoor fireplace made of stones.

rustic outdoor kitchen with stone and wood

Image 65: Separated from the house, this kitchen has a wood oven and masonry worktop, the wooden deck covers the floor and contrasts with the lawn.

rustic outdoor kitchen

Image 66: The natural stone fireplace has a cornice to support decorative objects and contrasts with the ceiling lined with varnished pine.

rustic outdoor kitchen with fireplace

Image 67: Projected on the porch of the house, this outdoor kitchen has a wood hood, central island and ceiling fans.

rustic outdoor kitchen with stones

Image 68: Modern and simple, this environment has wooden cabinets and ceramic countertops, the shutters replace the doors and bring charm to the decor.

rustic wooden outdoor kitchen

Image 69: The joinery project chose a medium tone wood for the cabinets, countertops and shelves, the white walls made the room brighter.

colorful outdoor rustic kitchen

Image 70: With a slate-coated top, this brick kitchen received stainless steel appliances, more suitable for outdoor environments.

rustic kitchen with burnt cement

Image 71: Spacious, this kitchen with masonry worktops, has stainless steel cabinets and appliances, and a large hood covered with hydraulic tiles.

outdoor kitchen with pool

Image 72: The glass tiles brought luminosity to the environment of earthy tones, the yellow chairs made the project more cheerful and uncluttered.

outdoor kitchen with barbecue

Image 73: Compact in size, this kitchen has invested in contrasting finishes, the resined wood countertops complete the rustic decor.

rustic red kitchen

Image 74: Outdoor, this kitchen was designed with two pieces of furniture, one that accommodates the dishes and utensils and the other for the barbecue.

rustic white outdoor kitchen with barbecue

Image 75: With unlined roof and visible beams, this room has a barbecue and a large black granite countertop.

outdoor kitchen with table

Rustic Kitchen with Wood Stove

The more traditional rustic kitchens usually have an oven and wood stove, recalling the affectionate memories of those who come from the countryside or from their grandmother’s house.

Undeniably, preparing a meal on a wood stove is part of an affective ritual and can be the reason to promote unforgettable events among friends and family. Below, you’ll see diverse designs, even in small kitchens.

Image 76: The highlight of this project is the large stove and wood-burning oven, the pans and other utensils hang on the wall and the base of the island was made of cast iron.

kitchen with yellow iron wood stove

Image 77: Made of red burnt cement, this wood stove is the centerpiece of this kitchen, above the window, a large wooden shelf holds the pans.

Image 78: Another example of an oven and stove made in vermilion, the large windows and glass-enclosed frames bring light to the environment.

Image 79: Made of brick, this kitchen chose sky blue for the details of the oven, the stove and for the cabinet doors.

oven and wood stove

Imagem 80: This project has gained modernity with the colorful tiles and industrial pendants, the iron wood stove brings the atmosphere of a farm to the environment.

iron wood stove

Image 81: Simple, this environment has an oven and wood stove made of burnt concrete, the central island received a cooktop.

burnt cement wood stove and oven

Picture 82: With a traditional style, this kitchen has rustic floors, wood oven and granite countertops, the large hood serves the barbecue and grill.

kitchen with wood oven and barbecue

Image 83: With burnt cement floor, this kitchen has two hoods, one for the conventional stove and one for the wood stove.

kitchen with wood oven

Image 84: Made of burnt and resined cement, this wood stove is the centerpiece of this kitchen, note that the floor is also red burnt cement.

kitchen with yellow wood oven

Image 85: Modern and stylish, this kitchen has invested in stamped ceramic flooring and burnt concrete for the wood stove and countertops.

kitchen with wood stove

Image 86: Project with wood oven made in masonry and porcelain countertops. The brick floor completes the rustic proposal of the environment.

kitchen with wood stove

Image 87: Large and spacious, this kitchen has worktops, an oven and a stove made of red burnt cement, the lightness and luminosity comes from the white walls and the skylight in the middle of the ceiling.

kitchen with oven and red stove

Image 88: This spacious kitchen has a wood stove, wooden cabinets and a large dining table, the oven is separate, in the corner, whitewashed.

kitchen with blue wood stove

Image 89 : Made in masonry and coated with refractory ceramic, this oven with wood stove shares the space with the barbecue and black granite countertops.

kitchen with oven and wood stove

Image 90: Modern, this project has a small two-burner wood stove with an oven and granite and wood countertops.

kitchen with small wood stove

20 Photos of Rustic Kitchens

Modern, external, American, colorful or sober, regardless of the tone of the project, the rustic style is versatile and manages to navigate through several aspects without losing its personality.

We have separated below, several ideas and projects for rustic kitchens, with oven and wood stove, wooden ceilings, hydraulic tile floors and countertops covered with ceramics and stones.

Image 91: The greenish marble pediment highlights the rustic wooden ceiling, the pendant with several iron domes leaves the current atmosphere and illuminates the island.

rustic kitchen with wooden table

Image 92: Made of stone, this kitchen has wooden cabinets and an island with a white porcelain tub. The highlight goes to the stainless steel industrial stove.

rustic stone kitchen

Image 93: Colorful and stainless steel countertop, this kitchen has a wooden roof and tile floor.

colorful rustic kitchen

Image 94: The concrete ceiling highlights the shelves and the wooden floor, the green of the cabinets makes the environment more relaxed.

rustic kitchen with wooden counter

Image 95: With double height ceilings and large ceiling fans, this kitchen invested in burnt cement for countertops, island and floor. The result is a rustic and sophisticated environment.

rustic kitchen with double rights

Image 96: Cement walls and ceiling with pine lining, this kitchen received rough beams and a pillar made of tree trunk.

rustic wooden kitchen

Picture 97: Spacious, this kitchen has a fireplace and masonry worktops, the beamed ceiling contrasts with the white floors and walls.

classic rustic kitchen

Image 98: Another example with a wooden ceiling and ceramic floor, the pediment received patterned tiles.

rustic kitchen with hood

Image 99: With double ceiling height, this kitchen has a granite countertop and two-tone floor. The wooden rug delimits the space of the central sideboard.

rustic blue kitchen

Image 100: Cheerful kitchen, with iron pantry and sideboard with drawers in the center. The wooden floor and lining give a rustic touch to the project.

rustic kitchen with island

Image 101: Kitchen with joinery project and countertop covered with grouted ceramic, the sloping ceiling makes the kitchen more airy and spacious.

rustic kitchen with dark wood

Picture 102 : In light and neutral tones, this modern kitchen has invested in a large turned wooden table with stools.

minimalist rustic kitchen

Image 103: Integrated with the dining room, this kitchen was highlighted with a half wall painted in blue, the large wooden buffet delimits the environments.

traditional rustic cuisine

Image 104: The exposed brick wall highlights the tile that covers the oven and wood stove.

kitchen with wood stove and oven

Image 105: The wooden coffered ceiling makes the environment elegant and warm, while the light floor and countertop bring sophistication to the project.

kitchen with wood oven

Image 106: The natural fiber ceiling highlights the stone wall, the modernity comes from the porcelain countertops and the carpentry project.

American kitchen with drumsticks

Image 107: All in wood, this kitchen has a large table with benches and a sloping ceiling lined with wood.

white cabinets and wooden ceilings

Image 108: External design with black granite countertops and patterned tiles in neutral tones.

outdoor rustic american kitchen

Image 109: The wooden floor placed in fish scale left the current environment and highlighted the woodwork in dark blue.

modern rustic american kitchen

Image 110: With straight and simple lines, this kitchen has a carpentry project with demolition wood and an island with niches for storing dishes.

rustic modern american kitchen