Small Apartment Decor: Check Out Over 80 Models

The apartment market is increasingly on the rise and with it the doubts about the decoration of small apartments dwindling. After all, it is necessary to have rooms that offer a feeling of spaciousness, are harmonious and organized.

The good thing about this is that you can transform the apartment’s essential furniture as part of the decoration, this option is excellent for not loading the rooms with too much information and is even cheaper, since there is no need to spend a lot on decorative objects.

Therefore, today we bring decoration tips for all the small rooms in the house, such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen and even for integrated environments.

The bedroom in the decor of a small apartment

The most comfortable room in the house should have a decor inspired by the residents’ personality, regardless of size. But if you live in a small apartment and need tips for decorating your room, you’re in the right place!

First, you need to think about where the main furniture in the room will be placed: the bed and the wardrobe. After disposing of these items, it is possible to start thinking about decorative objects that will make all the difference.

Breadth tips

In the case of a double room, where the bed takes up a large part of the space, it is necessary to think of a decoration that offers the feeling of spaciousness to the environment, and no other object fulfills this role better than the mirror.

It can be placed in many places, but if you want to have a special space on the wall to decorate with pictures and photos, the best place for the mirror is in your closet. Made to measure it fits perfectly to the size of the furniture.

Another option is to place it on top of the headboard occupying the entire length of the wall, this will ensure a touch of elegance to the room.

Planned decoration

Depending on the size of the room and the main furniture that occupies it, it is difficult to find a television panel or a bedside table for bedroom decoration in a size that fits what is available.

Therefore, the furniture designed here makes a big difference. It can even be used to make the wardrobe so that it occupies the entire wall and, thus, there is no waste of space.

To decorate the bedside table, books are great allies, as they are quite colorful, they will add a touch of joy and fun to the environment. In cases of children’s rooms, it is possible to make a planned decoration with niches to display the toys.

Image 1: Room decorated with pictures and mirror in the wardrobe.

Decorated in a small apartment with mirrors in the wardrobe, bedside tables and pictures in the bedroom.

Picture 2: Small double bedroom with mirror above the headboard.

Double room with mirror that occupies the wall from one side to the other.

Image 3: Women’s bedroom decorated with horse paintings.

Small apartment decoration with lighted niche and pictures in the room.

Image 4: Decorating a double bedroom with bedside tables and lamp.

Small room decorated with pillows, paintings and bedside tables with lamps.

Image 5: Bedroom decoration with bed, table and shelves.

Simple room with white and blue decor.

Image 6: Double bedroom decorated with lighted wallpaper and pictures.

Small apartment decoration with pillows and photo frames in a double bedroom.

Picture 7: Small simple room decorated with shelves for books.

Small room decorated with book niches and pillows.

Image 8: Room decorated with custom-made closet.

Double bedroom decorated with custom-made blue wardrobe.

Picture 9: Small double bedroom with upholstered headboard and large mirror.

Small apartment decoration with large mirror above the double bed headboard.

Image 10: Small male bedroom decoration in blue and grey.

Room decorated in blue with table, shelf and curtain.

Image 11: Small double bedroom with organizing doors on the sides of the bed.

Small apartment decoration with cabinets on the sides of the double bed.

Picture 12: Small room decorated in white color with two beds.

All white room with two beds and orange accents.

Picture 13: Room decorated with shelves, pictures and small flower vase on the table.

Small apartment decor with double bedroom in black, gray and white.

Picture 14: Small double room decorated in neutral colors and blue frames.

Double bedroom decorated with paintings, shelves, niches and a bedside table.

Picture 15: Decoration of small apartment with big chandelier in the room.

Single room with large chandelier and small potted plants and flowers.

Picture 16: Room decorated with mirrored wardrobes.

Small apartment decor with mirrored wardrobes in double bedroom.

The bathroom in the small decorated apartment

When it comes to decorating a small apartment, even the smallest room in the house deserves attention: the bathroom. Here the mirror rule remains, that is, the larger the object, the greater the feeling of spaciousness to the environment.

Another essential item in the decorated bathroom that can be a key point in the decoration are the sinks. There are several models that can be incorporated into your closet, from the traditional to the most modern. And speaking of cabinets, in a small bathroom it is important that it is planned and that it meets the needs of the residents.

But if you want sophistication in the room, the flooring is the right place to innovate. The coating is also part of the decoration. After all, in many cases, he is responsible for giving color and personality to the room.

A splash of color

Whether made of tile, wood or tiles, your design should be thought of at the time of purchase so that it is uniform with the rest of the decoration in the house. For example, if the bathroom is part of a suite, it’s worth combining it with your decorated room.

In addition to the mirror, neutral colors are also responsible for giving a feeling of spaciousness to the environment. So you need to be careful when choosing the coating, it’s worth choosing one of the walls as the central one and putting colors and extravagances only on it.

But, if you already have a bathroom ready to use, all done in neutral colors, you can also add small colorful details, such as a plant vase in the sink with flowers or foliage.

Image 17: Washroom decorated with framed mirrors and flower vases.

Decorated in a small apartment with crystal chandeliers, mirrors and flowers in the bathroom.

Image 18: Decoration of a small apartment with a bathroom lined with wood flooring.

Small bathroom with woody iso and modern sink.

Image 19: Bathroom decorated with blue sink.

White bathroom with blue sink and niche.

Image 20: Pink bathroom decorated with small plant pots in the sink.

Small pink bathroom with organizing shelves.

Picture 21: Small bathroom decor with a wall in cladding that looks like wood.

Bathroom decoration with frame, small plant pot and shelf with exposed towels.

Picture 22: Bathroom decorated with round mirror and decorative niches.

Small bathroom decoration with round mirror and illuminated niches with small plant pots.

Image 23: Small bathroom with organizer chest.

Decorated in a small apartment with a colorful trunk in the bathroom and a blue lining inside the box.

Image 24: Decoration made with a round white tub.

Bathroom decorated with white and round tub and flower and succulents vases.

Image 25: Simple bathroom with woody details.

Bathroom with shelves and organizing niches.

Picture 26: Bathroom decorated with ladder and plant pots.

Small apartment decoration with pictures and plants in the bathroom.

Picture 27: Bathroom with colored mosaic wall.

Small bathroom decorated with a colored wall with lighted niche.

Image 28: Bathroom decoration with colored inserts.

All white bathroom with walls inside the box covered with colored tablets.

Picture 29: Bathroom decorated with large mirror and narrow niche underneath.

Small apartment decor with large mirror in bathroom and wooden organizer niche.

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Picture 30: Small bathroom with large mirror and recessed ceiling lights.

Bathroom decorated with large mirror and LED lights built into the ceiling.

Picture 31: Small bathroom with neutral color finish.

Small bathroom decor with colorful frames and flower pot on the sink.

Image 32: Bathroom decor with textured finish.

Textured cladding bathroom wall, white recessed niche and mirror.

The Kitchen as part of the decor of a small apartment

The decoration of the kitchen of a small apartment must be in every detail, whether on the cabinet doors, on the counter placemat and even on the lamp. After all, any work of art must be planned, regardless of size.

A kitchen should be inspiring so that the dishes that come out of it draw applause from visitors. And due to the limited time available for preparing food, the more practical and organized it is, the better.

In the case of small kitchens, it is easier to ensure practicality, as there is not much space for objects and condiments to be far away. So, just get creative using neutral colors with colorful accents.

In small apartments, sometimes due to the distribution of essential furniture, residents end up running out of space to place a table. However, this item is essential for meals and even work.

Small apartment decoration with or without a table

For those who do not have this space available, there are other options that can replace them. The most used is the counter. Some apartment architectures are already delivered with dividing counters between the kitchen and some other room, such as the living room, for example.

In this space it is possible to add stools that are not only useful but super important in the decoration. The chosen model must be in accordance with the two rooms, the living room and the kitchen decoration.

The second option for those who do not have a table and also do not have a counter is to use a kind of fixed shelf on the wall that serves as a table, in the case of apartments with up to two residents.

With planning, you can still make a retractable table that can be folded and thus occupy space in the room only when it is in use.

Image 33: Small white kitchen decoration with wooden details.

Small apartment kitchen with white cabinets and small shelf that serves as a table.

Image 34: Small apartment decoration with white kitchen with black details.

Small kitchen with black edge cabinets.

Image 35: Kitchen decorated with wooden counter and black chandelier.

Small apartment decoration with kitchen with black fruit bowl and chandelier.

Picture 36: Small kitchen with mirrored door cabinets.

Kitchen decorated with mirrored cabinets.

Picture 37: Small kitchen with wall mounted shelf table.

Kitchen decoration with glass table for two people.

Image 38: White kitchen decorated with custom furniture.

Kitchen with white custom furniture.

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Image 39: Kitchen decoration with placemat and mat in the same colors.

Kitchen decorated in black and white.

Picture 40: Small kitchen decorated with colored cladding.

Kitchen with neutral furniture and colored coating.

Image 41: Small kitchen with counter and hanging lamps.

Kitchen decorated with suspended lamps and wooden counter.

Picture 42: Small kitchen decoration one of the walls covered with tiles…

Small kitchen decor with custom cabinetry and neutral color tiles.

Image 43: Kitchen decoration white tile on the wall and colorful mosaic on the floor.

Kitchen decor in black, white and gray with custom cabinetry.

Image 44: Kitchen decorated with black cabinets.

All black kitchen with black and white coating.

Image 45: Kitchen decorated with wood details and carpet.

Kitchen decorated with shelves for utensils and hooks for wooden boards.

Picture 46: Small kitchen with black custom furniture.

Kitchen decorated with black cabinets.

Picture 47: Small kitchen with table and two chairs.

Small apartment decor with kitchen with blue cabinet and table.

Picture 48: Decor of small apartment with rug in the kitchen.

Kitchen with pastel colored finishes and decorative rug.

Small apartment room decor

Often, the living room is the apartment’s favorite place for residents, so here it is necessary to perfect the decoration. First, you need to measure the space and then place the furniture.

In the case of the sofa, the ideal is for it to be a little smaller than the extension of the wall so that it is possible to place some decorative item on the side, such as a small table, an armchair or even a potted plant.

The television panel, on the other hand, can be used according to the creativity of the residents, it can be one that occupies the entire wall and, in this case, it will be necessary to spend a little more to place the decorative items or a simpler one that serves only for its primary function. .

If you like a bright environment, you can bet on the mirrors in this room too. That’s because it reflects the lights and makes the environment brighter and offers a feeling of spaciousness.

Decorative curtain

But, if you like a darker place to watch your movies and series, the choice of curtain is very important.

In addition to ensuring the privacy of the apartment and reducing glare, the curtain plays an even more important role when it comes to decorating a small apartment. It can also be used as a decorative item to enlarge your room.

As a result, it should be a neutral color as dark colors can cause a feeling of suffocation in the environment. Also, she needs to be positioned as high as possible on the wall and let her go to the ground.

Extra tip for decorating a small apartment

As neutral colors are essential in any small room, it’s worth betting on bright colors in smaller items such as paintings and pillows. Here, prints are very welcome, as long as they match the neutral color of the room.

Picture 49: Decor of small apartment with living room with striped rug and pillows.

Room decorated with black and white striped pillow and rug.

Picture 50: Small room decorated in black and white colors.

Room decorated with a shelf full of pictures, and a sofa with colorful pillows.

Image 51: Living room decorated with potted plants.

Small room decoration with plants, china cabinet and puffs.

Picture 52: Room with exposed brick wall.

Decorated living room with fixed TV on the wall, hanging plant pots and on the furniture and exposed brick wall.

Picture 53: Decor of a small apartment with a living room in neutral colors and eye-catching pillows.

Room decorated with colorful pillows and shelves with decorative items.

Image 54: Room decorated with many pillows of different textures and colors.

Decorated in a small apartment with a living room full of pillows of different colors, sizes and textures.

Image 55: Room decoration with light curtain that occupies the entire wall.

TV room with curtains in two neutral colors and wooden TV panel.

Image 56: Small room decoration with two armchairs and a sofa.

Room decorated with two armchairs, sofa and pink pillows.

Image 57: Room decorated in neutral colors and television centered on the sofa.

Decorated in a small apartment with neutral colored living room and TV panel.

Picture 58: Decoration of small apartment with reading room.

Reading room decorated with potted plants, pictures and books.

Picture 59: Small room decorated with blue details.

Room decorated with blue sofa, pillows, puffs, frame and wall.

Image 60: Room decorated with dark colors and light curtain.

Room decorated in dark colors and white curtain.

Picture 61: Decoration of small apartment with big colorful picture in the room.

Big colorful frame decorating room in neutral colors.

Picture 62: Small room decorated with potted plants.

Living room decor with hanging potted plants and one on the shelf.

Picture 63: Small apartment decoration in neutral colors and wall mounted TV.

Small apartment decor with living room with white textured wall.

Image 64: Decorating a small apartment with a room full of paintings and pillows.

Small room with pillows and decorative frames.

Integrated environments

Integrating environments can be the right solution for those who have little space and want to have two rooms in a single space. It can be a living room with a kitchen, a dining room with a living room and even a bedroom with the living room, the important thing is that they are in harmony to bring the feeling of a balanced environment.

But, because they are in the same space, they do not necessarily need to have the same color palette and the same style in decor.

It is natural that, accustomed to an environment separated by walls, when small apartments do not have this space, we feel the need to separate the rooms. So there are some tips that can help at this point.

Separate the rooms with the decoration

The rug is a great ally when dividing the room with any other room in the house. Unlike furniture, this decorative item can have more vivid colors and demarcate where the space reserved for the living room is.

Another option is to use the sofa or counter itself as a partition, sometimes even the two together to separate the living room from the kitchen.

And why not use a television panel to separate the bedroom from the living room? After all, it is possible to place two televisions, one on each side of the furniture.

Apartment decor with a hidden atmosphere

Most small apartments already offer laundry as an integrated kitchen environment, don’t they? Therefore, to keep this environment separate using the decoration, there are two widely used options: the first is to place a small divider between the end of the kitchen cabinet and the tank.

The second option is to place the washing machine and even the dryer inside a planned cabinet. Thus, they will only be seen when they are in use and the cabinet is open. Otherwise, they will be hidden and in perfect harmony with the rest of the environment.

Image 65: Small room decoration with integrated living room, dining room and kitchen.

Small apartment with rooms decorated in black and white.

Image 66: Living room integrated with the kitchen through a counter.

Integrated kitchen with a living room with a counter and decorative green stools.

Image 67: Small apartment decoration with integrated kitchen and laundry.

Kitchen and laundry divided by a glass wall.

Image 68: Dining room and living room integrated in a small apartment.

Small apartment decor with neutral colors and curtains covering the wall.

Picture 69: Kitchen decoration with hidden laundry.

Integrated kitchen with laundry hidden in a closet.

Image 70: Sofa decor with gray chairs.

Chairs and sofa decorated in grey.

Picture 71: TV room integrated with kitchen.

Integrated television hack with dining table in a decorated environment.

Picture 72: Dining room with mirror integrated with TV room.

Living and dining room in neutral colors, large mirror and decorative chandelier.

Image 73: Apartment with integrated living room and kitchen.

Decorated in a small apartment with an integrated living room, kitchen and dining room.

Image 74: Decorated environment integrating bedroom and living room.

Bedroom and living room divided by a television panel.

Image 75: Small apartment decoration with integrated living room and kitchen.

Apartment with living room and kitchen divided by a balcony and a sofa.

Image 76: Decor with table extended to living room shelf.

Small apartment decor with colorful kitchen and living room in neutral colors.

Image 77: Integrated environments decorated in neutral colors.

Living and dining room integrated in neutral colors.

Image 78: Living room and kitchen decorated with potted plants.

Integrated environments divided by a counter with a sink.

Image 79: Decoration of integrated environments with mirror, painting, pillows and plant.

Decorated in a small apartment with a large mirror, pillows in neutral colors and a small potted plant.

Image 80: Decor of small apartment with living room and kitchen in shades of gray.

Apartment with integrated living room and kitchen divided by the table.

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