Simple Bathroom: +90 Decoration Projects to Inspire You

Many people adopt simple decoration in their home due to the ease of installing decorative elements and because there is no need for a high investment, although it is also possible to use nobler and more expensive materials to apply this style. That’s why the simple bathroom is so sought after by those who want to make a change in this room, since the goal is to create a beautiful, practical, functional environment that doesn’t require a lot of work to be implemented.

That’s why we’ve prepared this article filled with tips and images in order to help you find the inspiring model you want to apply in your home and plan the renovation of this room, regardless of whether your bathroom is planned or your project is conceived by own account.

Simple Bathroom Colors

Those who think that a simple bathroom is only synonymous with discreet, light colors and a composition without personality are mistaken. In fact, it is possible to adopt a decor with different color palettes, which allow the composition of an environment that reflects the resident’s taste. With that in mind, in the next topics we will show you how to choose a color palette that will serve as a guide to choose the components of your bathroom decor.

White decoration

The white color has the advantage of conveying the feeling of a brighter, airy and spacious space, a characteristic that makes the difference in the decoration of small spaces. The challenge of using this color is not to leave the environment dull and cold. Therefore, it is worth investing in elements, such as coverings and cabinets, with different textures, colors and finishes.

Image 1: The wooden cabinet and the built-in niches in light blue combine very well with a clean decor.

Simple white bathroom with niche and wooden cabinet.

Image 2: You can use a wooden panel as a partition in the box and a decorative element.

Simple white bathroom with wooden panel.

Image 3: The colored frames and the flower vase break the predominance of light colors in the environment.

Simple white bathroom with frame.

Image 4: But you can also use colored tablets in your white bathroom.

Simple white bathroom with pink insert.

Image 5: Another example of how the use of colored coverings contributes to the decoration of a simple environment.

Simple white bathroom with brown insert.

Image 6: However, if you prefer an all-white decor, you can invest in three-dimensional tiles and hanging pendants to create a cozier look.

Simple white bathroom with three-dimensional tile.

Image 7: Your white decor can be even more elegant if you use light cabinets.

Simple white bathroom with mirrored cabinet.

Image 8: In addition, you can invest in porcelain tiles to make the look more sophisticated.

Simple white bathroom with porcelain.

Image 9: The clean decor is even more charming because of the combination with wooden elements, such as niches and countertops.

Simple white bathroom with wooden countertop.

Image 10: But if you want to be bold in decorating your simple white bathroom, you can install a colored floor in the room.

Simple white bathroom with colored floor.

Neutral decoration

Decor that uses a neutral color palette, such as white, gray, beige, off white and black, has the advantage of being timeless and long-lasting, as it doesn’t tire the user’s vision. Therefore, these colors can be used through different combinations, being widely used in simple bathroom decoration.

Image 11: The combination of wooden structures and light gray wall created a simple and cozy look.

Simple bathroom with washbasin and wooden shelf.

Image 12: In addition, you can even combine the gray porcelain tiles with the black cabinet and plant pots.

Simple gray bathroom, black shelf and plant pot.

Image 13: By the way, the white and gray color palette also creates a comfortable look.

Simple gray minimalist bathroom.

Image 14: In this example, the wooden cabinets leave the look light, as the gray coating promotes a more serious environment.

Simple gray bathroom with wooden cabinet.

Image 15: But you can also use beige porcelain tiles to create a simple, neutral decor.

Simple neutral bathroom.

Image 16: However, you can still invest in wood cabinets and granite countertops.

Simple bathroom with wooden cabinet and lighted niche.

Image 17: In addition, you can invest in the combination of gray coating, colored coating and modern tub, as in the example below.

Simple gray bathroom with wooden cabinet.

Image 18: Another option is to bet on three-dimensional tiles in earth tone.

Simple bathroom with brown three-dimensional tile.

Image 19: However, you can combine elements such as tiles and stone to create a pastel decor.

Simple, neutral and small bathroom.

Image 20: The brick tile and brown niches were used in this project to create a simple and elegant decoration.

Simple bathroom with brown brick tile.

Black and white decoration

The black and white color palette is a classic and can be very useful for decorating a room in an elegant and sophisticated way. Furthermore, this combination has the advantage of making it possible to create a black and white bathroom with few elements, such as cladding and metals, but with an incredible and welcoming visual effect for the user.

Image 21: Installing a black cabinet is one of the easiest ways to use color in decor.

Simple black and white bathroom.

Image 22: But you can also invest in niches, coverings and even black toilet.

Simple black and white bathroom with niche and black toilet.

Image 23: The black brick tile makes your black and white decor more elegant and sophisticated.

Simple black and white bathroom with black brick tile.

Image 24: But you can use the black tiles only in the box area.

Simple black and white bathroom with black brick tile.

Image 25: You can also invest in black metals and dark floors, contrasting with the light decor of the rest of the room.

Simple black and white bathroom,

Image 26: You can still invest in the black porcelain countertop and niche.

Simple black and white bathroom with mixed porcelain tile countertops.

Image 27: In addition, you can even mix black and white brick tiles in your decor.

Simple black and white bathroom with black and white tile.

Image 28: Another example of how black flooring can transform your simple bathroom decor.

Simple black and white bathroom with black floor.

Image 29: The decoration with white brick tiles and with metals and black cabinet also creates an elegant look.

Simple black and white bathroom with white metro tile.

Image 30: However, you can also bet on the decorated tile and the rustic wooden countertop.

Simple black and white bathroom with wooden countertop.

Colorful decoration

If you prefer an environment with a touch of color, you can invest in cabinets, coverings and decorative elements with the most varied shades. Also, you don’t need to use just one color in your decor. In fact, you can create amazing decorations using complementary colors in the same space, in order to build a beautiful and balanced decoration.

Image 31: Invest in colorful cabinet and decorated floor to transform your decor.

Simple colored bathroom with blue cabinet.

Image 32: You can also bet on the colored washbasin and the hydraulic tile floor.

Simple colored bathroom with green washbasin and hydraulic tile.

Image 33: But you can also install hydraulic tiles on your bathroom wall.

Simple colored bathroom with hydraulic tile.

Image 34: The contrast between the white brick tile and the mint green cabinet promotes a beautiful look.

Simple colored bathroom with mint green cabinet.

Image 35: In this example, in addition to the green cabinet, green brick tiles were also used.

Simple colored bathroom with mint green cabinet.

Image 36: You can even mix tiles of different colors in your decor.

Simple colored bathroom with mint cabinet and brick tile.

Image 37: This simple bathroom has been given a delicate decoration thanks to the installation of the wood panel, the light cabinet and the decorated tiles.

Simple colored bathroom with mint cabinet and decorated tile.

Image 38: In addition, you can still use pink geometric tiles in your decor, which goes very well with porcelain tiles that imitate wood.

Simple bathroom colored with porcelain tiles that imitate wood.

Image 39: And to create a more sober look, you can combine the gray lining with the blue cabinet.

Simple colored bathroom with blue cabinet.

Image 40: But if you prefer a cheerful and colorful environment, you can use colored inserts and niches with different colors.

Simple colored bathroom with glass insert.

Simple bathroom cabinet models

The choice of cabinet or cabinet model depends on your personal taste, color palette and decoration style, since there are several models on the market, which vary according to colors, finishes and format. In addition, it is important to remember that the closet is not just a decorative element, but above all it is a piece of furniture that helps organize personal hygiene items. Therefore, it is important to consider both the aesthetics and functionality of this piece of furniture when choosing your ideal model.

It’s also worth remembering that you can install a cabinet on top of the countertop, taking advantage of the mirror space, and even add niches and shelves there. Thus, both the space above the countertop and below should be taken into consideration when planning your project or when purchasing finished furniture. And to help you in this choice process, we have selected some projects, with different types of cabinets, to inspire you to choose yours. Check it out below!

Image 41: In this space, both the cabinet and the countertop are made of wood.

Decor with wooden cabinet and beige insert.

Image 42: The mirrored door cabinet makes the look more elegant.

Decor with mirrored cabinet and support tub.

Image 43: But you can also use a custom-made rustic cabinet for your washbasin.

Decor with wooden cabinet and square support tub.

Image 44: In this example, the bench, shelf and niche are made of wood.

Decor with wooden bench and shelf.

Image 45: By the way, wood is a material widely used to create a clean environment, as in the project below.

Clean decor with wooden cabinet and modern tub.

Image 46: But you can also adopt a green cabinet under the countertop and a wooden cabinet that serves as a support for shelves and mirrors.

Decor with green cabinet and wooden shelves.

Image 47: In addition, you can order a cupboard with open spaces that can be used to store towels and baskets, as in the case below.

Decor with wooden cabinet and colorful geometric tile.

Image 48: And you can still use a wooden panel illuminated with LED strip and with niches decorated with LED spot.

Decor with light green cabinet and lighted niches.

Picture 49: But you can also add a niche above the sink mirror, which can be used for decoration.

Decor with pink cabinet, mirror with cabinet and illuminated niche.

Image 50: In addition, you can still enhance the look of cabinets using handles with different design.

Decor with white cabinet and modern handle.

Simple bathroom linings

To choose the coverings for any room in the house, it is essential to pay attention to the characteristics of the material used in this covering, its durability and even the manufacturer’s specifications, in order not to choose an unsuitable product to be used in the bathroom, for example.

The good news is that you can use traditional ceramic, porcelain, hydraulic tile, tile, tiles, marble or granite, and even a combination of these different models. In addition, each of these types of flooring can still be found in different colors, designs and finishes, allowing you to get creative and create different spaces just by changing the flooring in your simple bathroom.

Check out the selection of projects below and see how to combine different models of coverings in your decor.

Image 51: This brown hexagonal tile made the environment more beautiful and elegant.

Decor with brown geometric coating.

Image 52: You can also use glass tiles in shower area decoration.

Decorated with glass insert and white support bowl.

Picture 53: White brick tiles are very versatile in simple bathroom decor. In addition, in this space a geometric coating on the floor and a pink finish on the walls were used.

Feminine decoration with white brick tile and geometric floor.

Image 54: You can even combine hexagonal tiles of different colors to compose your decoration.

Feminine decoration with pink geometric tile and wooden cabinet.

Image 55: The geometric tile applied only in the box area created a beautiful effect in the decoration of this space.

Clean decor with blue geometric tile.

Image 56: But you can also use geometric tiles on all the walls in the room.

Decor with gray floor, geometric tile and wooden cabinet.

Image 57: Also, you can combine different types of flooring in your simple bathroom. In this case, geometric tiles were used on the countertop wall, white brick tiles on the wall of the shower area and porcelain tiles that imitate wood on the floor.

Round mirror decoration and geometric decoration.

Image 58: In this project, cement coatings were used on the floor and geometric tiles on the wall and ceiling.

Clean decoration with hydraulic tile on the wall and ceiling.

Image 59: But you can also use the mixed porcelain tile to decorate your bathroom.

Clean decor with mixed porcelain and white cabinet.

Image 60: In addition, the three-dimensional tile also creates a beautiful effect in the decoration.

Three-dimensional tile decoration.

Single bathroom sink

The bathroom sink or tub works both as an essential element and as a decorative item, as the model used contributes to the construction of the decoration of the environment. In addition, there are several models available on the market, such as support bowl, semi-fitting bowl and recessed bowl, so that these models can be manufactured with different materials, such as glass, ceramic and granite.

Faced with so many options, it is essential to choose a model with the right size for your countertop and cabinet, and that is in accordance with the color palette you adopt. With that in mind, we selected some simple bathroom designs to exemplify how the sink makes a difference in your decor.

Image 61: You can adopt the carved marble sink in your decoration.

Decorated with carved sink.

Image 62: And if you have space, you can still install two tubs in your bathroom, very useful to separate the couple’s space.

Decoration with clasal bench and support tub.

Image 63: In addition, you can install the oval support bowl, for a decor with a modern touch.

Decoration with oval support tub and wooden cabinet.

Image 64: Another simple decoration consisting of a carved sink, but this time made with porcelain.

Decorated with porcelain tile and glass shelf.

Image 65: And you can even install a glass support bowl on your countertop.

Decorated with glass tub and white cabinet.

Image 66: The semi-fit tub can be a good option for those who don’t have much space on the bench.

Decoration with a semi-mounted tub and blue tile in the box.

Image 67: But you can also create a beautiful decoration using the traditional built-in tub. In this case, it is important to invest in a countertop and cabinet with good finishes.

Decor with built-in tub, blue cabinet and decorated tile.

Image 68: Another example of simple decoration consisting of a built-in tub, associated with beige cabinets, golden faucet and plant vases.

Decor with built-in tub, golden faucet and potted plants.

Image 69: But you can also use the semi-fitting tub in the clean decor of your bathroom.

Decoration with a semi-fitted tub, round mirror and niches.

Image 70: Also, you can invest in the square support bowl to decorate the room.

Decor with support tub, granite countertop and white cabinet.

But if you still haven’t found the simple bathroom design you want, then you need to check out this selection with 20 more models, with different colors and finishes, to inspire you to plan that room in your home.

Image 71: Your clean decor can be more beautiful and sophisticated if you use mixed porcelain tiles.

Simple bathroom with carved sink and mixed porcelain.

Image 72: The wooden countertop, blue shelf and colorful tiles used in this decoration create an inviting and cheerful look.

Simple bathroom with colorful tile and wooden countertop.

Image 73: You can bet on paintings and plant vases to decorate your simple bathroom with porcelain tiles that imitate wood.

Simple bathroom with imitation wood paneling.

Image 74: Using three-dimensional tiles and LED spots can also make a difference in your decor.

Simple bathroom with semi-fitted tub, illuminated niche and three-dimensional tile.

Image 75: But you can also bet on all-white decor to create a delicate and timeless look.

Simple bathroom with white decor.

Image 76: Colored cabinets can make your decor more delicate, especially if you use softer, lighter shades like mint.

Simple bathroom with mint green cabinet.

Image 77: You can also use a brown cabinet and glass inserts in your decor.

Simple bathroom with brown cabinet and glass inserts.

Image 78: The porcelain tile countertop, the modern pendants and the wooden niches draw attention to this project.

Simple bathroom with porcelain countertop and wooden niches.

Image 79: Another example of using decorated tiles only in the shower area.

Simple white and gray bathroom.

Image 80: But you can also install colored brick tiles just on the countertop wall.

Simple bathroom with wooden cabinet and green tile.

Image 81: And for a sober decoration, you can install black three-dimensional tiles on one of the walls and porcelain tiles in the rest of the room.

Simple peto and white bathroom.

Image 82: The combination of geometric tiles and wooden cabinet are widely used to create a simple and beautiful decoration.

Simple bathroom with wooden cabinet and geometric tile.

Image 83: You can even use a geometric floor covering to complement the look of your simple gray bathroom.

Simple bathroom with gray tile and geometric decorated floor.

Image 84: But if you like a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere, then you can use orange cabinets and paneling in your decor.

Simple bathroom with orange cabinet and orange geometric tile.

Image 85: However, it is also possible to have a simple and beautiful bathroom using light colored decor.

Simple bathroom with mint green cabinet and decorated tile.

Image 86: To create a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, you can invest in decorated tiles on the wall, contrasting with the rest of the clean decor.

Simple bathroom with hydraulic tile.

Image 87: But you can also bet on the blue decoration of this environment.

Simple bathroom with blue tile.

Image 88: Another option is to combine gray finishes and dark green cabinets.

Simple bathroom with gray ceramic, semi-fitted tub and green cabinet.

Image 89: The black and white decoration, the LED spots on the plaster ceiling and the wooden cabinet call the attention of this room.

Simple bathroom with wooden cabinet and decorated tile.

Image 90: Investing in three-dimensional tiles, black metals and potted plant decoration will transform your bathroom.

Simple bathroom with decorated tile, green cabinet.

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