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What is creativity and how to use it in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is growing more and more and creativity is an essential factor for it. In this article, we’ll explain what creativity is, the importance of having good strategies, and 8 tips on how to get ideas off the paper. Check out!

What is creativity?

After all, what is creativity? There are several concepts that explain its meaning. According to the Portuguese Online Dictionary, the term corresponds to the quality of a person who has the ability to imagine, create and invent new things, the intelligence and talent to make innovations in the area in which he works and originality.

For some, creativity is linked to divine intervention and a totally subjective feeling. This is the case of an assumption founded by Plato, who says: “to be the artist, at the moment of creation, an agent of a higher power, losing control of himself”.

In the field of education, creativity is linked to the personal development of each person. For the biologist and researcher Michael Ghiselin, in The Creative Process (1952), the term corresponds to a “process of change, development, evolution, in the organization of subjective life”.

Regardless of the meaning attributed, creativity can come from subjective or developed inspirations. The important thing is to release your imagination, relax, and let out the ideas that are in your mind. Also, some tips can help you when writer’s block arises.

In digital marketing, creativity is an essential ingredient to stand out from competitors and acquire target audience engagement. With that in mind, we’ve separated some tips to help you. Come on!

How to be creative in digital marketing

Content marketing is not just random posts and content that a company produces, but rather a strategic technique for your business. Content is often the first contact people have with your store.

So, as the saying goes: “the first impression is the one that stays”. With good communication, the customer acquires trust and the brand expands to other audiences.

Many people claim that they can’t get the most out of the content because they’re not creative and, therefore, put a creative block on the development of projects. Check out some creativity exercises for you to do:

1. Expand your repertoire

Many times we only know our reality, always following the same routine, as if we were in a “bubble”. Taking different paths, watching new movies, visiting museums and talking to new people can be a good way to discover a different and diverse world. In this way, your brain will start making different associations, generating new ideas.

2. Think of more solutions

We are usually programmed to find only one or two solutions to the problem. An interesting thing is not to settle for just that, but to create more solutions. Thinking about different posts for the same content or even developing more ideas for a project are options that will make your brain think and work harder, bringing innovative ideas.

3. Healthy habits

Creating healthy habits prevents mental fatigue, especially when talking about long-term fatigue. The more tired your brain is, the less creative you will be. So, eat well, sleep well and try to have a routine that is not overly hectic.

4. Relax

Alternating moments of focus with relaxation is essential for increasing your creativity. If you are living in a time of great tension, taking a walk, taking a coffee break or even taking a walk in the park can help you with the emergence of new ideas.

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Whenever we step out of our comfort zone, we tend to feel fearful. This feeling in excess can be a hindrance to increasing your creativity. From there, don’t be afraid to fail. Errors are part of the process. Always see failure as an opportunity. Most inventors didn’t have the idea at first, but rather, they created lots and lots of prototypes until they built things as we know them today.

6. Use mind maps

Thoughts in general tend to be disorganized. Therefore, using mind maps to organize your ideas can be an excellent way to get it off the paper and find innovative answers.

7. Make a spreadsheet of your ideas

Make a list and write down everything that comes to your mind, even if an idea doesn’t seem feasible or realistic. Also write down different ways that can help you put them into practice and then apply the critical part, polishing what can work and what may not. This is a great way for you to get innovative ideas.

8. Believe in yourself

Finally, the most important thing is to always believe in yourself. We are all born creative and it is important to always remember this. Nothing will work if you don’t trust you. On the contrary, that way you will only have writer’s block. It’s all a matter of exercising your brain, just as people go to the gym to increase their muscles and strength, with creativity it’s exactly the same.