Single Room: 75 Decor Projects to Inspire You

The bedroom is one of the most important environments in the house, as this is where we use our free time to relax, rest and even have fun. And although the decoration for a double room is very popular, the single room can also become an environment that combines comfort and beauty.

Remembering that the single room is not necessarily a child or adolescent environment. In fact, it is also possible to build a modern, elegant, sophisticated or even romantic decor for adults. It all depends on the decor you use and, of course, your creativity to decorate the room.

With that in mind, in this article we share several tips and inspirations to help you decorate your single room.

Single room decor

Firstly, to decorate your single room you need to know what furniture, decorative and functional objects need to be present in this environment. Thinking about your needs will help you define which elements need to be harmonized and planned to make up your room. Therefore, you need to decide whether items such as a television, DVD, video game, desk, dressing table, etc. are there. Will be needed.

In addition, it is essential that the furniture used is in accordance with the size of the space. As in other rooms, when decorating a single room it is also important to think about the color palette, lighting, furniture position, just like in any other room in the house.

Therefore, in the next topics, we will explain each of these items in more detail.

Image 1: Single room with simple and cozy decoration.

Single room decorated in light tones.

Set the theme of your decor

As in other areas of the house or apartment, the bedroom should also reflect the resident’s personality, preferences and desires. Therefore, it is important to be careful when planning your decoration. After analyzing which items should be present in your decor, it is interesting to think about the theme of your single room.

To choose the theme of your decoration, you can be inspired by an object or personal interest, such as video games, for example. In addition, you can also be inspired by decor styles: modern, elegant, sophisticated, industrial, minimalist, romantic, etc. Setting this point will help you choose the rest of the elements.

After defining the theme, you can think about the color palette you will use. Give preference to light furniture and the use of colors in other decorative objects. And remember: light colors convey the feeling of a roomier and cleaner environment, which helps especially when it comes to small rooms.

However, it is worth remembering that, with creativity and balance, you can use countless color combinations and still create a beautiful environment. In addition, you can also play with the textures and patterns present in bed linen and wallpaper to decorate your room.

It is also worth remembering that your decor theme can be even more beautiful, comfortable and functional with the right lighting. So, if possible, use lamps, chandeliers, lampshades, pendants, spotlights, LED strips, etc., to decorate your environment as well. These elements can serve both as ways to improve night lighting and as decorative elements. Also, you can even think of a plaster ceiling design to make the lighting even better.

Therefore, we share some pictures of single rooms with different decorative themes to inspire you.

Image 2: It is possible to invest in a delicate and elegant decoration at the same time.

Room with romantic decoration.

Image 3: Decor can be made more modern using mirror, indirect light, shades of gray and different textures.

Single room with modern decor.

Image 4: But it is also possible to use a simple and elegant decoration in your single room.

Room with minimalist decor.

Image 5: You can also use music as the main theme of your room. See how the shelves of this project were designed to store CDs and books.

Music themed decor.

Image 6: Your single room can be transformed with the presence of a brick wall, which makes the look more modern. However, you can also achieve this effect by using wallpaper with this pattern.

Room with modern and youthful decor.

Image 7: For a simple, feminine and modern decor, you can use colorful furniture and pillows, for example. In addition, the presence of a mirror and a hanging pendant also make a difference in this decoration.

Room with white and blue decor.

Image 8: A planned, feminine single room can also be elegant. One of the decor elements that contribute to this style is the mirrored wardrobe. In addition, in this room, the lighting design also includes LED spots on each of the shelves.

Modern and sophisticated decor for teenagers.

Image 9: Another example of a planned and sophisticated single room. In this case, the elements that stand out are the decorated wall, the gray upholstered headboard, the mirrored desk and nightstand and black armchair. All this contrasting with the white color of the rest of the environment.

Single bedroom with elegant decor.

Image 10: As in the previous bedroom, the upholstered headboard also stands out in this bedroom. Hanging pendants and delicate wallpaper also contribute to this decor that is modern and romantic.

Modern decor with hanging pendants and upholstered headboard.

Pay attention to the size of the single room

The size of the single room is critical in determining the placement of the furniture and decor in the room. If the room is small, using a planned closet integrated with the desk can be a good idea to optimize space. Using mirrors in decoration can also contribute to the expansion of available space.

In the case of larger rooms, you will have greater freedom to choose the way furniture and decorative objects will be distributed. In this case, you will have the opportunity to use larger furniture and even make use of armchairs, dressers, etc. However, you must be careful not to overdo the decoration under the pretext of being a large room. In this case, it is also necessary to have a balance to harmonize the decoration of the environment.

In addition, it is worth remembering that, regardless of the size of the room, the right color palette and furniture can create the comfortable and cozy environment you are looking for.

Image 11: Using custom furniture can help you make the most of your space when the environment is small. Also, as you can see in this room, using a light, neutral color palette can leave the feeling that the room is more spacious than it actually is.

Small single room with simple decor.

Image 12: But you can also use wallpaper with print in your single room, even if it’s small, as long as you know how to make the most of the space and the decoration of the environment.

Decoration for a small environment.

Image 13: In general, neutral colors are used a lot when it comes to small rooms. In this planned single room, in addition to this color palette and planned furniture, you can see that the lighting design also makes a difference in this decoration.

Simple room with neutral decor.

Image 14: Another example of decoration for a single room using a patterned wallpaper.

Printed wallpaper in small room.

Image 15: Using a mirrored wardrobe is always a great way to convey the feeling of a more spacious environment.

Mirrored wardrobe in small room.

Image 16: A planned single room is more beautiful and mature when using elements with geometric print. This type of print is valid whatever the size of your room.

Single bedroom with geometric decoration.

Image 17: If you have a bigger room, you can use your creativity to decorate. In this case, the use of rustic wooden furniture, associated with light blue and green tones, left the room with a light and beach look.

Room with beachy, minimalist decor.

Image 18: In this spacious room, the large wardrobe stands out, as well as the use of colorful objects, which contribute to this more clean and cozy look.

Large room with white, red and blue decor.

Image 19: But you don’t need to decorate your room only with custom furniture. It is also possible to find different ready-made furniture that, together in the same environment, create an excellent decor scenario in your room.

Simple decoration and colorful wall.

Image 20: However, if your space is small and you have a budget for decoration, using custom furniture can make your room even better. In this example, even the bed was custom-made following the style of the rest of the furniture.

Designed furniture in the room with simple decor.

Single bedroom furniture tips

The type of furniture you will use in the decoration of your single room depends on the size of the room, the theme of the decoration and your functional need for that room. Although the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the room, remember that the wardrobe, the nightstand and other furniture can also transform your room through its differentiated design and style.

With that in mind, we have separated the topics below to help you choose the furniture for your single room.

Which bed should I use in my single room?

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a room. It is from this that the other furniture and objects in the environment are organized. Therefore, it is important that the bed is adequate for the size of the room, in order to allow circulation within the room. This can be used both for litter box and for wooden beds or other types of material.

If the room is small, you can lean your bed against the wall and use the rest of the space for other furniture. Even in this case it is possible to create environments with beautiful decorations!

In addition, it is worth remembering that in this article we consider a single room as one that has, mostly, beds that are also single. However, if you have a more spacious room, you can also invest in a double bed, which will guarantee you more comfort.

But the intention here is to show you that you can also have a beautiful decoration using a single bed. See the examples below.

Image 21: This room is distinguished by the presence of a centralized bed with upholstered headboard and by the mirrored wardrobe.

Single bedroom with mirrored wardrobe.

Image 22: But it is also possible to create a modern decor using the single bed located next to the wall.

Custom furniture and modern decor in the single bedroom.

Picture 23: In this single room the single bed is made of wood, composing this simple and rustic decoration.

Comfortable with simple and cozy decoration.

Image 24: In this room, the single bed box used to compose a simple decoration.

Single bed box in the room decoration.

Image 25: In contrast to the previous bedroom, in this room the single bed is located next to the balcony and is even more charming with the presence of this wooden headboard.

Planned furniture and neutral colors used in the decoration of the house.

Image 26: In this planned single room, the bed is highlighted by the presence of this upholstered headboard to the ceiling. In addition, the geometric wallpaper, contrasting with the color of the headboard, makes the environment more beautiful.

Single bed with upholstered headboard.

Image 27: Another example of a room that is more charming because of the presence of the wooden headboard.

Single room with elegant and cozy decoration.

Image 28: In this example, the single bed made to measure in wood, harmonizes with the rest of the room’s decor.

Decor with box bed against the wall.

Image 29: This room was made more modern with the presence of this leather headboard throughout the room.

Single bed with leather headboard.

Image 30: In this room, the bed leaning against the wall leaves more space for circulation in the environment.

Designed room with burnt cement wall.

Room with two single beds

Many single rooms can have more than one bed in the room. Usually this happens when it comes to a guest room or one that is shared between siblings and relatives. Whatever the reason for including another bed in the room, the important thing is to know that this interferes with the arrangement of furniture within the room. After all, with an extra bed, you lose space.

However, even in this situation, it is possible to find viable solutions to decorate the single room. If your room has space, you can arrange the beds in the traditional way: two single beds separated only by a nightstand or desk. But if you don’t have a lot of space, you can also use the bunk bed and take advantage of this furniture to create an amazing decoration.

If you are looking for examples of room decor with two single beds, then you need to see the images below.

Image 31: This planned bunk even has LED spots built into the top.

Bunk bed planned with brick wallpaper.

Picture 32: This double room follows the traditional style and has a nightstand separating the beds.

Simple decor with two beds.

Image 33: This image proves that it is possible to have a single room with a bunk bed and still be modern and sober.

Planned bunk with gray decor.

Picture 34: You can also use an upholstered headboard to decorate your double room.

Upholstered headboard for two single beds.

Image 35: For a simpler and more minimalist decoration, you can use wooden furniture, including the bunk bed.

Planned wooden bunk.

Picture 36: The desk was used in this room to separate the single beds.

Single room with two beds and simple decor.

Image 37: In this room designed with feminine decoration, the headboards of the beds were used to create closets. In addition, a simple desk between the beds has been added.

Double room with romantic decoration.

Image 38: Another bedroom with a wooden bunk bed, used to make the most of the space in this small room.

Planned bunk in small room.

Image 39: In this planned single room, in addition to two beds, a double slave was produced for the users of the room. The decoration in shades of blue also draws attention.

Single room with two beds and modern decor.

Picture 40: Another bedroom with beds separated by a nightstand. See how the wooden decoration makes the environment cozier.

Double single room with simple and cozy decoration.

Desk in the decoration

Many people choose to have a single bed in their bedroom to make room for a desk, because they need a specific place where they can study or work. If that’s your case, we’ve put together a series of examples of single rooms that have this furniture.

Also, it is worth remembering that to have a desk in your room, forming your private home office space, you do not necessarily need to use custom furniture. There are many choices of beautiful and functional desks sold in furniture stores and that can be used to decorate your room.

Image 41: In this single room, a wooden bench was used with space for its use as a desk.

White colored desk planned.

Image 42: In this room, the wooden bench was used in conjunction with this decorative structure on the wall.

White and planned desk.

Image 43: But you can also use a simple wooden desk associated with a chest of drawers, to have more space to store your belongings.

White desk with blue module.

Image 44: In this other planned single room, a wooden bench was installed that occupies two walls of the room. Therefore, it is used both as a desk and as a dressing table.

Single bedroom with wooden bench.

Image 45: In this planned room, a mirror above the desk was used, making the decoration more modern.

Planned desk made of wood and gray color.

Image 46: Another white wooden desk, with space for two people, used in this room with a bunk bed.

White wooden desk.

Image 47: An alternative to the previously used desk models is this custom-made glass cabinet.

Glass desk.

Image 48: In this room, the desk is also used as a decorative adornment, located below the television.

White desk and bench in a single room.

Picture 49: But if you want to decorate your room with a rustic and modern theme, you can use this wooden desk together with a rustic chair.

Wooden desk.

Image 50: However, if your room is small, to take advantage of the space, you can lean the desk against the single bed, as in this image.

Wooden desk in the small room.

Functional single bedroom furniture

If you have little space to decorate your single room, you can make use of functional furniture, which can have more than one function in the room. For example, you can use beds with built-in drawers to have more cabinets available. Or you can use a bunk bed, the bottom of which is made up of a desk.

Anyway, the important thing is to use your creativity to make good use of the space in your room, so that it really meets your needs. With this in mind, we have separated some images with examples of decoration that use this type of furniture.

Image 51: It is possible to plan a bedroom so that the underside of the bed is also used as a storage place.

Single room with planned furniture.

Image 52: But you can also opt for a bed with a chest of drawers.

Wooden bed with drawer.

Image 53: A single room in which a bunk bed associated with a desk is used.

White bunk with desk.

Image 54: Another example of using a functional bed, which also has drawers.

Planned wooden bed with white chest of drawers.

Image 55: A functional single bed was also used in this room, with an associated chest of drawers.

Wooden bed with drawers.

Image 56: This single bed is taller than those shown above as it has more drawers available.

Designed room with wooden bed and double drawers.

Image 57: In this case, a single bed was used that has a drawer with another mattress.

Single bed with drawer with mattress.

Image 58: This bed is distinguished by the colors used in the decoration of the drawers.

Single bed with drawers.

Picture 59: This single room has a retractable single bed, associated with a desk. This type of furniture is ideal for those who don’t have much space in this room.

Retractable single bed with desk.

Image 60: Another example of a bunk bed associated with a desk. This is a great idea to optimize your space!

Desk with single bed.

+15 single room models

But if after all this information you still haven’t found the decoration of your dreams for your single room, then you need to check out these 15 decoration models below, which may inspire you to plan this room.

Image 61: This planned single room is modern and full of character! In addition to using yellow on the wall and on the shelves, it also has a wall that works as a blackboard. In addition, the wooden furniture also contributes to this modern look.

Single bedroom with chalkboard wall.

Picture 62: This room would be very different without this exposed brick-patterned wallpaper, which makes the environment more modern and youthful.

Room with exposed brick wallpaper.

Image 63: This planned room is even more beautiful with this lighting project that includes a LED strip, pendant and spot rail. In addition, the dark colors and wooden decor also contribute to the elegance and modernity of the environment.

Single room with modern decor.

Image 64: Another example of how the presence of exposed brick walls modifies the room’s decor.

Decor with exposed brick wall.

Picture 65: In this romantically decorated single room, pink, white and gray colors create a delicate atmosphere. In addition, the chandelier with a differentiated design and the wooden detail make the chandelier more modern.

Designed room with feminine and romantic decor.

Image 66: The plant pots, the decorative objects with straw and wood, in addition to the lights, left this room with a simple and minimalist look.

Minimalist decor with plants and straw.

Image 67: Another room that uses many wooden details, such as the headboard, to create a modern environment.

Wooden decoration in the single bedroom.

Image 68: Another room with a brick wall and yellow and gray details. A modern room full of references!

Decor with exposed brick wall and yellow furniture.

Image 69: This single room has many details and ornaments that also create a young and modern atmosphere.

Single room with simple decor and gray wall.

Image 70: But if you’re looking for inspiration for a triple single room, here’s an example of a single room that uses suspended beds.

Bedroom decoration with three suspended beds.

Image 71: Using a wooden headboard and black furniture also contributes to a modern decor.

Designed bedroom with black painted wooden headboard.

Image 72: However, if your dream is to have a single room planned with industrial decoration or using the black color, you need to see this environment!

Single room with industrial and modern decor.

Image 73: You can also use a world map wallpaper as a decorative element.

World map wallpaper decoration.

Image 74: This room also has a young and modern decor.

Modern male single bedroom.

Image 75: You can even use beer bottles and lots of wood in your decor.

Decoration using beer bottles.

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