marketing tools

The main marketing tools

Many people have not yet discovered how important marketing is for a business, it is with marketing that the entrepreneur can make good decisions in his business. But for this to happen, it is important to use the right marketing tools for your type of business.

These tools cannot be seen by the entrepreneur in isolation from each other, because the application of each of them must be in accordance with the entrepreneur’s strategic intent for the company.

Anyway, to use the right marketing tools for your business, it is essential that you know some of them. From there, it will be possible to define which will be the best. If you want to know the main marketing tools used by entrepreneurs and which are indispensable for any business, you’ve come to the right place.

By reading this article you will learn about 9 marketing tools that can be used in your business. Keep reading this article and find out.

Indispensable marketing tools

First of all it is important to remember that marketing tools will not save your business from any harm. Maybe they can even prevent some disasters. But saving the business as a whole is another story.

It is important to be smart when using them because even though they are very useful for any type of business, in any niche, they need to be seen in isolation.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs look to marketing tools only as a way to save their business, but that’s not quite how things turn out. The use of the tools must be in accordance with the intention that the entrepreneur has for his company and with their respective strategies.

Inexperienced or young managers end up thinking wrongly about how marketing tools should be used. Being attracted only by the practical character that each of them has and objectives individually.

This posture is not appropriate as it can cause what we call “myopia” for other elements that are as important as, for example, concept abstraction and the ability to critically analyze environments.

When you know this, you understand that the use of marketing tools is important for the business, but it is not the main factor that will guarantee success in management. So without further ado, let’s cite our list of top marketing tools for you to use in your business.

Marketing Tools – Benchmarking

The first marketing tool that we are going to mention and that is widely used by entrepreneurs is Benchmarking.

This tool uses a systematic method that will help in the search for better processes, innovative ideas, in addition to using operating procedures that are more effective and provide superior performance.

Not forgetting that benchmarking has innovation as one of its principles, this means that, for him, the main thing is not to copy what was developed by the competition.  It is for this reason that it should not be restricted only to the sector in which the company operates.


Another marketing tool that has great usability and that still helps in the whole process of digital marketing is Facebook. Inside Facebook, you can find tools that will present you with data, strategies and many tips on how you can advertise on the network.

To do this, just create an account like Facebook for companies after that you can start using and increase the relevance of your product or service.


This tool is one of the main tools for creating content in general, it is also widely used in creating websites. With it you can install a plugin called Yoast and evaluate your content’s SEO performance. The HeroSpark blog is hosted on WordPress.

Marketing Tools – MailChimp

If you are having problems with email marketing, this tool will help you to solve the problem. It is the master touch in digital marketing strategies, you can create lists and various auto-responders features without having to worry.


This is another tool that will be a handy tool for your business.

This is because it researches the effectiveness of the keywords used in its content and, consequently, will give you information about what the competition is using and what is working for them.

You will definitely want to have this marketing tool as an ally of your business.

Marketing Tools – HubSpot

If you want your digital results to be leveraged, HubSpot will do it for you. That is, with this marketing tool you can create content, generate more traffic, leads and many other services.


If your difficulty is finding what’s hot at the moment, this tool will help you gather everything new that is happening in the world.  But remember that you can use Google Trends for this, being a great free option.

Marketing Tools – Google Analytics

If you want to know everything about your audience to maximize your CRM and measure your website’s marketing strategy, don’t forget to use Google Analytics. He will do all this work for you. Plus, Analytics is free!


With this marketing tool, you can define your persona, knowing your target audience.  The quickest and most practical way to accomplish this feat is by making available online surveys, such as SurveyMonkey’s, to know your audience.

In conclusion, we can say that using some of these tools can bring a whole new face to your business. Also, make it much more professional and measurable.