Rustic Wood Furniture: How to have it at home in 48 inspirations

It is a mistake to think that rustic furniture only goes well in country or beach house projects. That’s because, for being versatile and durable, they fell in the favor of architects and interior designers, gaining space in urban projects as well.

Primarily, this type of furniture was chosen for projects in which the pieces need to have a greater durability, such as in environments in contact with the salty air. Just like in country houses that ended up closed for a long time and did not receive recurrent maintenance.

However, that way they ended up leaving behind the more elaborate design and gaining straight and clean lines, which are perfect for more modern projects. Another factor that made them gain space in current projects is that the organic format fell in the architects’ tastes, so, leftover trunks with special treatment entered the scene in current projects.

Rustic Wood Furniture

For those who love wood, rustic furniture is a good choice. That’s because this type of furniture is made of solid wood with the visible grains and organic format that show the raw appearance of the material.

Remember that in many models, other natural elements make up the piece. As is the case of fibers, which are used in the seats of chairs, as well as in the backrests and finishing of the pieces. Furthermore, the wooden pieces bring warmth to the projects, as the natural material usually warms the environment and contributes to a more welcoming look.

Image 1 – Room decorated with a side table with a wooden trunk. The organic format is the big difference.

Side table made of tree trunk with suitable treatment for rustic furniture.

Image 2 – The entrance hall brought a vertical garden, sideboard and mirror produced in rustic wood.

Rustic furniture makes up this entrance hall.

Image 3 – Balcony brought furniture made of fiber. But, the highlight is the coffee table made from a tree trunk with castors.

Coffee table made from tree trunk.

Image 4 – Once again the tree trunk received treatment to turn this coffee table.

Coffee table made of tree trunk,

Image 5 – One way to make use of dead tree trunks is to turn them into furniture, as well as the coffee table that brings the organic format.

Rustic furniture is featured in the living room.

Image 6 – Entrance hall brings the mirror and wooden sideboard. As well as in the reflection of the mirror, it is possible to see the rustic wood cabinet making up the dining environment.

Entrance hall has rustic furniture.

Image 7 – Coffee table brought personality to the living environment due to its organic format derived from solid wood.

Coffee table made of wood in its natural state and a piece of lacquer in the center.

Image 8 – Wood is the protagonist on this balcony, thus it is present in the armchairs, bench and on the coffee table, produced from a wooden trunk.

Rustic furniture makes up the balcony of this apartment.

Image 9 – The large solid wood sideboard could have brought a raw look to the environment, however, it was broken with decorative pieces.

Environments with rustic furniture: versatility allows you to use it anywhere

One of the main characteristics of wood is its versatility, it is no wonder that it is used masterfully in different styles. Thus, material is the main choice when it comes to rustic furniture.

Therefore, it is present in all environments and can be used in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and garden and even in the kitchen. However, for wet environments or outdoors, wood requires a special treatment. To guarantee the durability of the material, the nautical varnish is the most suitable and if it is in direct contact with rain, it is necessary to pass it on according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Depending on the design, fiber pieces, such as wicker or even synthetic, can also be considered rustic furniture. In this case, for wet environments, it is best to opt for synthetic models.

To show how the pieces look good in every room in the house, we brought beautiful inspirations to conquer all tastes – and pockets.

Room with rustic furniture: Functionality and comfort as allies

The room asks for functional and comfortable furniture for everyday use. Wood, by itself, gives visual and thermal comfort to the environment. The advantages with use grow when we talk about versatility of use, since the material is good from side tables, coffee tables, racks and armchairs. In addition to being able to be used in different furniture, it also combines with rooms of all colors.

With these tips, it is easy to bet on rustic furniture for the social environment, regardless of the style chosen for the room. See some environments to copy and make beautiful to surprise visitors.

Image 10 – Despite being made of MDF, the furniture in this living room has a rustic look due to the print finish that brings wood grains.

Rustic furniture for the living room: rack, coffee table and panel bring style.

Image 11 – Mix that worked: The dining room brought a rustic table with X-shaped legs, chairs with turned backs and a wooden bench painted in blue.

Dining room can also bring out the rustic look with wooden furniture.

Image 12 – A modern environment that mixes a rustic dining table with a yellow bench and metallic pendants.

Composition brings a rustic piece combined with modern items.

Image 13 – Set with table, chairs and benches in a rustic style. To give it a modern touch, the bet was to use the colored frames.

Dining room with rustic furniture.

Image 14 – Cool composition with a rustic table. Shelves also exploit the feature.

Table with rustic woods.

Image 15 – Super cool mix brought a dining table and bench with a rustic look along with modern pieces such as the Panton chair.

Another example of a rustic-style dining room.

Image 16 – Rustic table and chair in solid wood mixed with black pieces. In the background, a bank brings the same language into the lobby.

Dining room with rustic furniture.

Image 17 – Coffee table with rustic wood mixed with other elements that refer to style, as well as leather and straw.

Living room with rustic furniture.

Bathroom with rustic furniture

The bathroom is another environment that has everything to do with rustic furniture, especially for larger ones. In this super intimate room, it can be used instead of a bench, with a support tub, for example.

In planned bathrooms, rustic furniture is also welcome, see some examples of inspiring projects.

Image 18 – The cabinet of this bathroom brought varnished wood on the countertop and the base painted in black. To complement the look of the bench, the bet was for matte black metal.

Bathroom with cabinet mixing varnished and painted black wood.

Image 19 – Unusual mix: Super modern “Subway tales” tile with mirror and wooden bench. The baskets organize the residents’ personal items.

Rustic furniture decorates the bathroom with a modern base.

Image 20 – Portuguese tiles form the background on the wall that received the box and the rustic countertop. The support tub was the choice for this bathroom.

Bathroom with rustic furniture and wall with Portuguese tiles.

Image 21 – Another example of a bathroom that brings the mixture of rustic furniture and Portuguese tiles. The tip is to use only one strip of printed coating, in addition to the look not being overloaded, it also makes the project cheaper.

Rustic furniture in the bathroom,

Image 22 – Bathroom has a mirror with a wooden frame with Provencal details and a rustic wooden cabinet.

Bathroom with rustic wooden furniture and mirror with ornaments.

Image 23 – A sideboard in place of the bathroom cabinet? He can! In this way, the support piece received a tub and an oval mirror as a complement.

Bathroom with rustic wood and oval mirror.

Image 24 – Rustic wooden sideboard with two drawers was used as a bathroom cabinet, so the support tub was used to complete the composition.

Sideboard as bathroom cabinet and support tub.

Image 25 – Natural wood cabinet, round mirror with square frame make up the environment.

Bathroom with wooden cabinet and square support tub.

Image 26 – The wooden cabinet had an iron base and a natural stone tub, in addition, the composition worked very well due to the room’s neutral base.

Image 27 – Rustic furniture brings coziness to this bathroom with white wall and dishes.

Bathroom with patina cabinets.

Room with rustic furniture

In this environment, the rustic pieces bring the right coziness. Thus, as it is the room most connected to well-being, relaxation and rest, comfort is essential for residents.

In addition to visual comfort, wood also brings thermal comfort to the environment, making it the most suitable material for room design. Check out some projects that feature rustic wooden furniture as a highlight.

Image 28 – The wall that imitates burnt cement brought a modern look to the room, in addition, the rustic furniture brought a welcoming atmosphere to the refuge environment.

Modern room with rustic furniture.

Image 29 – The headboard of this bed was built in rustic wood. The tip was to bet on a channel shelf to arrange the pictures, as well as little nails to hold the flasher.

Bedroom with rustic headboard, colorful frames and blinker.

Image 30 – The dressing table made of rustic wood was the right choice for this corner, which as a complement received a round mirror, shelves, a bench with a leather seat and chest of drawers.

Dressing table in rustic wood is the base of this makeup corner.

Image 31 – In this bedroom project in a country house, the rustic furniture stands out in the composition. Furthermore, as a complement, the patchwork quilt entered the scene to color the environment.

Rustic furniture makes up this room in the country house.

Image 32 – Provençal composition brought the bed in rustic wood and other furniture finished in patina. For the decoration, the option was to bring pillows with a typographic print and frames with a motif of foliage.

Image 33 – The same wood was used in all rustic furniture, which despite having a dark wall, gives a cozy look due to the bedding and decorative items.

Bedroom brings rustic furniture to the composition.

Image 34 – Another example of how rustic furniture can contribute to a warm and comfortable look. In this project, the wood brought a patina painting, perfect for the ambiance.

Bedroom furniture brings a rustic and cozy look.

Image 35 – This room is perfect for those who want to be inspired and bring a country decoration.

Room with rustic furniture and a cozy atmosphere.

Rustic garden furniture

If you have an environment that has everything to do with rustic furniture, it’s the garden. First, due to the look of the pieces, which contribute to the external composition. Second, and most importantly, for the strength of rustic wood.

The material has high durability when exposed to both rain and sun, ensuring that the furniture is in perfect condition even with direct exposure to the outdoors. However, for it to last longer, the ideal is to apply the varnish on the pieces, following the manufacturers’ instructions, it is possible that the furniture stay for many years in your home’s garden.

Image 36 – The garden full of plants brought a rustic bench for residents to enjoy the view.

Rustic garden features wooden furniture and brick wall.

Image 37 – This garden brought a beautiful composition with hydraulic tile on the floor, brick wall and rustic furniture. Furthermore, the plants are the icing on the cake.

Image 38 – This garden is perfect to receive family or friends for a delicious afternoon tea, for example. In the center, a rustic wooden table and chairs complement the sideboard.

Rustic furniture is part of the composition of this perfect garden to receive.

Image 39 – In addition to the solid wood used in the table on this balcony, the Toil iron chairs also came into play, which bring the worn look in perfect harmony with the rest of the garden.

Garden with table and chairs with a rustic look.

Image 40 – The small balcony explored a cozy look, notice that in the covered part, the bet was on more delicate furniture and with upholstery, while the uncovered part brought a rustic piece.

Balcony with rustic furniture brings a cozy look.

Image 41 – Table made of rustic wood is the protagonist of the environment and made beautiful with the X chairs, a reference of style and elegance.

Outdoor area with chair and table with rustic wood.

Image 42 – Composition brings rustic elements from the wall to furniture and decorative pieces. Furthermore, the pillows bring color and grace to the outdoor environment.

Balcony with a rustic look.

Rustic kitchen furniture

Another environment that can bring rustic furniture is the kitchen. As the heart of the house, the kitchen should be welcoming to receive friends and family, and the rustic look has everything to do with the motto.

Cabinets, tables, chairs… So, there is no shortage of rustic furniture to make up the look of your kitchen, keep an eye out for some inspirations:

Image 43 – Rustic wooden cabinet with blue painting, so, despite the choice of furniture, the colorful painting gave a modern look to the environment.

Kitchen with rustic wood cabinet.

Image 44 – This kitchen brought all the furniture in a rustic style. Furthermore, as a highlight, the patina was used in the cabinet and in the buffet.

Rustic furniture make up this kitchen.

Image 45 – Who said that a modern kitchen cannot bring rustic pieces? It was the case of this stylish environment, which brought the rustic wood on the countertop and wall panel.

Modern kitchen features rustic wood countertops and paneling.

Image 46 – Kitchen with a rustic wooden island in the center of the room, in addition to this outstanding piece, it brought hydraulic tiles and pieces in royal blue. Another item that draws attention and corroborates the farm look is the iron pottery under the wooden island.

Kitchen brings rustic wooden island.

Image 47 – Rustic wood was used from the shelves at the top to the countertop doors in burnt cement. See how the wood grains contribute to the look of the environment, the rectangular tile brings a modern atmosphere and finishes off the kitchen decor.

Kitchen has rustic wooden countertops and shelves.

Image 48 – This kitchen has a large square table as the protagonist. In the background, exposed bricks and wooden shelves are highlighted in the environment. To break the rustic composition, he brought modern elements, such as the red chair and the paintings on the wall.

Kitchen with rustic furniture has red chairs in cane and blue doors.

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