Service Area: +110 Designs, Images and Decoration Ideas

The service area is one of the most neglected rooms in terms of decoration, as it is not a space for relaxation or for receiving visitors. However, this is an extremely important area for house maintenance and, therefore, it must be a practical and functional environment for activities related to cleaning and organization to be carried out successfully.

The problem is that, generally, the service area is a space with little space. Therefore, it can be a challenge to decorate this room so that it becomes personalized, functional and organized. With that in mind, in this article we’ll introduce you to several projects and tips to help you transform the look of this environment.

Tips for setting up a decorated service area

Organize and optimize space

To facilitate the organization of all utensils and cleaning materials in your service area, you can invest in cabinets with dividers, niches, boxes, shelves, baskets, among other items, which will facilitate this process and can even act as decorative elements. Also, remember that choosing these items depends on the size of space you have available and the materials you want to store. But be careful not to create an environment cluttered with unnecessary items.

Image 1: Use dividers and baskets to organize utensils, products and clothes in the service area.

Service area decorated with baskets and shelves.

How to choose the closet for the service area?

As we showed you earlier, closets can become fundamental tools to help you organize that space. Therefore, you can invest in suspended cabinets, located under the countertop and even associated with the dishwasher tank. But it is worth remembering that, to optimize space and take advantage of every available square meter, the best option is to invest in custom cabinets. In this case, you can choose cabinets with dividers and niches that meet your demands for cleaning and organization.

And regarding the style of this closet for the laundry area, you can opt for a modern or simple design, it all depends on your expectations in relation to this space. However, if you have a kitchen integrated with the service area, the ideal is that the design of these cabinets accompany the decoration used in your planned kitchen.

Image 2: The custom cabinet is very useful for organizing space.

Service area with blue planned cabinet.

Choose a color palette

Your service area doesn’t have to be boring! You can add a splash of color and a lot of style by using a neutral or eye-catching color palette, depending on what style of decor you want to adopt in this room. And to add these colors to the environment, you can either invest in colorful cabinets and different coverings, as well as in potted plants, decorative frames and organization baskets.

In addition, colored walls and doors can also transform the environment, as can the use of marble or granite countertops, among other types of finishes.

Image 3: You can also decorate your laundry area using a simple, neutral color palette.

Service area with classic cabinet and white brick tile.

External service area

The outdoor area also requires your care. It is important that this space has ceramic coverings and that there is a closet in which you can store all the materials and accessories that you will use in this place. In addition, care must be taken with exposing this space to sunlight, which can damage the washing machine’s paint, for example. So, if possible, install a retractable door or canvas awning to protect this area of ​​the house and make all these items last longer.

Image 4: The outdoor service area also needs a support cabinet and a suitable ceramic tile.

Outdoor service area with decorated tile.

Simple service area

The simple service area can be characterized as a space with few decorative elements, more focused on practicality and functionality. In addition, it is marked by the use of neutral and discreet colors, as well as by a few cabinets and accessories. Here, the essential is enough, but it doesn’t lack its beauty. Therefore, you can choose practical elements that are aesthetically beautiful.

Image 5: You don’t need a lot of elements in your service area. A small closet and a few baskets are enough to create a simple and functional environment.

Simple service area with hanging cabinet.

Small service area

Organization is a key aspect of getting a small functional and practical service area. And to obtain this organization and practicality, it is important to invest in planned furniture and/or shelves and support niches, as well as in a multifunctional washer, which washes and dries clothes, since there is not always space for the installation of a clothesline. In addition, if this area is integrated into a small planned kitchen, you can use the same decor proposal in both rooms.

Image 6: Custom cabinets and a washer and dryer are essential for a small service area.

White small service area.

We have separated a selection of 104 inspiring projects, with different types of finishing and decoration styles, to help you visualize the application of all these tips. Check out the images below!

Image 7: If you have space, invest in dishwasher tanks and cabinets to store utensils.

Decor with custom cabinetry and double tank.

Image 8: A service area with custom cabinets becomes more beautiful and functional.

Large service area with modern white decor.

Image 9: For homes with limited space, building a small service area that can be hidden inside the closet can be an interesting solution.

Hidden service area with door.

Image 10: Use shelves and granite countertops to organize and decorate this space.

Decoration with sticker and shelf.

Image 11: You can also invest in colored coatings like blue tiles and walls.

Decorated with blue inserts and orange door.

Image 12: In addition, you can still use a closet with niches and a coat rack.

Small laundry area with gray closet.

Image 13: In small apartments, you can take advantage of the balcony space to create a planned service area.

Gourmet balcony decorated with barbecue and washing machine.

Image 14: But if you like a clean and delicate decoration, you can invest in the hydraulic tile and metro white tile. In addition, custom cabinets and shelves are also welcome.

Service area decorated with blue cabinets and hydraulic tile.

Image 15: Another example of a service area project decorated with blue cabinets, shelf and white metro tile.

Design with white metro tile and blue cabinets.

Image 16: Decorated tiles and cabinets with wood finish and white doors make the decoration simple and beautiful.

Large laundry area with white and wooden cabinets.

Image 17: Shelf and small baskets help organize the space.

Simple service area with shelf and pink baskets.

Image 18: In addition to the niches, you can also include a closet to store clothes.

Decorated with wooden bench and decorated tile.

Image 19: The gray wall, the decorated tiles, the shelves and the baskets create an organized and charming laundry.

Modern decor with decorated tile, gray wall and organizing baskets.

Image 20: But you can also adopt a modern decor using wooden cabinets with straight lines.

Modern decor with white cabinets with straight lines.

Image 21: You can still invest in hanging cabinets in your laundry.

Simple service area with white cabinets and silestone countertops.

Image 22: However, if you prefer a modern decor, you can also invest in cabinets with bright colors and the blue wall.

Service area decorated with purple cabinet.

Image 23: Shelves and coat rack can also make a difference in your decor.

Decorated with white shelves and coat rack.

Image 24: You can also use cabinets with a black finish.

Simple decoration with black and white cabinet and stainless steel tank.

Image 25: For a small service area, it is worth replacing the cabinets with shelves and using a simple tank.

Simple service area with shelves and white brick tiles.

Image 26: These colored inserts transformed the look of this space.

Simple decoration with blue inserts.

Image 27: Hanging shelves with potted plants, decorated basket and open wooden closet made this simple laundry room cozier.

Simple laundry area with white cabinet and plant pots.

Image 28: To decorate and facilitate the visualization of objects, it is worth investing in shelves with built-in LED spots.

Service area with shelves with LED spot.

Image 29: The cabinets used in the service area can have the same colors and finishes as those used in the kitchen.

Small laundry area with gray cabinets.

Image 30: To break the classic look of the white laundry, you can use striped wallpaper.

Large service area with simple white decor.

Image 31: The white service area conveys a feeling of cleanliness and organization.

White decor with simple cabinets and granite countertops.

Image 32: And you can even delimit a space with granite to protect the washing machines.

Simple decor with granite countertops and washing machines.

Image 33: In addition, you can still use tile-patterned wallpaper decorated on the walls.

Ample decoration with blue cabinets and decorated tile contact.

Image 34: Another example of a small laundry area that can be hidden inside the closet.

Small laundry area with black and white wallpaper.

Image 35: Neutral colors and a light finish are widely used in this room.

Simple decor in neutral colors and two washing machines.

Image 36: However, you can still use contact that mimics the decorated tile, as well as LED ribbon to light up this space.

Simple decor with washing machine and decorated tile.

Image 37: Another example of a laundry room decorated with a blue and white color palette and various wooden elements.

Modern laundry area with semi-finish tank and blue cabinets and white subway tiles.

Image 38: You can also use a cement countertop, blue cladding and cabinet, as well as a yellow painted door to decorate this space.

Modern decor with cement countertops and blue cabinets.

Image 39: In addition, you can also bet on the cabinet and shelf with black finish and on the colored washing machine.

Decorated with black cabinets and yellow washing machine.

Image 40: You can also use potted plants and stickers to decorate your simple laundry area.

Simple decorated service area.

Image 41: Decorative frames and modern lighting fixtures can also modernize the environment.

Simple service area with decorative frames and wooden shelves.

Image 42: In this project, the decoration of the service area follows the same style as the kitchen’s look.

Integrated kitchen with small service area.

Image 43: This project is distinguished by the use of suspended pendants, plant pots and wooden benches.

Scandinavian decor with a wooden bench and hanging pendants.

Image 44: Blue ceramic tiles break the predominance of white in this decoration.

Simple decoration with blue inserts.

Image 45: But you can also use colorful decorated tiles in your laundry.

Decorated with carved tank and colorful decorated tile.

Image 46: In this project, the metallic inserts left the most modern look.

Simple decoration with silver metallic insert.

Image 47: In addition, you can even use a floral print wallpaper to create a more delicate decor.

Simple service area with decorated wallpaper.

Image 48: Wooden elements, light rail and decorative frames transformed the decor of this simple service area.

Simple decor with wooden bench, white cabinet and light rail.

Picture 49: Light colored cabinets are often used in an integrated kitchen with laundry.

Simple decor with gray cabinets and silestone countertops.

Image 50: You too can be inspired by this simple service area project.

Simple design with ample service area.

Image 51: In addition, you can use a theme painting to decorate your service area.

Service area decorated with painting on the wall.

Image 52: But you can also opt for a simpler decoration, just with cabinets and countertops.

Large service area with simple closet and black tank.

Image 53: For a more luxurious decoration, you can use porcelain tiles and install a vertical garden in this space.

Modern decor with mixed porcelain tile flooring and vertical garden.

Image 54: The wood cladding also makes your service area look modern and cozy.

Modern service area with wood cladding.

Image 55: You can also use colored hexagonal tile in your decoration.

Decoration with blue hexagonal tile.

Image 56: However, for a small service area, invest in a light-colored decor and hanging cabinet.

Simple service area with white brick tile and hanging cabinet.

Image 57: And to make the environment more attractive, you can use the three-dimensional tile.

Simple decoration with three-dimensional tile.

Image 58: In addition, colored tiles and ceramics contribute to a different and personalized decoration.

Modern decor with yellow insert and gray ceramic.

Image 59: And you can still exchange closed cabinets for open metal structures, which also help organize the space.

Simple decoration with metallic structure.

Image 60: See how the hydraulic tile coating transformed the look of this area!

Simple decoration with hydraulic tile.

Image 61: However, you can also use glass tiles to transform the environment.

Simple decoration with metallic tank and glass inserts.

Image 62: In the outdoor service area, it’s worth betting on colorful cabinets and brick tile.

Outdoor service area with purple cabinet and metal tank.

Image 63: And you can even use the wall in this room to create a painting with blackboard paint.

Service area with white cabinets and wall with blackboard paint.

Image 64: The white metro tile is an excellent coating to decorate your white laundry.

Simple decor with granite countertops and white cabinets.

Image 65: You can still exchange cabinets for shelves and just use a curtain to close the place.

Simple service area with decorative frame and geometric curtain.

Image 66: Choosing a floor with a different coating, like the inserts used in the project below, can make this area more beautiful and original.

Simple decoration with hexagonal inserts.

Image 67: This small service area can be hidden inside a wooden cabinet.

Simple service area inside the wooden cabinet.

Image 68: Another example of a large service area decorated with white cabinets and ceramic tiles.

Simple service area with white cabinet and neutral tile.

Image 69: You can also opt for a modern tank for your laundry.

Simple decor with modern tank.

Image 70: But if you prefer a more contemporary look, you can use cabinets with different finishes.

Decorative design with yellow hanging cabinet.

Image 71: These cabinets with wood finishes made this space more charming and functional.

Simple decor with wooden cabinets and granite countertops.

Image 72: However, if you need to decorate a large area, you can invest in black flooring and gray cabinets.

Modern decor with black tile and three-dimensional coating.

Image 73: To decorate a modern service area, invest in gray finish, distinctively designed furniture and gold metallic inserts

Modern laundry area with gray cabinets and gold inserts.

Image 74: But decorating with white cabinets and potted plants can also make this environment cozier.

Simple service area with white cabinets and modern tank.

Image 75: How about using red tablets in this decoration?

Simple decoration with red tablets.

Image 76: The planned closet allows you to take advantage of every available space.

Small service area with Portuguese tiles.

Image 77: Ribbon lighting and LED spots, as well as classic cabinets with copper handles and wood finishes left the look of this more modern laundry room.

Simple decoration with classic cabinets and LED tape.

Image 78: However, you can also use black cabinets in this environment.

Modern decor with black cabinet.

Image 79: The neutral color decor makes the look elegant and timeless.

Simple service area with neutral decor.

Image 80: You can even take advantage of the gourmet balcony to create a space for laundry.

Gourmet balcony with small laundry area.

Image 81: You can still use cabinets with straight lines in your decoration.

Simple and large service area with white cabinet.

Image 82: This small service area can be hidden by a retractable wooden door.

Small and simple service area with retractable door.

Image 83: However, you can invest in cabinets with classic design, modern light fixtures and delicate finishes.

Service area with classic cabinet and decorated tiles.

Image 84: You can still build a space for your dog in the laundry area.

Service area decorated with dog bed and washing machine.

Image 85: For modern decor, use gray cabinets and burnt cement finish on the wall.

Integrated kitchen with service area and modern decor.

Image 86: But you can also use white tiles to compose a delicate decoration.

Simple decor with white cabinets and white inserts.

Image 87: Take advantage of this space to grow your plants.

Simple decoration with potted plants.

Image 88: And if you want to get away from the obvious, use colored lockers in this area.

Simple service area with yellow cabinet.

Image 89: White and straight-line cabinets, as well as the carved tank, give this space a modern look.

Simple and small service area with carved tank.

Image 90: The simple decoration, with white cabinets and granite countertops, can also be a great option for this environment!

Large and simple laundry area with granite countertops.

Image 91: You can use a decorated wooden partition between the kitchen and the small laundry area.

Small laundry area with white brick tile.

Image 92: Gray cabinets can also promote a cozy decor.

Simple service area with gray cabinets and wooden niches.

Image 93: You can still use coating that imitates wood in this environment.

Simple decor with imitation wood coating.

Image 94: Another example of a small and simple service area integrated into the kitchen.

Small service area with simple decor.

Image 95: This minimalist space has been decorated with white cladding and wood finish.

Modern and minimalist white service area.

Image 96: You can still associate neutral cabinets and blue inserts.

Simple service area with gray cabinets and blue inserts.

Image 97: This small service area also installed inside a cabinet with a retractable door.

Small laundry area with white brick tile and retractable door.

Image 98: You can still use ceramics with different and neutral colors in the floor decoration.

Large laundry area with decorated floor.

Image 99: In addition, you can use golden handles and supports on cabinets and shelves.

Simple service area with gold accents.

Image 100: You can only use a simple wooden bench to house the washing machines and dryers.

Simple service area with white wooden bench.

Image 101: The pink baskets were used both to organize the materials and to decorate the room.

Simple decor with pink baskets and granite countertops.

Image 102: But you can also use green baskets in your simple decoration.

Simple laundry area with granite countertops and green baskets.

Image 103: A glass door separates this simple outdoor service area from the rest of the house.

External service area with glass door.

Image 104: However, you can use the hydraulic tile on the floor, black cabinets and modern light fixtures to create an original and elegant decor.

Classic decor with black cabinets and hydraulic tiles.

Image 105: Besides, you can still use dark cabinets to compose a simple decoration.

Simple decor with black cabinets.

Image 106: In this project, the delicate frames and the pink door left the environment more delicate.

Small, delicate service area with pink door and decorative frames.

Image 107: And you can still use salmon color cabinets and adhesives in washing machines and dryers.

Simple service area with colorful cabinets and decorative frame.

Image 108: The wooden panel draws attention in the decoration of this space.

Simple service area with granite countertops and wood paneling.

Image 109: This service area was planned for those who like plants.

Simple service area with potted plants.

Image 110: Another example of simple white decor to inspire you.