Sliding Door to Bathroom: 60+ Models, Materials and Styles

The bathroom sliding door models, in addition to giving all the charm that this environment needs, also brings a lot of ease to help you with the most basic needs of everyday life. Thus, incredible models were developed to inspire you from the most rustic to the most sophisticated.

Thus, there are several uses for these doors, whether decorative or for architectural reasons. Rare are the times that these ports are used to hide faults.

So, so that you are up to date with the news and trends of this item, find out below where to use it, which are the bathroom sliding door models and much more. Check out!

Image 01: The bathroom needs a very selective choice both because of the decoration and because of the material.

white bathroom sliding door

Types of bathroom sliding door

Today on the market we have several types and models of sliding bathroom doors. So, see below the types most used in works by architects and interior designers.

Image 02: As it is a very specific and small environment, everything needs to be used very well, not only thinking about the decoration, but also using all the space better due to its size.

sliding door to bathroom

Sliding door to bathroom with visible pulley

This model is more used for more cool decorations. That they don’t need such a neat decoration. Furthermore, it refers to the rustic and the industrial. So, for those who like this “heavier” style, this model is worth betting on.

Image 03: A good way to decorate without spending too much, leaving them on display is not always something bad seen. So look at this beautiful example.

raw wood bathroom sliding door

Image 04: choose the colors well to contrast with the rest of the decoration.

sliding door to bathroom yellow wood

Image 05: You can also bet on hiding the pulley in wooden frames to match your sliding wooden bathroom door. The detailed stripes are a charm! Even more when in colors that match woody, such as yellow.

wooden bathroom door

Recessed bathroom sliding door

For those who don’t have space for a conventional sliding door, it’s worth betting on built-in models. Since it won’t be necessary to keep any apparent structure occupying external space, this model of door is very simple to be installed. However, it takes planning.

After all, your structure will be inside masonry, drywall or furniture panels. So, to get inspired, just take a look at this selection that we’ve put together for you.

Image 06:  In this model, the door is embedded inside the wall for a better coverage of the cracks, it is necessary to use a “u”-shaped stop.

sliding door to bathroom

Image 07: The most used way to install the door is breaking part of the wall to install the rails.

bathroom door with glass and wood

Image 08: After being installed the apparent part and covered by drywall.

sliding door to bathroom

Sliding door to bathroom with band

The band is nothing more than a kind of frame that hides the rail and the pulley of the sliding door. That way, that more stripped-down air of the rustic and industrial style is left out, making room for a more modern and minimalist decor. So, here are some ideas performed to better understand this style.

Image 09: If you don’t want to do all the work of breaking the wall or don’t have space for it.

bathroom sliding door with frame

Image 10: It is a good option to use the band to cover the tracks.

sliding door to ensuite bathroom

Image 11: Choose a color that matches the wall or the same color to make it more discreet.

bathroom sliding door hidden pulley

Know how to choose the best sliding door for small bathrooms

It is very common to find small bathrooms, especially when buying an apartment. Even more than today, everything is reduced to the necessary and really usual size. Therefore, we can say that practicality took over the current buildings.

However, along with this came the need to adapt even the doors of these small spaces. Thus, one of the most sought after options are the built-in sliding doors, which do not take up space on the outside. However, everything will depend on the style of the project.

So, thinking this way, here are some ideas below.

Image 12: Small bathrooms are common and are growing every day due to the size of the apartments.

sliding door to small bathroom

Image 13: Choosing a clear frosted glass door can give the feeling of more space.

wooden bathroom door

Image 14:  Another option is a barn-style solid wood door that gives a rustic yet sophisticated feel at the same time.

solid wood for door

Use Sliding Glass Door Wisely: See Tips

Are you another one of those who won’t give up a glass door? So know that you need to follow some tips and recommendations so that this detail in the glass does not become a headache for you. So here are some tips for you to use this item wisely.

Image 15: Besides taking away the privacy of the glass doors for those with children, it’s not a good idea. However, there are skins you can add to your doors for privacy again.

sliding glass bathroom door

Image 16: Despite being quite discreet and having all a charm, having a glass door requires some care.

wide bathroom door

Image 17: Using delays to relieve the pressure with which the door hits is essential to prevent it from breaking.

door with foil

Sliding Door Ideas for Bathrooms

Image 18: Solid wood barn entry style doors might be a good idea.

sliding door to rustic bathroom

Image 19: Using white-dyed wood also goes well with light rooms and neutral decor.

sliding door to small bathroom

Image 20: To take advantage of the space, it’s a good idea to put a towel rack on the door.

towel rail at the door

Image 21: Door dyed black with silver rails and pulleys is good to break a neutral decoration and also for those who like to be daring.

wooden bathroom door

Image 22: A reddish wood color, black rail and pulleys showing it give a whole different air to the environment.

wood with black accents

Image 23: For more standard bathrooms, the raw wood door only with varnish is very discreet.

sliding door to bathroom

Image 24: For bright bathrooms with a white door with silver accents, it is elegant and a good idea for those afraid of daring.

white bathroom sliding door

Image 25: Frosted glass doors are also very good for the more conservative.

bathroom foil door

Ideas for modern bathrooms

Image 26: White tones for a bright, modern decor combined with vibrant tones is excellent for not changing the decor environment.

modern yellow door

Image 27: Another baby blue doesn’t go bad for a light decor.

sliding door to baby blue bathroom

Image 28: Glass doors with wood or black metal give it all and elegance.

glass and wood for door

Image 29: An all white recessed door with aluminum handle is a good idea too.

recessed sliding door

Image 30: And who said that an all-white bando with the same color doesn’t go with more decorated environments?

sliding door to bathroom

Image 31: And it even helps to give a break in more loaded decorations.

hall bathroom

Image 32: A white with aluminum bando is a charm that alone.

pulley detail for sliding door

Image 33: White matte with gray handles gives you a bold being a little conservative.

hall bathroom

Image 34: And an old wooden door with a frosted glass? You can give the environment a break.

sliding door to bathroom

Image 35: A wooden venetian style door for environments with wooden decoration looks amazing.

modern sliding door

Image 36: With old oak style dark wood also gives all the refinement to the place.

sliding door to bathroom

Ideas for small bathrooms

Image 37: For those who think that a small bathroom cannot be tidy and decorated, you are wrong.

black pulleys and wooden door

Image 38: Bando style doors are the most ideal.

recessed sliding door

Image 39: Or with visible pulleys.

sliding door to bathroom

Image 40: Being small you can’t use your creativity too much.

frosted sliding bathroom door

Image 41: How about your door being part of the decoration?

sliding door to bathroom

Image 42: If the room is also small, you can be a little daring by putting a nice mirror on the door.

wooden door and mirror

Image 43: For bright environments an all white door is also nice.

shiny sliding door

Image 44: You can use various artifacts as inspiration.

sliding door to bathroom

Image 45: If you’re a cool person, you can dare with a door with the same finish as your TV panel. So look at this example.

built-in panel door

Image 46: And if you want to put on the face of wealth, bet on glass doors with polished steel details that look amazing.

sliding glass door

Ideas for large bathrooms

Image 47: If the house had an old-fashioned feel, a very attractive solid wood door would look great.

light blue bathroom sliding door

Image 48: Large bathroom doors can be used even more.

black wooden door with glass

Picture 49: But if you are one of those who lose control keep calm.

sliding door with mirror

Image 50: The larger the space, the easier it is to lose the decoration’s direction.

sliding door to bathroom

Image 51: To make it even more beautiful, convey your feelings to the decor.

black sliding door

Image 52: I’m sure it will look like you.

glass door with wood frame

Image 53: For bright environments it’s good to break the white.

wood and aluminum for the door

Image 54: An all black matte door, how about?

sliding door to bathroom

Image 55: Or for the more daring a black piano.

sliding metal door

Image 56: Daring is good. But having the right measure.

striped sliding door

Image 57: Maintaining the coherence of the environment is a challenge.

raw wood sliding door

Image 58: However, it is necessary so that the decoration doesn’t end up looking weird.

composition ideas with sliding doors

Image 59: However, if you end up losing focus when choosing, or are still in doubt about which is the best option of a sliding bathroom door model for you, the ideal is to hire a professional in the area.

white sliding door

Image 60: So, take the opportunity to express your feelings to the professional so that he can understand more about your project and the essence of your personality. Because, only in this way you will have a picture of your emotions in a door married to the rest of the decoration.

sliding door to bathroom

But and you? What do you think of the sliding bathroom doors? Have you ever thought about putting one of these in your home or commercial establishment? So tell us your opinion here and if you have one of these installed, be sure to share it here in the comments to encourage and inspire more people!