Sandwich Tile: Advantages, Disadvantages, Cost and 80+ Photos Decoration

Want to know more about sandwich tile? So check out these tips and information that we’ve set aside for you.

Image 01: No matter the location or the type of architecture, this type of tile always leaves a work with its particular beauty.

sandwich tile by the lake

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What is Sandwich Tile?

Popularly known as sandwich tile, this product has its technical name as thermo-acoustic tile, because it manages to control and minimize the expansion of these two factors within the building.

Image 02: Not only as roofs, tiles can also be used to compose very modern facades.

sandwich tile wall

The metallic finish you see is produced by zinc. While the central insulator can be either EPS (Styrofoam) or polyurethane. The choice between one and the other depends on the application.

EPS is great for insulating acoustics, while polyurethane is great for thermal comfort.

Image 03: Sandwich tile on the floor waiting to be installed on site.

tile on the floor

Sandwich Tile Types

Made with only a metallic top sheet and an aluminum sheet at the bottom, the simple sandwich tile is the cheapest tile option. However, it is not always used.

Image 04: Simple sandwich tile template with Styrofoam or EPS medium.

sandwich tile types

Likewise, the double model is the most used in the market, having metal plates on both sides.

Image 05: Double sandwich tile model with Styrofoam or EPS medium.

sandwich tile types

What is the value of the investment?

What will define the amount to be paid for your sandwich tile is its thickness, the material to be used as an insulating factor and its location.

Image 06:  Example of a double tile model assembly application.

tile sandwich assembly

However, the square meter value of this product can range from R$44 to R$72. So, even with this amount, this tile is still very worthwhile with its cost-benefit ratio, precisely because of the practicalities and benefits.

Image 07: Example of sandwich tile application.

colorful roof

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sandwich Tile

As advantages of this material, we can mention:

  • Guaranteed energy savings;
  • Prevents leaks;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Better capacity in thermal and acoustic issues;
  • No need to spend on lining;
  • Custom-made product;
  • Humidity reduction; and
  • Reduced risk of flame spread.

Image 08: Tile without lining.

tile underneath

As disadvantages, there are no regarding its functionality, but this product has a high acquisition cost and can only be installed by qualified professionals.

Image 09: Specialized installation of sandwich tile.

on-site installation

Ideas and Inspirations with Sandwich Tiles

Image 10: Meeting rooms can also be inspired.

Image 11: And what do you think of this beautiful industrial-style kitchen?

Image 12: This beautiful condominium with semi-detached houses in a modern rustic style is even more beautiful with dark tiles.

sandwich tile

Image 13: And they can also be mixed with glass roofs or pergolas.

sandwich tile and glass roof

Image 14: In addition, they are still quite easy to install boards for photovoltaic or water heating systems.

white sandwich tile

Image 15: Even with light colors, this tile model is still very easy to clean.

sandwich tile

Image 16: So, regardless of whether you live in the countryside or in the city, your installation is very advantageous.

tile sandwich advantages

Image 17: In addition, you can still bet on different roof models and colors to further highlight your home.

green sandwich tile

Image 18: In addition, it can also be used to make even your pet’s house in the backyard.


Image 19: And parking covers.

parking cover

Image 20: Balcony with thermo-acoustic roof.

thermo-acoustic balcony

Image 21: It can also be combined in country houses.

roof and wood

Image 22: In the same way as these too.

apparent structure

Image 23: Even more that these tiles bring all the comfort that a home needs.

thermoacoustic structure

Image 24: However, they can also be applied in isolated commercial level properties like this one.

tile walls

Image 25: And nothing prevents it from being used in a gourmet space as well.

to the gourmet space

Image 26: How about a refuge in the middle of nature? So just take a look.

to the rest area

Image 27: On balconies can also be used.

secluded porch

Sandwich tile inlaid roofs

Image 28: Inlaid roofs, even if your tiles are not shown, you must bet on resistant models to avoid headaches.

embedded sandwich tile

Image 29: Here, we have another model of a gable inlaid roof.

gable with sandwich tile

Image 30: Even with just one water, the sandwich tile roof is already responsible for giving another appearance to the roof when viewed from above.

sandwich tile

Image 31: Want something simple? So bet on a roof of just one water.

roof a water

Image 32: However, several levels are also pretty cool.

house under construction

Image 33: Same as just a few levels.

sandwich tile roof

Image 34: And even with two waters.

gable roof

Image 35: Also, in modern homes it can too.

built-in tile

Image 36: And we cannot leave aside the option of exposed and built-in roofs in the same residence.

embedded and apparent

Image 37: In mansions can also be used.

tile project

Image 38: In more American style houses deserve a roof with the beauty of these tiles.

american standard house

Tiles seen from below

Image 39: However, even seen from below, the sandwich tile roof has its own particular beauty.

double sandwich tile

Image 40: Being responsible for giving a complement to the decoration of the environment.

inner view

Image 41: Bringing an air of modernity, these tiles can even be part of bedrooms.

comfort with colors and temperature

Image 42: And not just residential buildings. Commercial environments are also very charming with the double sandwich tiles. So just take a look at this composition.

used in commerce

Image 43: In addition, they are also preferred among engineers for roofing companies and commercial warehouses.

perfect for sheds

Image 44: The simple sandwich tiles seen from below look like they were produced exactly to compose the beauty of the environment.

sandwich tile

Image 45: And it manages to be equally beautiful even in the most laid-back compositions.

fits any project

Image 46: More rustic and simple environments can also have an extra charm with this type of tile.

doesn't need lining

Image 47: Homemade music studios can also be used in these types of coverage. Even more, this material has a better resourcefulness of local acoustics, in addition to the anti-thermal effect.

great for studios

Image 48: And if you want something different, you can bet on colored tiles, like this model in green.

colored tile

Image 49: Red tile looks good on any project.

Colored tiles

Image 50: And talking about colored tiles again, here are two more examples of colors for double sandwich tiles.

colored models

Image 51: But each project can request another type.

colored models

Image 52: Even more closed colors.

colored models

Image 53: And these more closed colors look beautiful when applied in a whole with the rest of the local architecture. So just take a look at this result.

colorful sandwich tile

Image 54: Even differentiated colors such as chocolate-colored tiles bring all the necessary charm that a home needs.

chocolate color tile

Image 55: Simpler colors like gray are able to complement the neutral façade of a building.

sandwich ash tile

Image 56: Even in wooden cottages, where the facade is smooth, this type of roof goes really well.

used even in chalets

Image 57: In more contemporary homes, the closed red roof, with colors closer to earthy tones, and ceramics manage to enhance the place even more.

or in small homes

Image 58: Colored sandwich tiles are perfect for use as façade elements.

Image 59: In the same way as interior decorative elements.

Image 60: And there’s nothing better than creating beautiful partition panels in the external area.

More ideas with sandwich tile

Image 61: In addition to the roofs, the sandwich tile can make up other parts of the houses. In this case, we have this very modern wall in your pool area.

tiled walls

Image 62: And here, the tiles dominate all the exterior walls of this residence. Furthermore, it still functions normally on a scallion style roof, characterized by its unique well-marked drops.

tiled house

Image 63: However, we can also use this tile to make a house very modern, regardless of its style. With a little extra touch, this detail certainly makes all the difference.

sandwich tile

Image 64: So just take a look at this lake house built with walls made of black sandwich tile.

tile house

Image 65: Another photo with another angle for you to see how creativity, knowledge of the product and application makes all the difference when carrying out a project.

tile house

Image 66: And here, on this façade, instead of using ACM material to perform this detail on the façade in earthy tones above the entrance door, the remains of the tiles used for covering were used.

facade detail with tile

Image 67: Now that you’ve seen several tile ideas like walls on the outside, how about betting on the inside as well? And I say more! Don’t be afraid to be daring and bet on models of colored sandwich tiles without fear.

green inner detail

Image 68: One more cover and facade detail.

roof and facade

Image 69: So, let’s replace the ACM once more with tiles to minimize construction costs and achieve an effect just as beautiful. Check it out.

details on the facade

Image 70: How about betting on the entire facade?

details on the facade

Image 71: In industries are not dispensed.

industrial center

And to finish…

Image 72: And they can even become panels for TVs in small, industrial-style apartments.

room with tile panel

Image 73: Likewise, in businesses where the industrial footprint is much stronger.

trade detail with tile

Image 74: Highlight colors make sandwich tiles even more charming as decorative elements.

trade detail with tile

Image 75: Here we have another example applied behind the armchairs.

trade detail with tile

Image 76: And how about betting on metallic for the walls and ceiling?

tile ceiling and wall

Image 77: Here it is mixed together with wooden elements to harmonize the interior of this corridor.

inner wall with tile

Image 78: And again on the outer wall.

tile wall

Image 79: Another example of a facade with black sandwich tiles.

tile facade

Image 80: And finally, another roof of an unlined house.

unlined ceiling

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