Small Bathroom: +90 Stylish Designs to Inspire You


The trend towards houses and apartments with little space available is here to stay, especially as the rent or purchase price tends to be lower. Therefore, to create a comfortable and personalized environment, it is necessary to adapt the decor to these reduced environments, including the small bathroom, which can be a decor challenge for many people.

With this in mind, we decided to share in this article several tips and images to prove that, using creativity and different decorative elements, it is possible to overcome this challenge and create a beautiful and functional decoration in this room of the house.

How to decorate a small bathroom?

To decorate a small bathroom, it is essential to optimize the use of space to accommodate all the necessary items in that room. Therefore, to plan your decoration, it is important to know the precise dimensions of the bathroom, for making the cabinets and sink countertops, as well as choosing dishes, coverings and accessories that form a harmonious and pleasant set for the user.

But remember to research and budget these items in at least three different companies, both for the purchase of decorative items and for the making of bespoke furniture, in order to save money and search for materials with the best cost- benefit.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that the ideal is to look for a qualified professional to organize your project, such as an architect or interior design, who will create a personalized decoration for your home.

And if you need decorating ideas, or are looking for inspiration to build your project on your own, we’ve put together some important tips that can help you decorate your small bathroom. Check out upcoming topics!

Image 1: Bet on colored tile to decorate your small bathroom.

Small bathroom with blue tile.

Choose the ideal closet for this small space

When choosing a small bathroom cabinet, it is important to consider the available space; the functionalities you expect to get from installing this item, by organizing its internal space and distributing it in the environment; and the style of decor you intend to adopt.

Usually these cabinets, or the fixed cabinet, are installed below the sink. But you can also install this furniture on top of the bathroom or associated with the mirror on the countertop. In addition, you can also use niches and shelves to help organize and decorate the room. Check out the examples of small bathroom cabinets below!

Image 2: Cabinets and wooden benches make the environment more charming.

Decor with wooden bench, wooden cabinet and mirror.

Image 3: But you can also use a wooden divider to demarcate the box area.

Simple decoration with white cabinet and wooden detail in the box.

Image 4: Another example of a wooden bench. However, in this case, this piece of furniture is associated with a modern floor with a black geometric print.

Modern decor with rustic wooden bench and black geometric floor.

Image 5: And you can add a splash of color to your decor through the cabinet and blue niches.

Decor with blue cabinet, niches and colored tile in the box.

Image 6: However, you can still bet on the white cabinets, which are classic and allow for various combinations.

Simple decor with white sink, white cabinets and neutral tile.

Image 7: In this case, in addition to the white cabinet below the bench, a cabinet was also installed next to the mirrors.

Simple decor with white cabinet and mirror with cabinet.

Image 8: And if you like to be bold in decorating, you can use a yellow cabinet in your decor.

Small bathroom with yellow cabinet.

Image 9: And you can still bet on the mirrored cabinet to make your decor more modern.

Simple decor with a neutral countertop and mirrored cabinet.

Image 10: And you still have the option of using an open cupboard under the bathroom countertop, matching the modern and stripped-down look of the environment.

Modern decor with wooden cabinet and colorful tile.

Know how to choose a sink for a small bathroom

In addition to having a basic function in the environment, the small bathroom sink can also be used as a decorative element, especially because it is possible to find it with different shapes and materials, allowing different combinations to decorate this space.

The most traditional model is the ceramic sink or basin, but you can also find models made with glass, wood, stainless steel and marble. In addition, it is also possible to adopt the carved sink that is, made in the work itself with materials such as granite, marble, porcelain and siltstone.

And to help you choose your sink for a small bathroom, we have selected some images with different models of sinks to help you understand the difference this piece can make in decorating this room.

Image 11: The carved marble-finish sink can be a good decorating option.

Simple decoration with stone sink.

Image 12: However, you can also opt for the ceramic washbasin. Also, in this case, the owner replaced the cabinets under the workbench with the wooden shelves.

Simple decor with white sink and wooden shelves.

Image 13: Another example of a carved sink with a siltstone finish that can be used in your decoration.

Simple decor with carved sink.

Image 14: But you can also invest in a carved marble-finish sink.

Simple decoration with carved tub.

Image 15: This carved sink is also finished in marble, matching the luxurious look of this small bathroom.

Small bathroom with chandelier and marble flooring.

Image 16: However, you can still use a modern ceramic washbasin in your decor.

Modern decor with blue tile and illuminated mirror.

Image 17: The round tub matches the delicate and simple look of this environment.

Simple decoration with white cabinet, round tub and pink brick tile.

Image 18: But you can also use a tub with a modern design, which matches the rustic look of the countertop area.

Elegant decor with wooden cabinet and modern tub.

Image 19: This gray carved sink accompanies the relaxed decor of this modern bathroom.

Modern small bathroom with yellow tile and gray carved sink.

Image 20: And you can even install an oval-shaped tub, complementing the discreet bathroom decor.

Simple decoration with wooden cabinet and lighted niche.

Invest in the decoration of the shower box for a small bathroom

Investing in the decoration of the shower area of ​​your small bathroom can be an excellent strategy to transform the look of this space. For this, you can use colored or textured coverings, different from the rest of the bathroom, such as tiles and ceramic or glass tiles; in addition to adding a niche, which will be used as a shampoo holder, and investing in lighting and accessories, such as a shower or bathtub, in this space. Check out the examples below!

Image 21: In this small bathroom, the tiles were installed only in the shower area.

Simple decoration with decorated pictures and plant pot.

Image 22: And you can still use geometric inserts only in the bath area.

Modern decor with blue geometric insert and colored niches.

Image 23: Using stone tiles can make the environment more modern.

Modern decor with carved sink and stone tile.

Image 24: But you can also bet on the gray tiles to decorate this place.

Modern decor with potted plant and stone tile.

Image 25: Another option is to use blue brick tiles, which make the environment more delicate.

Simple decoration with blue brick tile in the box.

Image 26: The stone tile creates a beautiful decorative effect in the shower area.

Simple decoration with stone tile in the shower area.

Image 27: But you can also use wood-patterned tiles.

Modern decor with wood-patterned tile.

Image 28: This small bathroom stands out for its wooden floor and gray tiles used only in the shower area.

Modern gray decor and box cm wooden floor.

Image 29: Colored tiles are excellent options to decorate the box.

Simple decoration with blue tablet in the box area.

Image 30: However, you can still use wood-print ceramics only in this location, as in the image below.

Modern small bathroom.

Use tiles and tiles in your decor

But you don’t need to invest in different coatings just in the box area. In fact, using tiles, glass tiles, ceramics and hydraulic tiles elsewhere in the room can also help you take your small bathroom decor out of the obvious.

In addition, changing the bathroom tiles is the easiest and most used way to transform the decoration of this space. And to show you how to use wall coverings to decorate your bathroom, we have selected some projects, which you can check below.

Image 31: Decorating with red tile boards can transform your room.

Small bathroom with red tablet.

Image 32: And you can still use the inserts only in the box area.

Simple decoration with colored insert in the box area.

Image 33: But you can also use the tablets only on the bathroom mirror wall.

Simple decoration with red tablet on the sink countertop.

Image 34: As in the previous example, this room was also decorated with inserts in the bench area.

Simple decor with neutral tiles in the mirror area and sink countertop.

Image 35: However, you can use the inserts in any area of ​​the room.

Simple decoration with neutral tiles in the box area.

Image 36: In addition, you can exchange the tiles for white brick tiles, creating a delicate look like the image below.

Modern decor with white brick tile and geometric print flooring.

Image 37: But you can also use tiles decorated with a modern print to decorate this room.

Small bathroom with decorated tile and pink cabinet.

Image 38: In this case, the decorated tiles complement the rustic look of the environment.

Modern decor with rustic cabinet and red decorated tile.

Image 39: But you can still mix tiles with different colors, like they did in the small bathroom in this image.

Fun decoration with colorful frames and white and blue tiles.

Image 40: In this example two different types of cladding were used, one on each wall, creating a modern look.

Modern decor with blue decorated tile and stone porcelain.

Choose a decor style

Defining a decor style will help you choose your color palette, as well as the materials and accessories that should be used in the composition of your project. Therefore, in the next topics we will explain to you which elements can be used to create the main decor styles that can be adopted in the bathroom?

Simple bathroom

Of all decorating styles, the simple bathroom is the easiest to adopt, as it does not have many decorative elements and is made up of elements that are easy to install or modify. Furthermore, compared to other types of decoration, the adoption of this style does not require such a high budget, which also attracts many of its adherents.

But that doesn’t mean your bathroom will look dull or characterless. Although the color palette with light and neutral tones is widely used, you can also use colored elements in your composition, such as coverings and cabinets, in addition to taking advantage of the combination of items with different colors and textures to compose your decoration. Check out the examples below!

Image 41: You can complement your simple bathroom decor with shelves and plant vases, among other decorative elements.

Simple decor with neutral tiles and shelves.

Image 42: You can also install an open wooden cabinet, which can be used to place potted plants and decorative sculptures, for example.

Simple small bathroom with wooden niches.

Image 43: But you can also bet on the colored tablets and the yellow niche, used as a shampoo holder.

Simple small bathroom with yellow niche.

Image 44: The clean decor, with a light color palette, creates a classic and timeless look.

Simple decoration with granite niches.

Image 45: However, you can also invest in wooden cabinets and decorated tile to transform this room.

Simple decor with wooden cabinet and decorated tile.

Image 46: You can still install pink niches and inserts in your simple bathroom.

Simple decoration with pink tablet on the sink countertop.

Image 47: A room decorated in neutral tones goes very well with potted plants and straw basket.

Simple decor with carved sink and potted plants.

Image 48: And you can even invest in colored frames and flooring to take your decor out of the obvious.

Simple decor with bathtub and decorated frame.

Image 49: The contrast between the white brick flooring and the dark floor creates an incredible effect in the decoration.

Simple small bathroom with black floor.

Image 50: Besides, you can still use tiles with geometric print to transform the environment.

Simple decoration with plant pot and geometric print tile.

Modern bathroom

The modern bathrooms stand out for the use of more neutral or cold colors, furniture with straight lines and few decorative elements, since the focus is on functionality and the practicality of the environment.

In addition, this style of decoration is also associated with elements with differentiated design or technological attributes, as well as with the use of different coatings or with unusual decorative combinations, making the user experience even more special. Check out the models below and get inspired by this style of decoration!

Image 51: You can invest in the black finish and gold details to create a modern ambience.

Black modern small bathroom.

Image 52: Stone tiles and wood-finished cabinets made the look of this small bathroom cozier.

Modern decor with wooden cabinet and stone tile.

Image 53: Another small bathroom decorated with stone tiles, but with a more urban look.

Modern decor with carved sink and stone tile.

Image 54: The black finish, dark shelves and modern ceramic washbasin transformed this room.

Modern decor with modern ceramic sink and black tile.

Image 55: But you can also bet on a mix of complementary colors to decorate your room.

Modern decor with square tub and blue and yellow decor.

Image 56: In addition to the brick tiles, you can invest in the decorated floor, the black cabinet and the modern tub to create this look with an industrial and youthful footprint.

Modern decor with black tub and gray brick tile.

Image 57: In addition, you can still bet on gray pottery throughout the environment.

Modern decor with gray tile and niches.

Image 58: But you can also invest in the wooden ceiling and mirror with LED lighting to transform your room.

Modern decor with wooden shelves, lighted mirror and wood finish.

Image 59: Marble flooring, pendant light fixtures and gold accents draw attention in this small bathroom.

Modern decor with porcelain tile, golden bowl and round mirror.

Image 60: In this environment, wooden shelves, stone cladding and even a black toilet were used in the decoration.

Modern decor with black toilet and wooden shelves.

But if you still haven’t found a small bathroom model that meets your expectations, then you need to check out this selection of projects, with different decor styles, to inspire you to decorate this room.

Image 61: Investing in built-in niches will help you decorate and organize your bathroom accessories.

Small bathroom with small cabinet.

Image 62: In this example, the box area was separated from the rest of the environment, both by the decoration and by the barrier installed on the floor.

Small bathroom with white cabinet and blue tablet in the shower stall.

Image 63: The contrast between burnt cement finish and white cabinets creates a modern look in the room.

Small gray bathroom.

Image 64: But you can also invest in colored flooring to transform your decor.

Small bathroom with white tablet and colored floor.

Image 65: And you can even combine the burnt cement wall with the wooden cabinet, among other finishes.

Small bathroom with wooden cabinet and burnt cement wall.

Image 66: However, if you want a delicate and feminine decoration, you can invest in various elements, such as hanging pendants, decorated paintings, pink cabinet and marble countertop, as in the example below.

Small feminine bathroom with pink cabinet, decorated frame and suspended golden pendant.

Image 67: And if you have a little more space, you can even add a vanity in the bathroom.

Small bathroom with vanity.

Image 68: In addition, you can still install a bathtub, occupying the same location as the shower.

Small gray bathroom with bathtub.

Image 69: The use of different types of coverings, as well as the lighting design, left this small bathroom with a modern and feminine look.

Small women's bathroom with pink brick tile.

Image 70: You can also invest in the classic black and white combination to decorate this space.

Small bathroom with black toilet and black cabinet.

Image 71: The mirrored cabinet and the carved sink countertop left this room with a luxurious and elegant look.

Luxury small bathroom with mirrored cabinet.

Image 72: You can also invest in glass shelves and in installing the mirror in another part of the bathroom, not just on the countertop.

Small bathroom with glass shelves and blue tile.

Image 73: In addition, it is possible to create a modern decor with a rustic touch using gray flooring and wooden cabinet.

Small gray bathroom with wooden cabinet.

Image 74: Another example that demonstrates that it is possible to install a bathtub in a small room.

Small gray bathroom with bathtub.

Image 75: But you can also use gray coating, with different textures, to create a luxurious decor.

Gray luxury small bathroom.

Image 76: Using geometric tiles with different colors can also transform the environment.

Small bathroom with black geometric tile.

Image 77: This small bathroom shows how the use of tiles and cabinets with a blue finish can make the decor vibrant and relaxed.

Small bathroom with blue cabinet and blue tile.

Image 78: But you can also invest in decor with dark tones and organized tiles to create a tie dye look.

Dark blue small bathroom with black geometric tile.

Image 79: Using colored brick tiles can transform your room’s decor.

Small bathroom with wooden countertop and colored brick tile.

Image 80: But if you want a cheerful decor, you can invest in decorated tiles and colorful cabinets.

Modern small bathroom with yellow cabinet and colorful tile.

Image 81: Decorated tiles and the brown-finished niche in the shower area transformed this simple decor.

Small bathroom with wooden niche and blue decorated tile.

Image 82: However, you can also opt for a simple and clean decoration, using only light colors.

Simple small bathroom with white cabinet.

Image 83: In this environment, in addition to different types of coating, you also notice that a bathtub was installed in the same area as the shower.

Small bathroom with bathtub and decorated tile.

Image 84: But you can also use black tiles in your decor.

Modern small bathroom with black brick tile.

Image 85: To transform your decor simple, you can invest in lighting, cabinets with a modern design and elegant tub.

White simple small bathroom.

Image 86: However, if you want a modern bathroom, you can invest in metal tiles, mirrored cabinets and marble countertops.

Small bathroom with two sinks and mirrored cabinet.

Image 87: In addition, you can utilize the marble cladding and golden decoration to create a luxurious ambience.

Luxurious small bathroom with marble flooring and gilded decor.

Image 88: But you can also invest in a fun and cheerful decoration, as in the example below.

Small bathroom with yellow cabinet and shelf.

Image 89: This project has the presence of an elegant suspended pendant, in addition to two different types of coating in the box area.

Modern small bathroom with stone and wood tile.

Image 90: As in the previous example, this simple small bathroom has different types of flooring, as well as a wooden shelf and potted plants.

Simple small bathroom with decorated tile and wood flooring.

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