Small and Simple Winter Garden: +80 Inspiring Models

the small winter garden can be considered a real space for peace, meditation and refuge indoors. The good news is that, even if your house doesn’t have a lot of space, with the right plants and decoration, you can create this environment of relaxation and relaxation. Therefore, in this article you will find inspiring tips and images to help you plan the ideal garden for your home.

How to decorate a small winter garden?

First of all, you need to keep in mind that there is no ideal place to install your small conservatory. And this opens up a range of options for locations that can be used to set up this garden, such as the place under the stairs or the bathroom. However, although there is no rule regarding this, most residential projects feature a garden in a place for coexistence, such as the living room, as this environment also contributes to the room’s decoration.

Also, your garden can be set up in different ways. You can set up a flower bed where the plants are directly on the ground, use potted plants and even set up a suspended or vertical garden, with pots installed on the wall. Depending on the space, you can also install other decorative elements, such as wooden benches, a swing, a hammock and a water fountain. And don’t forget the stones, pebbles, gravel or wooden deck, which can be used on the floor and help to absorb moisture.

Image 1: Invest in pots of different shapes to build your winter garden.

Small winter garden with rolled pebble.

Image 2: You can still install a wooden deck in this space.

Winter garden with wooden floor.

Image 3: But you can also use wooden pallets and suspended vases in your decoration.

Small winter garden with pallets.

Image 4: In addition, you can use potted plants and a vertical garden to decorate this environment.

Vertical winter garden.

Image 5: You can also invest in stone cladding on the walls of your small conservatory.

Winter garden with bromeliad.

Image 6: Invest in the structure and decoration of the floor of this environment, using grass and pebbles of different types.

Winter garden on the porch.

Image 7: If you have the space, you can also install a wooden swing.

Winter garden with wooden swing.

Image 8: With the right decoration, using plants, pebbles and sculptures, you can create a real space for relaxation and meditation.

Winter garden with rolled pebble and bamboo.

Image 9: And you can still install a network at that location.

Winter garden with hammock.

Image 10: Water fountains and wood contribute to creating a relaxing space.

Winter garden with water fountain.

With regard to small winter garden plants, give preference to species that prefer to live in the shade or in semi-shade, since indoors the lighting is less. But if the garden space is well lit and airy, you will choose plants that adapt to this reality. In other words, the choice of plants depends on the characteristics of the space in which you intend to build your garden. Here you can find a list of the species most used in winter garden decoration.

Another point you should consider when planning your home with a small conservatory is the coverage of this location. You can use the translucent cover, which protects the space but allows light to pass through the plants, or leave an open gap in the ceiling, allowing natural light and ventilation to enter. It is also possible to create a garden in the enclosed space. However, in this case you will need to choose appropriate plants that are easy to remove and move to a sunny space from time to time.

Image 11: Even a very small space can be used to build your garden.

Small winter garden with exposed brick wall.

Image 12: The yellow wall contributes to this tropical environment.

Winter garden with yellow wall and glass door.

Image 13: Use the pallet as support for the plant pots on the wall.

Winter garden with vertical pots.

Image 14: You can use sculptures and fountains to create a cozy look.

Winter garden with sculpture and fountain.

Image 15: You can also use the wooden deck along with the gravel to decorate the floor.

Small and simple winter garden.

Image 16: In addition, you can invest in exposed and rustic brick cladding to decorate the space.

Winter garden with rustic wall.

Image 17: You can also use plants of different sizes in your decoration.

Winter garden with rolled pebble and potted plant.

Image 18: Galvanized steel pot holder contributes to a rustic look.

Winter garden with vertical pots and bromeliads.

Image 19: The beige stone cladding helps to highlight the plants in this garden.

Small and simple winter garden with potted plant.

Image 20: You can also use a wooden panel and a garden lamp to decorate this space.

Small winter garden with wood panel, fountain and lamp.

Small and simple winter garden templates

There are several small garden models that you can use as a reference to build this space. But to help you find an ideal inspirational model, in the next topics you will find several projects separated by room. This will make your search easier and will help you understand that it is possible to create this space of relaxation in any environment in your home.

Living room

The living room is the most chosen place for those who want a house with a winter garden, as this is a convivial environment, which allows all residents and visitors to enjoy the view. To decorate this space, remember that you can install a glass door to separate the rooms and that, if you have space, you can use it to install a fountain, benches, and lamps, among other decorative elements, in your small winter garden.

Image 21: The wall lamp and textured coating modernized this garden.

Small living room with minibar.

Image 22: Glass doors can also make a difference in your decor.

TV room with armchairs and balcony.

Image 23: The small conservatory complements the look of this room.

Living room with fireplace and wooden floor.

Image 24: But you can also use a small conservatory as a decorative element in your modern decor.

Modern living room with open kitchen.

Image 25: Your garden can be an extension of the living room.

Small living room with fireplace.

Image 26: And if you want an even more relaxing space, you can add a hammock.

Simple living room decor with wooden coffee table and gray sofa.

Image 27: However, you can also use different species to create a tropical look.

Simple living room decor with wooden coffee table.

Image 28: In this example, the garden decor also complements the living room look.

Room with modern decor, plant pots, white brick wall and leather chair.

Image 29: In this project, the wooden niches were used as support for plants.

Modern living room decor.

Image 30: Use a differentiated luminaire and steel vessel holder to decorate the space.

Integrated living room decor with blue armchair and gray sofa.


The winter garden in the room gives the owner a space for contemplation with nature, relaxation and restoration. Therefore, it ends up being associated with a more “Zen” look, in addition to making the decor more beautiful and cozy. In this case, be careful to locate the garden in a place that does not interfere with circulation and remember to invest in stone-type coverings or with a more rustic finish, as well as potted plants, which facilitate maintenance, although there is no rule. About that.

Image 31: You can adopt a winter garden with few plants and focused on rustic decor.

Modern double bedroom.

Image 32: In this example, as well as the bedroom, the garden also received a simple and minimalist decoration.

Modern double bedroom with minimalist design.

Picture 33: The ferns are widely used in hanging baskets.

Modern male single bedroom.

Image 34: You can also use trees and shrubs in your garden.

White modern double bedroom.

Image 35: This small conservatory stands out for being a single shrub and for the design of the frame structure in the roof.

Minimalist double bedroom with skylight.

Image 36: You can also use the space between the bedroom and the closet to build your garden.

Modern double bedroom with walk-in closet.

Image 37: Add LED lighting fixtures to the potted plants, as this will highlight the place at night.

Modern double room with suspended TV.

Image 38: In this luxurious room, the palm trees were also lit up.

Luxurious double bedroom with decorated wallpaper and pastel decor.

Image 39: In this example, the hammock and the wooden deck were included in the decoration.

Double bedroom with balcony with wooden living.

Image 40: The simple conservatory also provides a relaxing space in your bedroom.

Minimalist double bedroom.

Under the stairs

How about taking advantage of the space under the stairs to create a relaxing space with an amazing decor? Many people have already thought about it and realized that taking advantage of this space to build your own winter garden can be an excellent idea. For this, it is essential to choose shade or half-shade plants, as this environment is usually covered, invest in potted plants, in decoration with pebbles and gravel on the floor and in lighting fixtures to highlight this space.

Image 41: White pebbles and lamps complement this decoration under the stairs.

Small winter garden under stairs with white pebble.

Image 42: But you can also create a garden made of pebbles and bromeliads.

Winter garden under stairs with ornamental white pebble bromeliad.

Image 43: This space has lighting and a water fountain.

Winter garden under stairs with fountain and lighting.

Image 44: The styles of the vases and the arrangement of the stones on the floor stand out in this project.

Winter garden under stairs with potted plant and water fountain.

Image 45: However, you can change the look of your ladder using a few potted plants.

Small winter garden under the white stairs.

Image 46: Bamboos can also be used to create a beautiful decoration under the stairs.

Winter garden under stairs with bamboo.

Image 47: In this project, glass bricks were used to delimit the space between the garden and the living room.

Winter garden under the stairs with flowers and water fountain.

Image 48: However, you can also distribute the plants to form a very full and tropical looking garden.

Understairs winter garden with palm trees and bromeliads.

Image 49: This garden is also composed of several species of plants, forming a more natural decoration.

Winter garden under the porcelain stairs.

Image 50: The composition of this garden created a beautiful contrast with the structure of the modern staircase.

Winter garden under modern black and white pebble stairs.


As a place that is already associated with relaxation and recovery, the presence of the winter garden only adds to the bathroom decor. And to enhance this feeling of cleanliness and contact with nature, you can set up your garden near the shower or bathtub, which also ends up allowing natural light to enter the room and increasing the feeling of well-being.

Image 51: You can build your winter garden so that it is located in front of the sink counter.

Modern bathroom with wooden countertops and marble tub.

Image 52: However, you can also build the garden next to the bathtub, which adds to the relaxed mood.

Luxury bathroom with oval bathtub and wooden cabinet.

Image 53: But if you prefer a more rustic look, you can use cacti in your decoration.

Simple bathroom with small winter garden with cactuses.

Image 54: The vegetation beside the shower area also creates a climate of comfort and relaxation.

Bathroom with modern shower and winter garden.

Image 55: To match this luxurious decor, this bathroom’s conservatory is made up of hanging vases and white pebbles.

Luxurious bathroom with imitation wood tile and decorated mirror.

Image 56: The decoration with wood, pebbles and few plant pots, enhances the clean and cozy look of this bathroom.

Clean bathroom with small conservatory.

Image 57: But if your bathroom is spacious, you can take advantage of a small space to create a winter garden.

Modern bathroom with toilet, shower and geometric tile.

Image 58: See how this modern bathroom became more beautiful and personalized with the presence of the winter garden.

Modern bathroom with rustic wooden countertop.

Image 59: Already in this project, a shower was installed in the winter garden area.

Modern bathroom with toilet and winter garden with shower.

Image 60: This garden has the ideal decoration for creating a real spa at home.

Luxury bathroom with toilet and small conservatory.

You may have already noticed how the winter garden is adaptable to the different rooms of your home. And to show you other options and decor models, in addition to those previously presented, we selected 20 more inspiring home designs with a small conservatory to help you come up with ideas for decorating this space. Check out our selection below!

Image 61: You can also use grass to decorate this space.

Simple winter garden house.

Image 62: But if you prefer a modern decoration, use a luminous sign, as in the image below.

House with winter garden with neon sign.

Image 63: However, remember that even a small space can be used to be decorated with plants.

House with small winter garden with pots.

Image 64: The small winter garden is the ideal setting to read a book or relax in the late afternoon.

House with winter garden with exposed brick wall.

Image 65: The dark vases, stone cladding, pebbles and wooden deck created a modern and balanced decor.

Small winter garden with pots.

Image 66: Another example of how the choice of lining and plant pot make a difference in decoration.

Small winter garden with large pots.

Image 67: However, you can also use hanging vases to decorate the wall.

Small winter garden with stone cladding.

Image 68: Also, use different types of coverings and plants to create a rustic and personalized decoration.

Tropical small winter garden.

Image 69: Your house with a small conservatory takes on a cozier look with the presence of this natural space.

House with winter garden with tree and pebble.

Image 70: But you can also invest in hanging vases and wooden deck to transform your decor.

House with small, vertical winter garden.

Image 71: Also add a wooden table and chair to make the most of this resting place.

Small winter garden with wooden table and chair.

Image 72: In this modern winter garden, the decoration with gravel and square vases catches the eye.

House with modern winter garden.

Image 73: This project shows that it doesn’t take a lot of plans and details to build a beautiful environment.

Small winter garden with stone cladding and white pebble.

Image 74: For a modern look, bet on cement brick and gray rolled pebbles.

Small winter garden with stone pebble and cement cladding.

Image 75: Also, use the contrast between small and medium-sized plants in your decoration.

House with small winter garden.

Image 76: But you can also build your garden near the dining room.

House with winter garden in the living room.

Image 77: This winter garden with cactuses, ceramics and rolled pebbles looks original and stylish!

Small winter garden with cactuses.

Image 78: Invest in wooden pallets and suspended vases.

Small winter garden with glass wall.

Image 79: The sound created by the water fountain makes the winter garden feel more relaxed.

House with winter garden with fountain and wood.

Image 80: Another example of a garden built next to the dining room.

Small winter garden in the dining room.

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