digital products

What are digital products and how to make money from them?

Even if you’ve never heard of this subject or don’t know what digital products are, you’ve probably already purchased or used it.

Do you know when you study online? Buy that distance learning course? Or download a book on the internet that you found interesting?

So all these products are digital products. For you to understand, they are any product that is stored, delivered and used in electronic form, that does not have a physical body of it.

Now it’s easy, right? Well, digital products or infoproducts, as they are also known, are widely consumed by society.

However, in addition to being a consumer, you can be a protagonist, a generator of these digital products and earn money from them.

Now that you’ve learned and understood what an infoproduct is, let’s bring some examples of it and how to earn money to have extra income, carry out that project or have a financial rise, okay?

As we said, digital products are and are very present in our lives, you can use this point to your advantage. So, because it is heavily consumed by people, the chance of success is greater.

Besides, you don’t have to be the most expert person in the world to do this, nor do you need to have a doctorate from Stanford, one of the most renowned universities in the world.

With a little planning, willpower, dedication and knowledge of the product or service, you intend to market you can go far!

What are digital products for?

As the name suggests, an infoproduct brings solutions and information to users, that is, its content needs to add some value to those who buy it. Even because your digital products need to be interesting to arouse people’s interest in consuming them.

You wouldn’t want to buy a course or eBook on how to peel an orange, for example. You may even want to, but the chances would be smaller and it would reach a small portion. Just what you wouldn’t want.

Generally, an infoproduct presents solutions from people who are familiar with the subject or have their own experience and now know how to deal with that problem and want to share it with others. Introducing better techniques, for example.

Examples of infoproducts include relaxation courses, which can help those who suffer from anxiety, an eBook on personal finance, to help you have better financial control, and so on.

Finally, we can say that a digital product brings utility and knowledge. After all, unlike physical products, it will not be possible to use it directly, what will be used are the applications.

In addition, a digital product can also be used to solve doubts about an area or a product, for example.

How to have successful digital products?

It is true that anyone can create digital products, but if there is no planning and a good strategy, your product will fail as well as many others that have already been created.

The first step is to know what you want to launch. People need to see that you understand and that you can really help them. That product and content will bring benefits.

Then make an assessment of this content, see its usefulness and application. Search for content that arouses interest that you will not only master but also have passion and make your eyes sparkle.

Have not only knowledge but also a methodology that will catch the attention of consumers.

Then see the demand for your product. Search people’s interest, see what they say about that subject and what they would like to see.

Digital Product Formats

Once you’ve decided what your launch area will be, it’s important to decide what format your product will be. Like this? There are several formats that you can market your product, which we will explain to you.


We can say that it is almost automatic to link digital products to eBooks.  EBook is an abbreviation for the English word electronic book or electronic book bringing to Portuguese.

Today they have been widely marketed and cater to those people who like to study and read digital books. After all, many people don’t like to buy a book and have to wait for it to arrive.

A digital book is cheaper and allows for immediate use. So do you have cool content to share? You can invest in this option.

You’ve probably seen paid and free options. A free option can be used as a preview of the paid version and arouse interest in purchasing.


A webinar is a type of digital product in the form of webinars that can be either live or pre-recorded.

It is an excellent option to captivate the public and generate identification and empathy without having to spend and worry about a place to allocate everyone. The logistics are much more practical.

Online course

People are looking for knowledge and want to reconcile it with their routine full of tasks and obligations.

Therefore, online courses have been very profitable options for those offering them. Also, they can present online classes from time to time, but in general, the classes are recorded, which allows you to use and present them to countless people. It also allows people to watch as many times as necessary.

The range of people looking for these types of digital products is also vast.

Both for contestants who are looking for approval in the long-awaited public contest and are willing to invest time and money for it, as well as for people who simply want to learn a new hobby such as sewing or playing an instrument.


For people who want even more convenience, audiobooks are excellent. It’s basically like an eBook, but instead of pages to read, there is only audio. This allows all content to be consumed while performing other activities. Cool, right?


For those who want to be always up to date firsthand, the Newsletter is an excellent alternative. In this format, fresh news content is sent to subscribers’ emails.