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Who is Cris Franklin and digital marketing without Barriers?

Knowing more about digital marketing and entrepreneurship is essential for the development of any online business, that everyone already knows, doesn’t it? But one way to learn more about the subject is getting to know the history and work of experts in the field, such as Cris Franklin.

That’s why, in this post, we’re going to talk about Cris Franklin, marketing and digital entrepreneurship guru, in addition to showing a bit of her Digital Without Barriers course on digital product licensing.

Cris Franklin Story: Willingness to Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial pioneer Cris Franklin is from the countryside of Espírito Santo and started her first digital business twelve years ago when she had only a computer and a dial-up internet connection.

According to Franklin, she had no idea about the concepts of marketing, entrepreneurship or digital business. However, the guru managed to realize the potential that the internet had for creating an online business.

Cris Franklin really at the beginning of his trajectory had no knowledge of the internet. That’s because she has a degree in pharmacy and when she started she was an ordinary person who had the dream of founding a business to have a good income and freedom to make her schedule according to the quality of life chosen by her.

From pharmacy to digital entrepreneurship

Cris Franklin then started looking and researching about digital entrepreneurship and ended up creating an opportunity. For four years, the digital marketing guru resold the most varied products through Orkut, the social network that was on the rise at that time.

Afterwards, with some knowledge on the subject, which was acquired in practice, Cris Franklin created a lead generation agency. That is, ways to find potential customers through the Internet and thus offer products compatible with their profile.

Until 2013, the entrepreneur began a huge process of transformation in her life. She performed practices that ended up being barred by limiting beliefs that the guru said she had. However, he left the retraction aside and allowed himself to grow!

a successful business

According to Cris Franklin herself, she offers “online and face-to-face training for those who, like us, clearly see the power of the internet for business development and leverage.”

Cris Franklin met his partner Romualdo Cronemberger, with whom he built Altitude Digital. Together they launched online trainings: Impulso Digital, Top Infoproduct, Você Referral, Top Afiliado and Páginas Matadoras.

Since 2013, they have trained more than 10,000 people and taught them how to use all the potential and resources that the internet has to offer. In addition, they also showed the step-by-step way to go from absolute zero to the development of solid and sustainable businesses.

Digital Course without Barriers

The Digital without Barriers course, created by Cris Franklin and his partner Romualdo Cronemberger, is the most complete course on digital product licensing that exists in Brazil. The course has many qualities and benefits, as well as showing you step-by-step what to do to create your digital business simply and succeed.

Licensing of digital products is the practice of selling PLR (Products Label Rights) Products, that is, products with an open license for resale. So when you buy a PLR product, you acquire the rights to that product and it becomes yours.

You only need to pay once for an info product that is already yours. In this way, the profit from all resales will be 100% yours.

If you want to know more about digital product licensing, visit the Hero Spark blog article that covers the topic!

Below, see 4 advantages of the Digital without Barriers course:

1. Ideal for beginners

Learning how to set up a digital product licensing business with Digital without Barriers is very easy even for those who have no idea about the subject. That’s because the course is didactic, the explanations are detailed and there are basic classes for those starting now.

2. Important Lessons Taught by Cris Franklin

The Barrier-Free Digital course shows some lessons on digital product licensing, online entrepreneurship and digital marketing. In addition to disproving some common assumptions about these topics.

For example, you don’t need to expose yourself to make money on the internet. So, if you’re not good at recording videos or writing articles for blogs, don’t worry! It is also not necessary to be an expert in the subject of the product you are going to sell, this is one of the main advantages of the digital product licensing market.

3. Extra lessons for you to unlock projects

Digital without Borders offers extra classes for you to ask questions and receive help about your projects that are stuck. In addition to helping, you can also acquire more profit in less time. Who does not want to receive a little personal help from Cris Franklin, right?

4. Teach how to better filter the products

You need to follow a method to select the most profitable niche markets and the right products for you to sell. Digital without Barriers will help you do just that.